It shouldn't be this hard to write a blog.
January 10, 2012

Five blog entries in 2011.



It can’t be that hard…can it?

I mean, there’s plenty to discuss over the past year…MattyCollector frustrations, the whole SaveDCUC effort, the slow death of JLU, the nostalgia of toylines like G.I.Joe and ThunderCats, the appeal of toylines like threeA and Hot Toys, the depressing debacle of the DCnU, the unavoidable mentioning of Tim Tebow, films, books, art…you would think that I could squeeze out at least a few simple blogs here and there over the course of twelve months, right?

Apparently not.

I meant to.  I intended to.  Really, I did.  I planned to set just a few minutes aside each week and just do it.  It seemed easy.  But it’s funny how life flies right on by, while you juggle the perpetual to-do list and plan to get everything done tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.  But those things on the list, those tasks like blogging and finishing that piece of art or practicing guitar…those things slip through the cracks.  The intentions are good, of course, but it seems like there’s just not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the goals.  But I keep trying, trying to pinball between adult responsibilities and trivial diversions in the hopes that I can do it all.

But I’m not unique in this situation.  I know this is the same battle that many of you face.  Family, kids, work, businesses, priorities – the stink of responsibility.  We all have to deal with it.  And some might say that all of this stress makes the quiet moments with family or hobbies even sweeter.  Perhaps.  A few weeks ago, I was  laid up for a few days and could do nothing but sit and watch TV and play games.  Tough situation, right?  For someone like me, who is used to going and going and going, it was great…for the first day and a half.  But the second day, I was ready to get back to work and get on all my projects and take on the world, and I ended up really frustrated and stressed out, instead of just enjoying the time off and appreciating the moment.

So what’s the point of all of this incoherent rambling?  I dunno.  Maybe I just suckered you into reading a long therapeutic blog of nothingness. Or maybe this is some sort of New Year resolution, and my 2012 lesson for you.

Don’t live in the past.  Don’t worry about the future.  Enjoy the here and now.


I know, yeah, I know…it sounds so fortune-cookiesque.  And much easier said-than-done.  But if nothing else, take a few minutes to just think about it.  And maybe forgive me a little of you don’t see blog entries from me on a regular basis.

But I promise – the Bigfoot story will be finished this year…


Here’s a little bonus treat for cutting me some slack.




Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
Current designer, future artist, eternal manchild, Ryan "The Superfly" Prast uses his toynerd acumen to delve deep into the profound nuances of life. With a penchant for tiny plastic men and nostalgia of times past, he also enjoys panelology, obscure cultural references, tomfoolery and/or shenanigans, conspiracy theories, and watching his Cubs flush another season down the toilet. And he always keeps his fork when there’s pie.
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  • demoncat says:

    you don’t sound fortune cookiesque just some one who is admiting your having normal trouble coming up with blog entries it happens to every blogger.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Blogging is easy!

  • Clutch says:

    I’ve gone from two or three posts per month in a year to barely one every 30 days or so. Had to skip December this year because real life has been grinding my muse into piecemeal throughout 2011.

  • Danny Cantina-Dan says:

    Blogging is super hard. I remember reading one time that “writers will do anything to avoid actually writing”, or something like that. But this “don’t worry about the past and future, live in the now” might sound cliche but is super profound. I do a lot of yoga. And most Westerners think yoga is about crunching your body into kooky shapes. But that is an ends to a means. The means? Pretty much your quote. Not easy by a long shot. That reminds me … I was gonna do a photo blog about Voltron doing yoga … gotta get to that. We love you, Superfly!!! 😀

  • bnjmnrlyr says:

    I’m right there with you.

    I keep meaning to get to more blogs for Vader on AFHub. I actually had a list of ideas all set and ready to go. I made sure the camera was charged and ready to go. I have the best of intentions.

    And then all of a sudden it is 6 weeks later and the blog I wanted to write is irrelevant.

    I want to blog more. Once a month would be great. And I’m working on it.

    I think part of the problem is that I want everything I put out there to be “profound”. If I could just convince myself that its ok to simple ramble and take others along for the ride, I’d probably have greater output.

    Oh well, here’s to learning from the past’s mistakes and correcting course for the future.

    … and my blog is coming, I promise.

    • Erik superfriend says:

      Find a way to make it relevant. Tie it back into something current. I just started playing HeroClix again after a break of almost 3 years. So I am writing about the game. If you are excited about it, that will show through.

      • Ryan The Superfly says:

        It’s not so much the inspiration, as I have about six blogs half-written – it’s the time. Between family, work, multiple businesses…the time just slips away. It’s tough. But at least I got 1 out of the way, right? 😉

  • Daniel Pickett Julius Marx says:

    I have at least 6 blogs saved as drafts on the site that I’ve started and never finished. I have about a dozen more drafted in my head.
    I have a backlog of about 300 figures that I’ve shot all the pictures for for the archive that I haven’t had time to put together.
    I probably have… 20 features that I’ve started work on.. some of them as old as 4 years old that have not been posted.

    All that to say – I have no idea what you are talking about. Stop being lazy and get back to work writing blogs and producing new content for the site. What do you think I’m paying you for… oh, wait… never mind.

  • Chip Cataldo says:

    Blogging is difficult. At times I’m amazed I did as much as I did. I have a few more that I’d love to get out even tho I’m not “active” around here much anymore. Hopefully soon.

  • kngfu says:

    I can’t believe I watched the whole clip. I was paralyzed!!

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