HeroClix 102
May 10, 2008

As a second look at HeroClix, lets take a closer look at one of the pieces I played last night, Dr. Mid-Nite – the Experienced version.  Up until about a year ago, there were 3 versions of most characters made, to show progression throughout the characters long history: Rookie, Experienced, and Veteran.  So, lets start with the basic question, "Why would I play this piece?"  To understand that, we need to look at his dial.


There are a few things that are NOT shown here, which were key to my decision.  1.  I was playing a Justice Society "theme team".  This means all my characters shared a "keyword" of "Justice Society".  By keeping my pieces to a single keyword, I have a better chance of getting map choice and going first and I get a few probability control rolls (I can re roll or force you to reroll the dice).  2. this piece has the JSA "team ability" which allows it to share defense with other JSA pieces.  Note, not all "Justice Society" keyowrd pieces have the JSA team ability.  3.  Its point cost of 43 points which made it fit on my team where the veteran version would not.

What do I get for my 43 points?  6 clicks of life with the above stats and powers.

1. JSA team ability to share defense.

2. Speed Black = Stealth.  If I put him in hindering terrain, he cannot be attacked at range.

3. Purple Attack = Smoke Cloud.  he can create temporary hindering terrain.

4. Purple Defense = Will Power.  he can act two turns in a row without taking damage.  For some reason, one of the game mechanics is that if the average character acts two turns in a row, they take damage from "over exerting" themselves, and take a self inflicted click of damage.  This can be beneficial to move to a better click, or good timing.

5. Yellow Damage = Support.  he can heal other clicks on your force.

6. Brown Damage = Perplex.  he can adjust (increase or decrease) any value on his own, a friendly, or an opposing piece by 1.

So what did I use him for most?  Perplex.  I turned off his will power, pushed him to his second click and used Perplex.  I perplexed attack, damage, range, even movement on my own pieces.  he worked quite well in this capacity.

(pictures credited to www.WizKidsGames.com , maker of the product, and www.HcRealms.com , the best HeroClix fan site around.)

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • John Jones says:

    Dr. Midnite is one of my favorite support pieces, cheap pt wise, plenty of clicks and the stealth always comes in handy. I know plenty of people disregard him though, but any JSA team should have him.

    In fact, at the next 600 event (Unrestricted) He’s teaming up with Shazam, Spectre and Wildcat. Wish them luck. 😉

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Interesting team. I beat the Anti-Monitor this past week with Spectre, Black Adam, Sandman, and the Dr.Midnite Experienced piece above. 2 wins, 1 loss. Good luck.

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