HeroClix No Man's Land Event 1 Experience.
November 18, 2012

If you have followed my link from HCRealms, welcome to AFi, my “other home” on the internet.  My No Man’s Land experience goes back a few months.  In some of my posts I lamented how my local gaming store was no longer running regular HeroClix events.  I knew I needed to find a new place. Two of my former fellow players, one from that place, Mark, and another I had played with years ago, Randy, both recommended a certain new place.  I emailed them and it seemed like a good place, but I was unsure, as it was an hour away.  Both Mark and Randy had also played against my son, Ben (Ben is 18).

As the day grew closer, Randy and I exchanged FB messages about the No Man’s Land event and the new Batman set (see previous blog).  What I did not tell Randy was that Ben would be coming too.

The day came.  Ben and I left Coventry, headed for Bellingham.  We only missed 2 turns while driving there, and the second one turned out not to matter as we ended up on the correct street anyway.  When we got there, we found a small crowded comic store filled with excited HeroClix players.  We met new people and reminiced with Mark and Randy.  Randy was happily surprised to see Ben.  Reconnecting was cool.

The event itself consisted of a 2 booster sealed 300 point team played on the special map for the event.  There were about 16 of us.  For 20$ you get 2 boosters of 5 figures each.  Ten pieces of varying point costs to build your 300 poitn army out of.  3 rounds of 50 minutes each.  The twist?  In the No Man’s Land story, Gotham City is hit by an earthquake.  So at the end of each players turn, there was a chance of the earthquake happening.  If it did, you flipped the map over and continued playing on a terrain that had been changed by the earthquake.  Sections of bridges fallen, lower levels flooded with water, stairways destroyed.

See the map!

My pulls: Robin, Red Robin, Hush, Warblade, Roy Raymond Jr, Joker Thug, Dick Grayson, KGBeast and Batgirl (Stephanie) x2 – I traded the 2nd one for Maul after the event.
I chose: Hush, KGBeast, Dick Grayson, Joker Thug.

Ben’s pulls: Batman, Lucius Fox, Mr. Freeze (a super rare), Katana, Zealot, Two Face, Beast Boy in Dolphin form, Batwing and Harley Quin x2.
Ben chose: Mr. Freeze, Harley Quin, Lucius Fox, Batwing.

KGBeast turned out to live up to his name.  No range, but a special power giving him a range of 8 if he is in hindering terrain plus super stregth and the alibily to move around the board easily.  The other surprise was the Joker Thug.  The synergy between him and Hush was amazing.  Joker Thug carries Hush.  When Hush gets shot, he shifts the damage off to the Joker Thug.  The Joker Thug reduces the damage done to it when the damage is shifted from another character.  Finally, Hush can heal other pieces.  Every round I learned more about my pieces and was happier I had chosen this combination.  Hush also had stealth, could ignore stealth on other characters, could shoot over enemy figures and make ranged attacks against adjacent pieces.

Round 1 vs Black Lighning, Rocket Red, Warblade, Flock of Bats.
Round 2 vs Grifter, KGBeast, El Gaucho.
Round 3 vs Grifter, Bruce Wayne, Batwoman, Red Robin.
There were some tense moments, but also there were the points where Joker Thug’s poison killed the Flock of Bats.  Where Dick Grayson took out Red Robin and I said “That just proves Dick Grayson is THE best Robin EVER.”  In each round, I lost some pieces, but point wise I took out more.  For the first time in forever, I won all 3 rounds.  It was not enough to win because another player did the same, scoring more points, but it was enough to come in second.

Then came the prizes.  For coming in 2nd (or in the top 6), I got a special figure, Lock Up.  Everyone who came got the Batbelt and the first pouch to put on the Batbelt, smoke grenades.  We also got to see the Blue Beetle’s Ship, one of the vehicles (vehicles are new to HeroClix with this set).

I had a great time.  Connected with some old friends.  Got some new pieces.  Made some new acquaintances.  Had some good games with some good competition.  Looking forward to the next time I get to play.

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
"Gathered together from the four corners of the universe." Oh, wait, that's the show, not me. Erik "SuperFriend" Skov never actually got to appear on the show, although he did watch it every week. Erik spent 6 years working for Hasbro in Pawtucket, RI before leaving for a job that paid more (Why else would a collector leave the company that was making Star Wars, Transformers, and while I was there Batman). I used to post all over the net. These days I tend to hang my hat at AFI.
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  • joe says:

    vehicles are not new to heroclix they had thor’s chairot and the warthog from haloclix. The vehicles mechanics are new but vehicles been around since ff just not all playable as a separate fig like hawkeye quinjet ghost rider bike, lobo’s hog and other vehicles with figs

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