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August 12, 2009

A while back, one of the other Men of Action blogged about the shirts he’d picked up over the years. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about writing a similar blog about mine.  Here goes.


1. Green Lantern. 

Picked this one up at SDCC 2006.  Funny thing is I never looked at it too carefully.  One night, weeks after the con,  I’m closing down the house for the night.   I shut off the lights near my computer and head for the bedroom.  But there is one light still on.  I cannot find it.  Seriously.  After 5 minutes of running around, I realize the light is following me.  Its the shirt.  The symbol glows in the dark.  A cool plus I did not expect.


2. The Justice League. 

Well, the Six Flags version of it.  My wife and son were off on a 4 day "band trip" to Pennsylvania, and the trip included a stop at Six Flags.  They took a spin through the gift shop.  I got a call on my cell. "Hey Dad, Mom wants to know if you would like a shirt.  They have lots of DC hero shirts here." My wife is cool like that some times.  I said yes, and this is what they came home with.  They know I love teams of heroes.  Hard to miss with that Justice League logo across the bottom.


3. Superman Classic

And what a classic it is.  Might be kind of boring, except that I bought this on a trip to Italy.  It was there in a street vendors shop hanging off a rack in Pisa.  Once again, my wife was the instigator for buying this.  I did not have one, so we got it.  Along with a Pika-chu shirt for my daughter.


4. Batman Family – Animated Style

My Dad gets kudos for understanding my hobby too.  Back in 1990, he bought me my first Hulk figure.  I had held off on buying the new Toy Biz Marvel line so family could buy me them for Christmas.  And he came through with the Hulk.  Many years later he came through again with this shirt. 

This shirt has a second story.  I was getting ready for SDCC 2006 and could not decide what to wear for the day to fly out there.  I was not planning on wearing this shirt.  I had packed several others to wear at the con.  I threw it on in the morning and forgot to change it.  Riding the tram from the airport to the rental car station at San Diego airport, a young boy pointed out I was wearing a Batman shirt.  When I asked him if he could guess why I was wearing it, his father answered.  "SDCC I bet".  "Yes", I replied.  "I am going as part of the press, to cover it for ActionFigureInsider.com."  "That’s cool", he replied, I’m going as a representative for Hasbro.  I work for them."  There we were.  A 25 minute drive from home could have gotten me to his office and there we met, after flying across the country.


5. Superman – Busting Out.

The first hero shirt I ever remember getting.  A present from my wife and kids.

6. Flash

My second shirt from SDCC 2006.  They were 20$ each or 2 for 35$ at Stylin On Line’s booth.  All 5 booths actually.  I covered the whole display floor before buying anything and finally realized these guys had all the Tshirt booths in the convention.  This one too came with an unexpected bonus.  If I forgot who it was, the name was on the back.


Flash back.


7. Bot Con

What is this doing here?  Well, AFi is an equal opportunity toy site. And if you look around the site you just might find the article I wrote up for the team from Bot Con 2007.


8. Morrison JLA

I don’t usually walk into my local comic shop and buy a shirt, but that’s where this one came from.  I loved Morrison’s take on the JLA with art by Howard Porter.  And this rendition of the JLA Secret Files cover was too cool to pass up for this JL fan.


9. JLA from Virtue and Vice.

From the Morrison/Porter shirt above I learned about Graphitti Designs.  I went to their website and picked out a few shirts I would get if I ever saw them.  This was the one I wanted most.  I found it at a random booth at Wizard World Boston 2005.


10. Aquaman ?

Not quite.  There do not appear to be any "dress as character" shirts for Aquaman.  I was on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina a few years ago and chose this as my souvenir tshirt of the trip.  I include it here because it is the only orange shirt I own and occasionally reminds me that I cannot buy such an Aquaman shirt.  Maybe Aquaman needs a chest symbol.


Will there be more shirts in the future?

Thanks to 


( http://www.graphittidesigns.com/ )

there is





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  • elvis8batman says:

    Cool blog, I am a bit of a T-shirt fan myself, I’ve collected a few good ones that are comic related. I have a three really neat Joker ones, a Spiderman one, a Hulk one, a classic Supes logo one and a nice one from TDK. I’ll try and post some pics too if I can.

  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Nothing like a cool geek tee. That’s funny that you went to Italy and bought a Superman tee shirt!

    At the 2008 Con my wife got a free shirt from the “Day the Earth Stood Still” panel. Its black and just says “Klaatu Barada Nikto” across the chest. I get more comments on that shirt than any other. Mostly from old folks who assume I never saw the original!

    One of the shirts I saw this summer that I liked was worn by Randy Falk. It had the original On-Air Peanuts “Special” logo. Remember that?

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