Inside Out Musical Bing Bong Figure By TOMY Review!
August 25, 2015


Today I’ll be taking a look at Musical Bing Bong from TOMY’s Inside Out line. Inside Out was a great movie with a great toy line. I was very excited to get this figure and happy to add him to my Disney collection. This figure has been difficult to find and the toy line as is has been difficult to find. The Inside Out line was hard to find because it is considered a Girls Toy Line. Which I think is strange because I feel that this is a gender neutral toy line, so I’m glad Target is leading the charge by blurring and getting rid of those gender lines. But this isn’t the place for a social debate.

IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0950

This figure comes in an open box packaging that has made a big come back in the past few years. I’m not a huge fan but it does add to figures like this that have interactive features, it makes it easier for people to give them a spin. It was difficult getting him out of the box because he was screwed in with special pegs in the cardboard as illustrated below.


I’d never seen that before and thought I would give people that might be interested in the figure a heads up. I think it’s a pretty cool idea and I’m sure prevents thievery.

IMG_0969 IMG_0967 IMG_0966 IMG_0965

The figure has a great sculpt that is very much on model and translates quite well from the movie. I don’t have any of the other figures from the line but in my opinion he’s the one that looks the most like his character on screen. This is a pretty basic figure, outside of the sound feature, he has cut lines for his arms, neck, and trunk. His feet are fixed and don’t move but provide support and wouldn’t enhance posing in any way. I’m a little disappointed that the tail was sculpted on and not a separate piece, but it seems to be built in as a part of the voice box so my thinking is that it conceals some components of the electronics therefore making it more functional.


My favorite part of the figure is the face sculpt. It’s such a great expression and I love all the paint variation. He was a scene stealer in the movie and seems to steal the toy line from the rest of the figures. All of which look great, but I was only interested in Bing Bong as Disney Infinity is sating my desire for the Inside Out Emotions.


Moving on to the Musical feature of the figure. It includes several lines of dialog and sound effects directly from the movie that come out of a speaker on his butt when you press his bow-tie, so pretty much how you’d want your imaginary friend to work. In some of these types of figures the lines are rerecorded with a different actor but all the sounds and dialog seem ripped directly from the movie, or a very good Richard King sound alike which is very much appreciated. I have a video below with all the sounds and lines.

IMG_0976 IMG_0977 IMG_0978

SFX Video:


I very much enjoy this figure and I was looking forward to it. If you’re a fan of the movie and this character I highly recommend it for your kids and your display shelf. Special thanks to TOMY for providing me with the sample!


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