It seems I like M.A.S.K. more than I thought I did.
April 16, 2008

If you’re a G.I. Joe fan or, indeed, a M.A.S.K. fan, you know the Interwebs is currently ablaze with buzz about the return of Matt Trakker in the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line. 

It happened this way…

Hasbro just posted a poll in which fans can vote for essentially the Best Of the new 3 3/4" Joe line to be released in special packaging with special decos next year.  Number 58 of the 62 figures on the eligible list is "Specialist Trakker", a figure no one’s seen.  However, the Intranets work swiftly and someone over at the RTM ToyBuzz juxtaposed this information with a recent listing in Wal-Mart’s computer stating a figure called "Mask" would be included in G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Series 11.

This is ALL UNCONFIRMED, though a mysterious poster on RTM implied it is tentatively the case. 

So, we may have the beginnings of a M.A.S.K. resurgence on our hands.  Perhaps we’ll know more after New York Comic-Com.  Perhaps not. 


For a time, I was a pretty big M.A.S.K. fan as a kid.  Although some of the later toys came out during my final years of toy eligibility, I thought they were well made and quite fun.  Really liked the cartoon, too.  However, when it came time to set the things of childhood aside, I didn’t hesitate to do so with M.A.S.K. and, as a collector, I’ve never entertained the possibility of going back and reacquiring any of the toys.

But this news of a possible Matt Trakker in the G.I. Joe line had me thinking M.A.S.K. and, as I drifted off to sleep last night, I realized I remembered all of the following, a considerable amount considering I haven’t thought of M.A.S.K. in close to 20 years…

-The first M.A.S.K. toy I got was the Condor w/Brad Turner. 

-My favorite M.A.S.K. toys were the Buzzard w/Miles & Max Mayhem, the Manta w/Vanessa Warfield, and T-Bob w/Scott Trakker.

-I also loved the Outlaw w/Nash Gorey, but I got mine in a trade, so it was incomplete. 

-I never had the iconic, blue-suited Miles Mayhem.  I don’t think I had Matt Trakker at all.

-According to the backstory, Trakker and Mayhem originally worked together to develop the vehicles, but had different agendas for their use.  Mayhem stole some of the designs and started V.E.N.O.M., Trakker countered with M.A.S.K.

-Although, you work with someone called Mayhem, you’re basically asking for trouble. 

-All the characters included "masks" which were really full-head helmets.  Each mask had a name and a special ability that basically gave each character one super power.  (I now realize what genius this was on Kenner’s part as it gave the line more personality and playability without their having to do a thing to the toys themselves).

-I THINK Brad Turner’s mask created wind gusts, but I’m not sure and I don’t know what it was called.

-Nash Gorey’s mask gave him super strength.  Julio Lopez (who came with the Firefly, which I had) had a mask that shot balls of super glue.

-Sly Rax came with the Piranha, I believe the second M.A.S.K. toy I got.  His mask was called Stiletto and fired…energy stilettos?

Anyway, I remembered more but, if you’re a M.A.S.K. fan I’m boring you (or annoying you with any errors I may have made) and, if you’re not, I’m just confusing you.  The point is, I remembered a LOT more about M.A.S.K. than I thought I ever would and it’s made me think of revisting the brand in-depth.

The problem is, do I wait and see what Hasbro’s got up its sleeve now, or do I go directly to ebay and look into the original stuff?

These are the trials of nerdom….



Jason "JJJason" Chirevas
Jason Chirevas is a toy collector whether he likes it or not (and he often doesn't). This former Would've-Been Action Hero is as interested in the humanity, psychology, and psychosis of collecting as he is in the action figures themselves. Fun guy.
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  • De says:

    I just watched the first episode again a couple of weeks ago. It was a tad simplistic, but not terrible.

    Oh, and Brad Turner’s mask was Hocus-Pocus, which projected holograms.

  • Mini-Jeff says:

    I feel your words mate…I have many times found myself poking around on Ebay, wishing I hadnt done these guys in with the rest of my 80′s youth…the possible revist would be cool but I dont think they can much the sheer fun of the originals!

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