@HeroWithinInc Debuts New #BatmanPeacoat In Time for the Holidays!
December 6, 2016

Announcing a new and innovative way for men to express their geek fandom!
New fashion collection that offers heroic style for everyday geeks


Orange County, CA. Dec 6, 2016 – The Batman Peacoat offers Bruce Wayne sophistication with Batman attitude. Officially
licensed by Warner Bros & DC Comics™, be the first to own the Batman Peacoat by Hero Within. With the iconic bat logo integrated into the back seams and multiple interior utility pockets, this peacoat is the ultimate gift for any Bat-fan.

Hero Within is a lifestyle men’s fashion brand that celebrates the heroism found in today’s modern geek. While it’s never been easier to be a passionate geek, expressing your fandom in a professional environment still remains difficult. With very few options, fanboys are mainly left to t-shirts and hoodies. The Hero Within vision is to merge sophisticated outerwear that both reflects geekdom as well as expresses our inner hero.
Today’s nerd are more than just enthusiast but are online content creators, influencers in business, shapers of culture and change makers in the community- they should have fashion to express that.



“As fanboys, we’ve grown up settling for limited and boring nerd style- graphic tees and hoodies. While our passion hasn’t changed, our fashion needs have. HERO WITHIN apparel was designed to be sophisticated while shamelessly embracing our geeky side.
We hope everyday you can celebrate your hero within.” -Tony B Kim, Founder and CEO

“I consider myself fashionable but I also need to fly my nerd flag every day. Hero Within allows me to express my love for all things nerdy while appearing upscale.” -Chris Gore, Comedian and Bat-Fan

Whether it’s Superman, Batman or your favorite DC Comics™ hero, we uniquely integrate iconic symbols into the construction of each garment, creating a subtle yet bold statement. This innovative approach will redefine how men express fandom. Our Hero Within collection is perfect for the office, out on a date, meeting clients or attending an event. With many options, we provide elite geeky style for everyday geeks. Hero Within is officially licensed by DC Comics™.


The very first shipment of our entire inventory will arrive mid Decemeber and will be shipped out later this month.

Order at HeroWithinStore.com and follow on Facebook/HeroWithinInc and Instagram

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Cesar Zamora
Born and raised in El Paso, TX. I grew up collecting and displaying toys. My love for action figures has only been strengthened by the fact that the internet provides a community to share that love with. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA freelance writing and buying too many toys.
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