HeroClix – Can We Save It?
November 17, 2008

WizKidsGames is no more.  You’ve seen the press release from Topps.  It was on our front news page.  It might even still be here.  The press release says that HeroClix and the other games – Pirates and Star Wars – will continue, just be run out of Topps headquarters in New York.  But just in case…

– AND –  ~

Jake Theis and some other prior WK employees have another plan.  Buy the HeroClix concept from Topps and continue it on their own.  With help from the #1 HeroClix fan site, www.HcRealms.com , they’ve put together a decent beginning.

#1. Save HeroClix. http://saveheroclix.com/index.php . This site cronicles their efforts.  One of which is the launching of a new game company.

#2. Pinata Games.  http://www.pinatagames.com/ . Its just a main page for now.  I’d keep an eye on both for word on how they are doing.  Its an excitng and scary proposition, starting a new endeavor.  Especially in these economic times.  And I look forward to watching and seeing where this will go.


And in case they are listening, here are a few requests I have for upcoming sets.

1. Special rules figures.  HeroClix has a number of special rules figures.  Giants.  Transporters.  Double Bases.  Duo Figures.  Indominable.  Sharpshooter.  Please keep these mechanics active by including at least one of each type in each release.  Several of these were completely missing from Arkham Asylum.

2. Themed releases.  I like themed releases.  Releases around a certain team or event.  Avengers, Justice League, Xmen & Hulk, Titans & Crisis, Secret Invasion, Villains in general.  I really think that with all the build up, the next BIG event at DC is Blackest Night, being lead into by the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps titles.  I really think this would make a great set theme and set name.  Who would I put in such a set?  Glad you asked.

Set Name:
Blackest Night
Named after the upcoming Green Lantern event.

Blackest Night
01. Green Lantern 1 – John Stewart.
02. Green Lantern 2 – Sallak.
03. Red Lantern 1 – Laira
04. Red Lantern 2 – Atrocitus.
05. Orange Lantern 1 – Agent Orange
06. Blue Lantern 1 – Saint Walker
07. Indigo Lantern 1 – ?

Black Lantern (Skrull) a/b version characters.
08. Black Lantern 1 – Abin Sur – you know he’s going to be one, makes too much sense.
09. Black Lantern 2 – Martian Manhunter
10. Black Lantern 3 – Vibe
11. Black Lantern 4 – a currently dead villain.

Justice League, villains of
12. Flash Barry Allen
13. main villain from Flash Rebirth.
14. Aquaman – classic look
15. Ocean Master
16. Manitou Raven – giant
17. Kanjar Ro
18. Hawkgirl
19. Libra
20. Amos Fortune

JSA, villains of
21. Starman (LSH/JSA)
22. Sand
23. Cyclone
24. Citizen Steel
25. Magog
26. Amazing Man
27. Power Girl
28. Dr. Fate

Future – Legion of 3 Worlds
29. XS.
30. Brainiac 5
31. Sun Boy
32. Polar Boy
33. Universo

Superman, allies, villains.
34. Superman
35. Brainiac
36. Eradicator
37. Silver Banshee
38. Atomic Skull
39. Live Wire

Batman, allies, villains.
40. Batman
41. Killer Moth
42. Catwoman
43. Huntress
44. Bane
45. Poison Ivy

Brave and Bold (duos)
46. Batman & Green Arrow
47. Jai & Iris West
48. Grace & Thunder
49. Cyborg & Beast Boy
50. Fire & Ice
51. Konvikt & Graak

Misc – Titans, villains
52. Gizmo
53. Raven
54. Static – if they can make Milestone / else Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes.
55. Firebrand of the Freedom Fighters.
56. Ragdoll
57. Rick Flagg
58. Lightray

59. Jokerz Goons
60. Khunds

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  • The Tekwych says:

    From what I’ve read Topps will only ‘manage’ the WK properties until they can sell them. I don’t think they have any cause to keep the properties in house. This is a big loss for everyone, WK had many great folk and I will miss their presence at the many shows around the country. Topps could have sold the company but instead gutted it and will now try to sell off the scraps. I hope that much of WK can be kept in tact and they will be picked up in whole by For my own connection to this loss, what will happen to the Battletech and Shadowrun RPGs, two games that I have been enjoying for almost 30 years now. Catalyst Games has been shepherding these RPGs ever since WK bought the properties from FASA as it closed it’s doors.

    In fact as I write this I find out that Catalyst Game Labs has placed a bid to purchase the WK properties including HeroClix, the Pirates Pocket Model Game, BattleTech/MechWarrior, and Shadowrun. The complete press release can be found at http://www.shadowrun4.com/

  • The Tekwych says:

    Thanks for believing that HeroClix and the offer made by Catalyst was worthy of the main news page but I would like to point out that the main page for Catalyst Game Labs is http://catalystgamelabs.com. The link I supplied is for one of heir licensed properties (also from WizKids), Shadowrun. By going to their main site you will find an active fan community discussing these new possibilities. The CGL community may be a little uninformed on some things outside their own RPG game space they are loyal and interested in what HeroClix, and its IP might become in the hands of RPG game company. A large number of WK staff have moved to CGL in the last few years of downsizing so knowledge of the line and what it takes to manage it does already exist. With luck the team at Pinata could merge with CGL to offer their Knowledge and dedication to CGLs financial strength and already established distribution partnerships.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    I was unaware of the Catalyst Game Labs bid until I read your 1st post. That led to following the link and notifying those who can post news about it. And it got on the front page.

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