HipsterReview: threeA Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse
January 26, 2012

Since ordering the 1/6 scale Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse Super Set from threeA Toys many months ago, I have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of the enormous box…and yesterday it arrived.  I haven’t been able to stop messing with it and nearly took the day off work to play with it, so I thought I’d provide a quick review for those wondering what the big deal is with this magnificent beast.

For those wondering, threeA Toys (3A) produces limited-edition products based on the crazy-cool creations of the artist Ashley Wood and the universe he’s imagined with his paintbrush.  Blind Cowboy is part of the ‘Popbot’ section of the threeA universe.


You can read more about 3A and the various toylines here and here.

Here’s the specific entry on Blind Cowboy from the ThreeA wiki.

His family killed by a gang of deranged robots, his eyesight taken as payment for someone else’s debt. He now wears the rag reputedly used to mop the bloody brow of the assassinated JFK, the turgid rag now giving a clarity of vision, a clarity of justice and revenge to the Blind Cowboy. His is only friend, a horse named Ghost!

To clarify, sadly I’m no Hipster, although many of the 3A figures get blindly grouped-in with other designer toys, or unfortunately dismissed and labeled as “hipster %$#@”.  It’s absurd, and really diminishes the excellent work from the 3A crew.  And I rarely do reviews, so you’ll have to bear with my non-studio imagery and subjective commentary. But you gotta gimme points for the neat-o effect on the images that is not-at-all-amateurish or distracting.

Wow…you guys excited now?


The Cowboy arrived in the standard brown 3A shipping box, albeit a large one. Luckily, the wife was home to sign for this, otherwise I’d be playing the missed-delivery-game and that drives me bananas…although, I wouldn’t be thrilled with enormous, heavy box just sitting on my porch for everyone to see, either.

Dog is shown for size comparison, although it’s a small dog and probably doesn’t help much.

Alright, time to crack it open.  The packaging was sealed with cellophane, to ensure the ‘Mint In Box’ value and to seal the intoxicating paint fumes inside.  That was removed quickly and without a photo.  The box itself is outstanding; on the white lid, the Ashley Wood Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse painting on the top, and the Cowboy logos adorning the sides; the rest of the box is a rich red with understated additional graphics in white. Don’t let the mottled quality of the photos fool you – this looks fantastic and is a very nice piece for those MIB guys.

When I opened the box, the first item on the top is the huge poster reproducing the artwork on the lid.  Very nice quality print; it’s a shame that it had to be folded.  The next two images show the quality of the inner packaging; the multiple foam layers show the careful precautions taken by 3A to ensure nothing happens during shipping.  And no pre-posed action stance!



Now we’re finally into the good stuff – the Blind Cowboy himself.  Below he is right out of the foam packaging, appropriately stiff and flat for shipping.  Right away, you can see the great detail on the poncho, which is much more defined than the prototype images and it looks great.  The red is much darker and muted than the camera shows, and it stands out well with the drab-but-effective earth tones of the rest of the set.

Once I had to chance to start messing with the poncho, then the amazing details became apparent.  The clothing, hat, and holsters are all material.  The belt buckle is metal. Guns, guns everywhere! (7, to be exact). The weathering of the uniform looks great, and isn’t too heavy in any one spot. The hat has a thin wire for posing the brim, and the blindfold cloth is actual material as well.

An amazing figure.  I haven’t posed it much, the articulation is deceptively smooth and solid.  I’ve had a minor issue with the hands griping the guns tightly, but that is truly a nitpic, and the plastic on the hands is solid but pliable, which is much better than worrying about breaking the fingers while adding firearms.

He was offered by 3A as a standalone figure, or in the ‘Super Set’ with the Ghost Horse – the single figure was cheaper, of course, but what’s a cowboy without his trusted steed?



This thing is a BEAST.  Just check the image below next to the 12″ figure…

It’s tough to properly convey the sheer presence of the Ghost Horse.  The piece is solid resin, and heavy.  The saddle and bags are fabric, buckles and stirrups are metal, and the cloth bandages covering the neck and legs are nicely weathered and worn.  There’s no articulation at all, but honestly, it doesn’t need any.  The sculpt is phenomenal, and it perfectly represents a tired, ghostly warhorse.

I’m sure there will be plenty of better descriptions and photos of this amazing piece in the coming weeks on various sites, but I will let the photos speak for themselves.


So there it is.  Truly an amazing piece, and already my odds-on favorite for 1/6 figure of 2012.

Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse from threeA Toys.  Go buy it.  You won’t regret it.

Much better photos from other fans HERE and HERE.


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