HeroClix Update 02-28-2009
March 4, 2009


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HeroClix update 

"We’re getting close to a "real" announcement.

Sorry for the radio silence for the last week or so; we’ve been hearing some tremendous news and we’ve been waiting for the time where we could spill some major beans.  While we can’t say things in plain English yet, we do have some announcements.

#1 HeroClix will be sold, and it will be sold shortly.  Both Topps and a newly formed game company have agreed in principle, and are hashing out their final deal.

(This is great news.  we’ve been waiting for this since October!)

#2 The game will be sold to a new ownership group that Pinata Games’ members have met with and talked with over the past few months.  They’re nice people and we think they have some solid ideas…some BIG ideas.  We’ve worked together with them on a few little projects tied into their purchase of the brands.

Since Pinata has been at the forefront of keeping us informed, I’m stoked to hear they are still involved.

#3 In addition to HeroClix, the new group is buying some other brands from Topps, and other WizKids’ fans may be delighted to hear what the new group wants to do with them.

Could this be the return of Mage Knight?

#4 While Pinata Games will not be owners of the properties, we are working on a long-term deal with the new owners to collaborate with them on the relaunch and operation of HeroClix.  We officially will announce our partnership with the new group after the purchase of the brands.

 More confirmation of involvement by Pinata!

#5 Justin Ziran (CEO of Pinata) has been out-of-state talking with the new ownership group for the past few days, and he has nothing but good news to report.  We anticipate a formal announcement some time over the next couple of weeks, which may have some other interesting news in it as well.

This post is good.  Formal announcements are better!

To reiterate, this is great news, and we’d like to thank all of the HC fans for remaining so resolute during this process."

-Jake Theis

YWCSHC (we’re almost there!)

Can you tell I love this stuff? – Its been kind of a let down not goign and playing this game every Friday night with guys I’ve gotten to know pretty well over the past 5 years or so.

And just in case Pinata has missed it, the theme I most want to see covered in an upcoming release of HeroClix is:



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