Is The #MOTUC Snake Mountain Playset Dead?
May 16, 2016


There have been a lot of rumors swirling around online this month about the future of Masters of the Universe Classics, Thundercats and the future of in 2017.   There hasn’t been any communication from Andrew Sparks, who took over when Kim, aka Skeletor’s Love Child left Mattel since his appearance at Toy fair in February, and apart from a few monthly sale updates and news of some shipping delays no news or communication from any of the Matty and/or Mattel teams.


Now it appears there may be one more nail in the coffin.   One of my local collector friends wrote last week to Mattel corporate on their official Facebook page about the future of the MOTUC Snake Mountain playset that debuted at SDCC last year.  Below is the response he received this morning:


Here’s a brief history of the playset:

Snake Mountain was originally supposed to debut at Toy Fair 2015, but was not shown or discussed until SDCC 2015.   At that time Mattel said they were still working on it and it may change and/or be reduced in size up to 30%.

The Snake Mountain prototype appeared on more time, this time at an event at an event at a movie theater in Los Angeles for an anniversary screening of the 1980’s Masters of the Universe feature film.


The prototype was not shown at Toy Fair 2016, nor was it mentioned at the event.

Does the corporate account have the inside scoop?   Is there still a chance it could be saved?  Will Mattel really scrap this much preproduction work on this massive item?

We will attempt to get further clarification on this from Mattel.


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  • Jim Abell says:

    That sounds like the same sort of canned response that we got when asking about the Total Heroes Wonder Woman last year, meaning someone checked to see if it had gone into production and saw that it hadn’t and simply assumed that it was never going to happen.

    There was a podcast or interview with Eric Treadway a couple of months back where he says that the delay in Snake Mountain is on the Horsemen as they were, at that time, still re-working the prototype to the new sizes. Granted, that doesn’t mean that the plug hasn’t been pulled since.

  • Thomas Wheeler says:

    Exactly where are these “rumors” appearing about Masters and Thundercats? I’m honestly less concerned about Snake Mountain and more concerned about the figures. I mean, come on, Mattel just GOT the Thundercats license. Just because there hasn’t been much official news doesn’t mean that it’s ending. Hopefully we’ll hear more at SDCC, but unless someone has heard something really reliable, I don’t think these are the sorts of “rumors” we need spreading around.

    • Scott says:

      yeah i haven’t seen these rumours and I hope there is nothing wrong cos I’ve been waiting for a full set of updated ThunderCats classic figures for years and subscribed to the wave 1 set with hopes of getting wave 2 next year too.

    • Scott LicksKnights says:

      The quote above came from Mattel’s official corporate Facebook page.

      It’s not a rumor, it’s a question of whether “never made it into production” means it won’t ever, or just hasn’t yet.

  • […] were expecting to see a Snake Mountain playset, but a recent Action Figure Insider post now puts the state of the Snake Mountain playset in question. What happens next? Only Mattel knows […]

  • D Boy says:

    “There are many
    reasons affecting the decision. We
    thought this was a great idea for a
    playset as well, and wish we had
    better news for you today!”

    Aside from the obvious, that it hasn’t gone into production… why would they say that? They thought it was a great idea? That would suggest they no longer think it is a good idea, hence… they are no longer moving ahead with it. “There were many reasons affecting the decision” … sounds like they made a “DECISION”… and the decision was to not make it. I mean, either this is just typical miscommunication between Mattel employees and fans, or they really decided not to make Snake Mountain, but haven’t officially announced it.

    I kinda hope they don’t make it because obviously Mattel plans to make it way too small. This needs to be exactly as shown in the pics. It’s bad enough the castle was reduced from the original bait and sw… I mean sales pitch. If Mattel can’t or is unwilling to do it right, they shouldn’t do it at all.

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