I Love ReAction Figures By Funko
October 17, 2014

A match made in toy heaven. @originalfunko @collectdst#backtothefuture#flashbacktothefuturefriday#fbf#flashbackfriday


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Cesar Zamora
Born and raised in El Paso, TX. I grew up collecting and displaying toys. My love for action figures has only been strengthened by the fact that the internet provides a community to share that love with. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA freelance writing and buying too many toys.
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  • Kevin says:

    I also love ReAction figures. I have the alien from aliens and the crow figures.

  • stewbacca says:

    Although I like your positivity about toys– I need to offer the counterpoint that these things are abominations and a horrible addition to the toy landscape– they could have done just a little more effort (and sculpt) and made this the most awesome line in several years-(and still called it a retro line by making it five POA and using simple card art)- but instead – have turned it into a pegwarming (at multiple stores mind you) line that will help (in the stores buyers mind)- to push the action figure market even faster down the slope it already has started tumbling.. –

  • trenton d hancock says:

    While I’m mostly enthusiastic about the REACTION line, I do have a few grievances to express. I would hope for a wider range of flesh tones. Some with a bit more red in them. The plastic used for the caucasian characters makes them all look waxy and honestly….dead. They look especially sickly when compared to vintage figures like Gabriel’s Lone Ranger or even vintage Kenner Luke and Han. Also, the torso to leg ratios are a bit off on pretty much all of the characters. The torsos end up being too long and the legs too short. Maybe there could be a bit more bowing in the leg stance as well. I really like the straight up and down “static” stance, but even most of the vintage 3 3/4 figures had some variety in the leg positioning. Slightly bended knees, subtle contrapposto, etc… Other than that, I think it’s an exciting time to be collecting this “neo-vintage” style. At some point in the past 10 years, I almost fell out of love with collecting new action figures. I still looked at toys with a “child’s eye”. The things that really REALLY excited me were not being expressed in the toys on the shelves. Other than a reissue here and there and the growing customizer community, there wasn’t a whole lot for someone like me to be excited about. Until now…. This new renaissance in collecting vintage styled toys has revived and reinvigorated not just me but a whole new collecting public. Yes, maybe there will be some peg warming going on, but this is obviously only the beginning for retro articulation and design. There’s SO much potential out there for retro-innovation, for lack of a better term. I’m not exactly sure how the general public and especially kids will take to these strange new REACTION toys. Maybe wide distribution such as Wal-Mart, Target, and TrU will fail…I can only hope for the best. In the meantime, I’ll support Super7, FUNKO, ZICA, WARPO, and whoever else wants to repopulate the landscape of toydom with things that harken to a simpler time. Being an artist and designer myself, I am currently producing my own retro flavored goodies. It’s just nice to know that there is a community of like-mindedness to bounce ideas off of. Trenton Doyle Hancock

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      I know what you mean about child’s eye. I love the new Star Wars figures from the cheap line as well. They look fun, don’t get me started on Ninja Turtles.

  • Luke says:

    That pic pretty much outlines all my problems with ReAction figures. Look at the loving detail on that DeLorean, the commitment to accuracy, and the features on display. Now look at those figures next to it. They have NOTHING in common aside from the same source. And it’s crazy that the car came out a few years ago and only cost about twice what those figures (combined) do.

    The figures are not “retro”. They’re a reduction in everything save price under the guise of a buzzword.

  • Pete says:

    Great Scott !!!

  • Ariel says:

    I adore them too. And i have the impression that they are bought by the casual shopper too. Besides the obvious main appeal, the fact that they do so many nostalgic series will appeal to collectors who can display together in a who’s who type shelf.
    Plus my Talky Tina is adorable. Now, when are we getting the rest of the crew of The Nostromo?

  • demoncat_4 says:

    so far have to say i like what reaction is doing trying to pick up where kenner left off long ago. from aliens including getting signoury weaver to finaly okay her likeness for a ripley figure. plus also going through all the head aches of getting disney to say yes to a rocketeer figure. retro action has arrived as a little breath of fresh air for the figure market at least for the old 3 3/4 line.

  • AlexisSkrull says:

    I absolutely adore these figures, but for the same reason many hate them I rarely buy the humans. I just don’t like the faces and understand its “retro”. I do love all the others though and plan to get more nightmare b4 xmas, and once I find them in stores I want the universal monsters figures. I have Alien (want Predator to go with it, not sure if I will buy series 2 alien though as I open my figures and think it looks bad with metallic, my opinion), Jack Skellington and Sally, and my only human figure I wanted (though i might get both doc Brown and MArty McFly just for sentimental reasons) The Rocketeer as the helmet hides his face and remember watching that movie and loving it as a kid!

  • Brian flynn says:

    Thanks for the support. Also, the ReAction line is a collaboration between Super7 and Funko.

    As far as detail vs simplicity, we are definitely retro in mind, it costs no more to cast detail or simplicity, it’s the same amount of plastic. We just skew to a much older and simpler time. Much more to come!

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      Looking forward to it! May I suggest Ghostbusters and Darkwing Duck? Thanks again for an awesome line!

    • Luke says:

      If it doesn’t cost any more to put in detail, why isn’t there more detail? I’d like a Snake that looks like Snake rather than Eyepatch Jesus and a Mal who isn’t easily mistaken for an extra from “Little House on the Prairie”.

      I completely understand that ReAction is following a “retro design philosophy”, but I feel like the ReAction figures pale even compared to the figures of the past. Kenner may have had some soft sculpts and poor likenesses, but Mego and Mattel were making figures at the same time and often knocked them out of the park. The ReAction line should be pulling from all of these sources of inspiration, not only adhering closely to Kenner. If there were ReAction remakes of Perseus and Mork, I’m not convinced I’d be able to tell the difference.

  • Carl says:

    This line NEEDS to have “The Last Starfighter”, “The Lost Boys”, “Doctor Who” and “Supernatural”.

  • trenton d hancock says:

    What Luke said.

  • Will G. says:

    I was just wondering if I’m the only one that tries to buy 2 sets of these… example: the horror line; one’s for to be displayed in their packaging-only and the 2nd is for open-display, out of it’s packaging. I’ve noticed the ones I do open and display, their heads and limbs seem a bit too loose at times like for Pinhead/Hellraiser, Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th and Eric Draven/The Crow. They don’t really stand all that well because of their looseness.

  • Eric says:

    Like what Luke said above;

    there were many other vintage action figure manufactures from the referenced era. Mattel, Mego, etc. The only reason the initial ReActionn figures based on Alien were in the “vintage Kenner” style was because they were originally designed by Kenner. Should all subsequent figures/lines from ReAction follow the same design? No! Take it a step further; in the essence of “vintage”, each line should reflect the styles and details of their respective era. Why would “Back to the Future” figures from 1985 look like action figures from 1979? Toy design and detail was far more advanced by that movie’s time. Just look at the quality difference between a vintage Walrus Man from ’78 and a figure from Power of the Force ’84. Make the figures reflect that. Gahh…so frustrating.

  • Eric says:

    P.S. after the initial “Alien” line, which was exciting and charming and and clever and cool, all these other subsequent lines just seem like Super7 and Funko are “cashing” in, with no cleverness or charm in these offerings. Just repeat, cash in, repeat, cash in….

  • Fred says:

    Do you open yours or keep them in the package?

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