October 12, 2016

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While I was in New York City for Comic-Con I was asked to take part in a very fun and exciting escape room experience called Paradiso: Chapter 1.

But before I let you know what I thought about it, here’s a little more info:

PARADISO: Chapter 1 will bring thrills to Midtown Manhattan this Halloween season with additional show times throughout the month of October. The new attraction, a fully-immersive psychological escape room, has received widespread acclaim since its midsummer debut.


Produced by Immersive Escape Productions, LLC, a partnership between acclaimed director and producer, Michael Counts (“The Walking Dead Experience,” New York Philharmonic’s “Philharmonic 360”) and producer, Jennifer Worthington (former SVP of Jerry Bruckheimer Films), PARADISO is a one-hour experience that transports 10 participants to a world they must navigate together through a multilayered story which unfolds within a series of rooms, puzzles and interactions with performers.

The Huffington Post has referred to PARADISO as ‘a suspenseful, 60-minute adventure to share with friends,’ VICE claimed that ‘it hacked our brains,’ and the New York Times described it as ‘part puzzle, part performance, part technological razzle-dazzle.’

Times and Full Schedule Available Now at ParadisoEscape.com 


I won’t get into spoilers about the experience but I found it extremely fun and engaging. I have only been a part of one other escape room before but this was definitely above and beyond that. The twists and turns the immersion takes you on makes you feel like you’re in a movie. If you have ever done a escape room that takes place in just one room Paradiso will blow that out of the water. From the moment it begins you have no idea what to expect with every new clue bringing you closer to the next mystery.


I enjoyed collecting clues and solving puzzles in order to get from one room to the next. Paradiso starts you off in one place and literally takes you on a journey. It’s the closest I’ve been to being in a video game in real life. The group I was with was mostly strangers and while that added to the mystery of the experience, I think I would have preferred to have done this with just friends. My only other complaint is that the difficulty of the puzzles did vary and in some instances was next to impossible given a specific time-frame. Challenge aside I found the overall experience very fun and the perfect group activity for the Halloween season. If you live in the New York area I highly recommend it.

The full schedule is available on the website, www.paradisoescape.com, along with tickets available for purchase, starting at $40 per person. PARADISO is on Instagram @ParadisoEscape and Facebook at Facebook.com/ParadisoEscapeRoom


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Her own voice is the kind that makes you want to laugh, cry and even shout a “Hallelujah!” or two. Her sultry mix of gospel — honed by a childhood of singing in church choir — country, folk, and jazz, warms the spirit with a captivating, earthy power.  Christine’s latest album, “Been a Long Time” is now in production after a successful IndieGogo campaign  https://igg.me/at/christinerosander.  Go to her website http://christinerosander.com/  to get 3 free songs and updates on the new release.   

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