I've subscribed to Club Infinite Earths. Here's why…
August 9, 2011

The future.

As Spy Monkey Creations pointed out in the…podcast, I guess, on AFI today, if this club gets off the ground, it’s basically unfettered by the constraints of retail in terms of character choice, or even size.  I think we have reason to fear what’ll be on the pegs next year based on everything we’ve seen of the DCnU but, if it goes forward, the club will be able to provide our niche market with any character, no matter how obscure, no matter how unfriendly to retail, from any era.

Another good point they made; look at Club Eternia.

Masters of the Universe Classics started with a single figure every month, and sometimes not even that.  Next year, it’s going to feature single figures, multi-packs, beasts, Filmation characters, mini-comics, and its first vehicle.  Although I’ve never been a part of it, subscriptions are why that happened.  Collectors who were willing to commit to MOTU as a brand for the long haul gave Mattel the confidence to do things like Eternian Palance Guards, Demo Man, Queen Marlena, and the Wind Raider.

Now, apply that to DC and I refer you back to the first point.  If we can get the DC club rolling and show the kind of commitment we have to MOTU, it defies logic to think Mattel won’t deepen and diversify that line they way they have MOTU.

Last, the future of DC figures at retail, especially from Mattel, looks pretty bleak.

Let’s be clear, for all the mistakes and crap communication we get from Mattel and Digital River, they can’t put anything on a retail peg DC/Warner doesn’t approve.  All current signs point to those approvals going to DCnU designs in the foreseeable term.  Yes, we’ll get the odd figure we want in Batman Legacy, or whatever DCUC morphs into, but DCUC as we know and love it WILL end with Wave 20.  If that wasn’t the case, Mattel A) wouldn’t offer this club and B) would have given us all the proper assurances, by now.  The latter hasn’t happened.  If anything, they’ve gone out of their to say as little as possible about the future of DC 6″ at retail because, if the club doesn’t happen, I think they know we’re going to be livid about what IS coming.

I have been an open critic of the way Mattel has handled this potential club and I remain one.  Even if I overlook the club inclusion of Jay Garrick, who clearly would have been at home in DCUC 19, the transfer of Poison Ivy to the club was a cynical move the announcement of which was phrased in the most inelegant terms.  That said, I’m posting this because, as outspoken as I was against the club, I thought I owed it the other position now that I’ve decided to subscribe.

If you could have Jay, Pam, and the Metal Men, and the Doom Patrol, and more LOSH, AND maybe even things like a Super Powers Batmobile, The Rogues, Granny Goodness, Bat Lash, or a Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane 2-pack, would you sign up for that?  Would you pay $20 now and commit to buying a few figures you may not really want (but can definitely unload, even if only at cost) down the road if the end result was a more diverse, and in some cases larger-scaled, collection of DC figures than you could have possibly gotten at retail, even in DCUC (which, for my money, HAS to be considered the best DC line of all-time as it already exists)?

If the answer is no, it’s not worth the risk, then don’t subscribe and I certainly won’t blame you.  Mattel has handled the PR badly here and, yes, there is a blind commitment involved.  I also understand if the financial commitment is too high.  The sad fact is, collecting action figures is moving increasingly away from retail and consumer-friendly prices.  Things like these clubs and specialty, collector-oriented lines are becoming the norm and those things demand a lot more disposable income than some folks have.

However, if you’re someone, like me, who sort of had his eyes opened today; who realized it basically IS the life of a great line at stake here, then I’d urge you to consider subscribing.

Not for what it is now, but what it can be.


Jason "JJJason" Chirevas
Jason Chirevas is a toy collector whether he likes it or not (and he often doesn't). This former Would've-Been Action Hero is as interested in the humanity, psychology, and psychosis of collecting as he is in the action figures themselves. Fun guy.
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  • Logan says:

    I am totally with you. I love DCUC and I bought my sub for that and MOTUC (which I had never done before) because I don’t care what figuresa they put out I will want them in my DCUC collection. Once DCUC ends and if the sub doesn’t go through I will be left with MOTUC and that will be the last action figures I collect. So for all of you out there please sign up if you can. The possibilities are too mind blowing to think about. $22 a month is around the same price as 2 large pizzas.

  • Hourman says:

    I bought one subscription the first day it was offered. That’s as much as I can swing. All I can do is all I can do.

  • Shawn says:

    I have loved DCUC. It has been the best action figure line ever. There have been some issues with poor QC however anyone who is a true DC fan cannot deny that thanks to DCUC they have more DC figures than they would have ever thought possible. Now it’s up to us…the fans….to determine if we want more. I certainly do. I’d love to complete the Doom Patrol, Metal Men, and Justice Society. The only way any of us will ever be able to do that is to subscribe. Mattel does suck sometimes but overall they have given a lot of exposure to DC characters. Let’s put our money where our mouths are for one year. Geth this subscription through and if at the end of the year it wasn’t what we thought and it’s just the same old same old from Mattel then we as the fans can let DCUC die knowing that we supported it to the very end….

  • Neil says:

    I agree about how important the subscription could be in the future, and I have purchased one myself. However, comparing it to the MOTU subscription could be different in that matttel does not own these characters, and will not be the final word on which characters get made. What if DC decides that the subscription figures should also reflect their new universe? But while that may be an issue, I am still excited for the possibilities of this subscription.

  • Tom2814 says:

    What Hourman said.

  • Guapo says:

    I have decided after read your article, I am going to buy 16 suscriptions right now!!!!!!!

  • demoncat says:

    have to agree the sub deserves a chance mostly for mattel to be able to continue to do certain characters like metal men that really do work well at retail. plus also with the club mattel can do things like Metron and his chair which would be too costly to do in a retail wave. not to mention a non build a figure huge shaggy man or block buster. this way with the sub. worth a try to at least help it try to start

  • Novelty says:

    This op ed piece is really well written. I’m a MotUC fan, not a DCUC fan, but after the pleas from all corners of the DCUC blogverse, I will just put in a sub close to the closing date just to “vote in my support.

    However, as a MotUC fan though, you bring up a good point. If the existing subscriptions have given Mattel the confidence to bring out large scale beasts, army builders and vehicles; imagine what more people subscribing to the Mattel sub would bring… Castle Grayskull perhaps?

  • antonio says:

    I’ll probably sign up on the last day, even if the thermometer isn’t full and it’s hopeless, just to show mattel there is support for dc classic stuff.

    i didn’t necessarily agree with everything that was said in the podcast and it really doesn’t change the fact that mattel has made a complete mess of this from start to finish.

  • herofan says:

    For anyone that really wants this ‘club’ to happen, sorry, but I’m not willing to commit $255 + shipping/taxes/fees without knowing exactly what I’m buying.

    Yes, Mattel *might* offer some cool figure here that we’d never get otherwise, or maybe they’ll fill up the subscription with more Batman variants. The point is I’m not going to blindly trust that they’ll do the right thing. Not with their track record.

    While the actual DCUC figures have been very cool, Mattel has gone above and beyond to mess up this entire line. Delayed waves, impossible to find waves, waves that just didn’t ship to stores that ordered them, QC issues, etc…

    Mattel doesn’t deserve my money. I say let DCUC end, and let another company have the license.

    • Lee in MI says:

      While I’m not on the same side as herofan as I have bought a sub and would like to see it go through, I totally understand and support his decision.

      It isn’t the fans fault if this doesn’t make it, it’s Mattels. Clearly, they haven’t made many friends out there. O_o

    • AnimateTed says:

      But the problems you just complained about… wouldn’t happen in a subscription! There would be no shipping to stores. No delayed waves. I have been a subscriber to MOTUC since the start… and while every character isn’t my favorite, for every Count Marzo there’s a Faceless One! Or for every Optikk there’s an amazing Palace Guard! You have to look at the BIG picture. It’s all encompassing. If you can’t afford it. I get that. No hard sell. But if you’re nitpicking about things that have nothing to do with a subscription, well then what can I do to help clarify for you? I HATE the way this has been handled by Mattel. This just proves they have lousy PR and customer service. But it doesn’t prove that the subscription is flawed. To the contrary… this is the FIRST TIME that Mattel is trying to give us EXACTLY what we want, without any retail constraints, without any packaging constraints, and without any of the things that get in the way of collectors and their figures.

      And all we have done as fans have argued amongst ourselves. There is no reason that a line that has 20 successful waves at RETAIL can’t continue as a successful subscription. But we all have to be on the same page. I want to talk through people’s fears with them. not chastise them for their fears. There are more good reasons to subscribe than bad reasons not to. I swear.

      • herofan says:


        I could afford this, but I still won’t be buying it. While it is true that many of the points I brought up won’t be a problem in this type of subscription, my main point still stands. They are asking us to spend quite a good chunk of money without telling us what they are selling.

        Mattel needs to release the entire of list of figures for me to take this seriously. There are a lot of characters in the DC universe that I would love to have a figure of. There are an even greater number that I couldn’t care less about. Is the line going to be mostly the former, or the latter?

        We don’t know because they won’t tell us.

        They ask us to take it on faith that there will be more good than bad.

        They’ve done nothing to earn that faith, and everything to prove that they don’t deserve it.

        Mattel has shown over and over again that they don’t want my money. Their handling of this club is just another example of that.

        If it works for you, great. I hope that if the the club goes forward, you get figures that you want, but I won’t be supporting it.

  • Matt says:

    No thanks.

    The reason DCUC is failing at retail (and let’s not kid ourselves here, it IS failing, otherwise there wouldn’t be all this talk of the line ending) is because kids just don’t know, or give a damn, about OMAC or Golden Pharoah. And because they don’t give a damn, and the scalpers have long since picked over the Sinestro Batmans, OMAC and Golden Pharoah sit on the shelves. For weeks. And retailers don’t like it when the same stuff sits on the shelves. For weeks.

    Kids care about Artic Blast Spider Man. And if they can get Artic Blast Spider Man and Battle Armor Hi-Tech Green Goblin for the price of one OMAC, guess what they’re going to buy?

    Another thing: I have enthusiastically bought a few of these DCUC figures. They are cool. But I couldn’t help thinking that it would be really nice if Mattel could just straight-up copy the Marvel Universe line. I mean, really. Wouldn’t we all be in heaven if we could get ourselves a decent-looking, super poseable comic and/or movie accurate 3 3/4 Batman? DCUC is nice, but it isn’t even close to the “best action figure line ever.” That would be Super Powers, followed by Marvel Universe, followed by G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero.

    DCUC – good riddance. Now can we please get our super-poseable 3 3/4 DC line now?

    • Matt M. says:

      If only it were just sitting on the shelves for weeks. My Wal-mart has had pegs and pegs of Power Girl for months (it could possibly be more than a year). Sorry, no mom is going to buy their little boy a Power Girl. Mattel seems to put little or not thought into what figures will appeal to the masses and which need to be limited runs.

      • AnimateTed says:

        But again.. bot of these reasons have nothing to do with a subscription! What you’re saying tis that because Mattel tried to give a fan demanded figure, in a retail line… the retail line is failing? Ok.. so now Mattel tries to give fan demanded figures DIRECTLY to the fans… and you say no thanks?

        • Steamblade says:

          You’re asking folks to put faith in Mattel, a dubious prospect at best, after being constantly burned in one way or another. So, subscription or not, it’s still the S.S. Matty and all of the barnacles that come with it.

  • Jeff C. says:

    I looked long and hard at the DCUC subscriptions, largely because I was a bit miffed that I have half of the Metal Men and part of the Doom Patrol on my shelf with, potentially, no other recourse than the DC Universe Infinite Earths Club to get those. What eventually swayed me as a “no” vote were two things:
    1) the price tag: $30 to subscribe to a service which then lets you spend more money to buy and ship figures seems a bit much.
    2) having to commit to figures I may not want: there are only certain action figures that I’d want to obtain; out of the initial wave mentioned, there are actually no characters I care to get (already have them through DC Direct.) I could post them on eBay (which takes time or money) or wait for a figure I want to come out, see if I can get it from the Matty store (if it doesn’t sell out), then, if not, pay bloated prices on eBay (which still may be less than what the overall DCUC subscription prices may be.)
    Even taking these two factors into account, I had a really hard time saying no, and I think a lot of people have made valid reasons to go with the club.

    Few questions I have:
    1) What is the “magic number” of subscriptions that Matty needs to sell? Their barometer seems to be stuck on @35-40%, which doesn’t bode well. What is the magical equation of sales numbers times units needed to make this all marketable? Are they being reasonable with the club subscription numbers?
    2) I just randomly checked several DCUC figures posted for sale on Matty Collector, and they are all listed as sold out. If figures are already selling out, why do we need the store at all?
    3) Is there a reason instead of (or in addition to) a line-wide subscription service Mattel doesn’t consider a figure-by-figure pre-buy system? For example, they could list Jay Garrick as a pre-buy then, if enough people commit to purchasing that figure up front, they could go into production with it. While it may make the entire process take a lot longer (possibly up to a year between pre-buying to production), even at a higher per-figure price tag, it may be a more reasonable commitment for some fans. Just my 2 cents…keep the change.

    • AnimateTed says:

      1) That $30.00 is for the Oversized figure. You know the one you get to vote on! It could be a Metron with his chair! Something that would NEVER have gone to retail! And something that has never been made into a toy!!!
      It’s not just thrown out the window. You GET something for that!

      2) But in a retail line you would commit to figures you didn’t want to get the build a figure part as well! I didn’t want an OMAC! But I got him. I didn’t want a JEMM, but I got him. It’s really no different. Except HERE, Mattel is going to be making EVERY effort to get fan demanded figures into this line, as shown by the 4 figures they’ve revealed so far.

      3) How would a bloated ebay price be more than what the figure costs a subscription? You think there’s no shipping on ebay figures? Or that people are not going to recoup their shipping cost into the suggested price? And WHY go through all of that.. when a figure magically shows up on your doorstep every month?!!? It’s truly one of the highlights of my month when my MOTUC Figure ships! No stress… no fighting the white screen of death… it’s just THERE! And its a figure I can NOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE! Just as these figures would be! 😀

  • Matt M. says:

    What herofan and Jeff C. said (and most of what Matt said except the part about favoring the 3 3/4 inch line, I much prefer a 6 inch action figure). herofan really nailed it. Why on earth would anyone blindly commit (since you don’t know what you are getting) that much money to Mattel with their horrible track record? I don’t like being forced to buy packages of characters I don’t want (which is why I bought the 2 members of the Crime Syndicate that I wanted on ebay yesterday for a total of $41 rather than having to hunt for the package in stores, pay $80 and then spend time trying to sell the figures I don’t want). Now you want me to basically buy an unknown, mega-package of action figures and pay an extra fee for the privilege of doing so? Seriously? No thanks! I’m shocked they’ve gotten the 35% response they have to date. I’ll just look for Flash 1 on ebay and buy there if reasonably priced. If he never sees the light of day (and it doesn’t look good now) then RIP DCUC. Maybe another company that knows what they are doing will take over the license. I, like Jeff C., have wondered why they don’t try a pre-sale method for the collectible figures that kids probably don’t want anyway. As poorly as MattyCollector.com has been run (why did I have to endure their wait screen on Monday when using a direct link to Kilowog when he was still available for sale later that evening), Mattel still doesn’t seem to utilize it to its full potential.

    • AnimateTed says:

      What track record? Have you talked to Ghostbusters Subscribers? I think they pretty much love their subscription, even though it’s mostly 4 characters! And LORD knows MOTUC love their subscription, without it, we wouldn’t be getting a Wind Raider, or the Star Sisters! Mattel’s track record with subscriptions is fantastic. They’ve had some glitches (I’m looking at you backwards shoulders) But overall… the joys of not wasting tons of money in gas driving around, the glee at seeing characters Id never thought would sell at retail on my shelves (Queen Marlena!), the lack of stress when I come home from work and there are my toys waiting for me.

      Most of the foibles of Mattel with regards to DCUC have been connected to the retail experience. THAT IS GONE! No short packing figures. NO size restrictions, No Distribution issues!

      And the Blind subscription isn’t really blind. You know the first 4 figures. Want em? Then subscribe. If the 5th figure revealed is a dud… cancel your subscription. I’m that confident that the 5th figure WON’T BE A DUD!

  • George says:

    I bought a subscription. I was at first hesitant, but decided to gamble a bit. I’m willing to get a subscription just in case there’s a figure offered that I really want and would’ve regretted it otherwise if I had to pay an exorbitant amount elsewhere (not that $15+ isn’t high). I also considered that I could probably sell off ones I didn’t care for. As it looks kind of bleak that a subscription will actually come about, as the numbers don’t look promising, I just wish Mattel would make an honest effort and tell people what the entire year’s lineup would be. If there isn’t a subscription, no loss on their part. But maybe with a year’s reveal, people will want to get a subscription.

  • Dan says:

    I think this event marks a great lesson and turning point for Mattel and the managing crew behind the scenes of the DC brand. Not to mention DC’s own licensing team also monitoring the mess. Based on countless comments on this site and others in recent weeks the consensus is that Mattel/Matty/Toyguru/EtAll messed the DCUC up so badly and so displeased its core collector base that it’s come down to this. Even offered a last chance to continue to purchase a dying figure line, the majority are confirming “thanks but no thanks”. It’s called fatigue and the reasons have been clearly laid out by many others. My hope is that this poor response to the collector club idea causes a change up in the team managing the DCU brand and the Matty collector site in general within Mattel. Both are in desperate need of new blood, talent and ideas and have been for at least two years.

    Toy lines based on DC and Marvel comic characters have been around for decades and made their mark in the industry and in the hearts of collectors. One line is always the “best” until another one comes alone. The license is too valuable to just evaporate after DCUC…a new line will rise from the ashes somewhere, somehow down the line. My adult life will go on just fine no matter what shape or form any comic figure line takes.

    The most interesting aspect about the issue: This is a far cry from two years ago where if one said anything negative about the line or the company on this site, the masses would attack such opinions, (sorry, “cartoon hate” according to this site’s main Matty cheerleader). We didn’t get to this point because everyone suddenly “grew up”.

    Take the lessons to heart Matty. Offer a better plan on the other side.

    • AnimateTed says:

      Dan, I agree with you. But that’s not at ALL how it looks to the industry. It looks like the core audience is fickle and that there isn’t a market for their product. Thats just the sad reality of how we are being perceived.

      • Lee in MI says:

        How do you know how the industry is looking at it? I guess the GL movie figs hanging on the shelf ad nauseum means the customers just aren’t into Green Lantern…or could it mean the movie designs AND the movie blew chuncks O_o

        This backlash about the sub is NOT about DCUC’s! Its a referendum about Mattel’s handling of this line, about how Mattel has mishandled it core DCUCs customers, about Digital River (Digital Swamp) and a whole mess of other shortcomings that they have NEVER properly addressed or resolved.

        Hey Dan,
        What are YOU talking about?!?!?! Mattel HAS new blood! Don’t you think Fangirl 2.0 is doing a terrific job marketing the subscription??? It almost got 40% lol!

  • Noam says:

    I’m not going to subscribe. I like DCUC in general, but not everything they make. When wave 18 was released, I really wanted Bronze Tiger and Samurai, but didn’t care about the others. Missed them for the five seconds they were in my local Wal-mart, but found them at a comic book store for only a few bucks over retail. I went to Matty’s site and couln’t even find a list of figures that will be in the subscription. I’m not putting out what is for me big money for toys I may not care about. Matty let me know what your selling and consider offering them individually. Then you will have my business.

    • AnimateTed says:

      The fact that Bronze Tiger was in that wave, was because they included figures that they thought would sell better AT retail. They don’t have to do that anymore. I promise there will be more characters like Bronze Tiger in the subscription, and less colorful, kid and mom focused characters for Wal Mart to get behind the line.

  • jroug says:

    Let’s face it, if Mattel had done a great job and not dumped a lot of fetish characters like the rainbows or super-friends (that frankly, belong in a box sold to those gullible suckers at Wal-Mart, a sub service or SDCC – not at mass retail) not only might the line continue at retail, but fan confidence would be much higher and this poorly-executed sub plan may have been unnecessary or at least well-received. I know nerds were looking for a complete SuperPowers remake set, but the last six or so of those are peg-warming big time here (along with loads of Power Girls, Fruit Stripe Aquamen, and the other usual suspects).

    People compare this line to Marvel Legends, but ML didn’t make such obscure characters, and when they revisited ones they’d done before, they were new sculpts, with new accessories, etc. Furthermore, the articulation & QC was better with ML, the figures were easier to find at retail (never thought I’d say that), they were much cheaper (even adjusted for inflation), the sculpts were unique – not frankensteined blanks, and they came with loads of accessories AND a comic book. Even when DCUC launched, it looked outdated next to (ToyBiz) ML figures. Not a great start.

    What it comes down to is this; there IS a way to service collectors and moms, but the DCUC “team” (cough, cough, Scott) ignored that and made bad decisions based on fansites and his own desires. Thanks to that arrogance and/or stupidity, the line is now toast and Scott seems to have been demoted to handling collector-lines only – all of which seem to be coming up short if the messages from Matty are any indication. (Let’s face it, they are committed to Voltron, but what do THOSE sub numbers look like? Ouch!!). Who besides a small core are subscribing to Ecto-1? What’s left to make? Another Egon in a business suit but slimed this time? Way to go.

    Finally, I don’t see DC and their new direction as the culprit here – the iconic DC character designs will continue to be the best-known versions and I highly doubt DC can afford to mess with licensee’s ability to make DCU classic product – especially as that’s where DC earns the $$, not from publishing, but from licensing. If you tell a paying customer they can’t make sheets with Wonder Woman unless she’s in a pantsuit, they are going to ask for their money back (and get it). That said, i have no doubt Mattel has had the Kool-aid and is working on a line or assortment of the new costumes. For the sake of Mattel’s team, let’s hope it hits shelves before DC retros the whole project back to classic.

    PS: Can’t imagine a bunch of this promised DCUC stuff doesn’t show up as box set at SDCC or otherwise if the sub fails to launch.

  • hugo says:

    Personally I bought a sub the day I heard about it. I have never had any QA issues with any of the figures I have picked up at retail or bought online. The only problem I have had is tracking them down, which in my opinion is part of the sport. Buying the sub for me meant a vote on confidence and like any vote ever cast it means that I did my part in pushing for something that I enjoy and would really like to see more of. At this point its not looking so hot and that is a bummer. When I bought the sub I didn’t once think that there was a real chance that it wouldn’t happen. It seemed like a no-brainer to me. But apparently that’s not the case for everyone for various reasons. All valid of course. It just sucks when you’re one of the people really psyched about this and slowly watching it catch fire.

    • Lee in MI says:

      I bought a sub too but I thought from the start that whatever that number is Mattel wants, it was a good chance we weren’t going to meet it.

      You can’t tell your customers, in so many words, SUCK IT! Then tell em, “Yall come back now, ya here!”

  • ero says:

    “If you could have Jay, Pam, and the Metal Men, and the Doom Patrol, and more LOSH, AND maybe even things like a Super Powers Batmobile, The Rogues, Granny Goodness, Bat Lash, or a Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane 2-pack, would you sign up for that?”

    But that’s just it, we don’t *know* if we get to have those things because Mattel hasn’t bothered to outline the parameters of the sub. They need to tell us every figure, they just need to treat this sub like any other that they offer. I guarantee if they came out and said they were going to use this sub to finish the teams they started, get more Golden Agers out there, more Silver Age, more Batman rogues, more Super Powers-accurate figures, the thermometer would rise. But right now, everybody is worried that they’re going to commit to this sub and get stuck with Hal Jordan repaints and new universe stuff, and while we can all say otherwise, if it doesn’t come from Mattel, then they are right to have those concerns.

    • ero says:

      I meant to say “They don’t need to tell us every figure …”

      • Steamblade says:

        Actually, they should. You have no need for the “surprise reveals” like the monthly MOTUC line. If this is a 100% subscription-based line there is no reason not to inform the customers who they’ll be getting. That is unless they haven’t thought that far ahead. Which would surprise no one.

  • elongatedj says:

    I’m in a tough spot with all of this. I have really enjoyed DCUC (and own the vast majority of the line as released so far) and I really don’t care much for the idea of a rebooted/relaunched-DCU-focused line, but the truth is that I feel like joining this club sends the wrong signal to Mattel (for me… if others like the idea, more power to them).

    Mattel has already shown to be hit-or-miss about interpreting fan reaction to their lines as far as what the fans want and don’t want, and as far as what the actual issues are when there are issues. I feel like signing up blindly for the club just supports that further.

    The only sure-fire way for a consumer to let a company know what they like or don’t like is by purchasing or not purchasing a product. This system basically takes away that ability. Now, if all the figures come out warped from being posed in their cases… or if the quality is questionable on some… or if they decide to make another set of figures that I really think are pointless (like the Blackest Night figures, since the character designs only existed for one story) I would have no (real) way to say “hey, that’s not what I want!” In fact, quite the opposite… I’d be forced to support them!

    Look, it sucks. The idea that I could end up missing out on some of the figures they’ve hinted at or stated outright really bums me out… but I feel like this line has been promising to the point that the issues that have come up and slowed down sales (leading us to the point we’ve reached where this is the only feasible way for them to get the figures out there at the moment) CERTAINLY don’t fall on me, whether they be issues of distribution, quality control, market research to find out what fans want, or marketing to get word out. I’ve hunted through store after store that was SUPPOSED to have them to find the places that DID have them. I’ve bought a few that weren’t quite as well-made as the vast majority of the line. I’ve realized that I probably won’t own the Anti-Monitor due to the fact that I can’t make myself buy that many figures that I don’t want. And I’ve told all my comic and toy friends about them (and passed along word about where I’ve successfully found them… after grabbing the ones that I wanted first, of course).

    If there were a way to know what they were going to be giving me… or to commit to a portion of the figures, but not all of them… or… I don’t know… something. But the fact that there’s no flexibility regardless of interest in the characters, quality of the figures, or any other factor… it ends up being REALLY close (since I’d love to finish the Metal Men, Doom Patrol, have Jay Garrick, have Poison Ivy, and have Metron or Rocket Red… depending on the sculpts and the quality, of course)… but I have to sit this one out. I’ve already committed a lot of money to this line of toys and been very loyal, despite some bumps in the road on their end. The idea of committing blindly to buy figures that I may or may not want just rubs me the wrong way.

    • AnimateTed says:

      I’m with you my friend. I’m all about the Power of the consumer… but this is really the IDEAL situation for us.

      1) If you are unhappy with the way the subscription is being run… CANCEL IT! That Really sends a message. That’s not just NOT buying. Thats going out of your way to say “You are messing this up- I’m not getting what you promised!”

      2) This is a line dedicated to the hard core fans. This has NOTHING to do with DCnU. Mattel knows that the hardcore DCUC fans want nothing to do with DCnU. (And Hey… if they do- they’re at retail!) This is a line dedicated to fulfilling their promise of getting us characters we want/need to finish our collection. They have listened. They have gone out of their way to provide this for us.
      They don’t NEED to do this. They will have a DC presence at retail. They don’t care about this. This subscription is a VERY small revenue stream for them. So small in fact that they need a minimum to even make it worth it. They will not make much money off of this subscription. But Mattel is a business. Yet, they are trying to be good corporate citizens to the fans, by even offering this! But they can’t do it at a loss. No business would do that.

      I promise you that the first 4 and the oversized figure are only the start of the excitement. And that by this time next year, EVERYONE will be cheering the DCUC Subscription. And all this will seem so silly. But we can only do it if we’re all invested in our own collections.

      And again… if Mattel pisses you off… CANCEL your subscription! That’ll show em! 😀

      • lucid_ghost says:

        That’s the problem though, you CAN’T cancel your subscription on Mattycollector. You’re either all in or not. It works the same way as the MOTUC and Ghostbusters subs. The only way you can cancel your subscription is to cancel the credit card on your Mattycollector account to stop the monthly billing. And how many people are willing to go through that much trouble just to stick it to Mattel if the DCUC sub sucks? No thanks.

        • elongatedj says:

          What the ghost said. When you sign on, you sign on unless you do something to break that. That’s the whole point of how they’re doing it. They basically want you to say “yup, I’ll buy whatever you make!” And based on what they’ve made in the past, I’m not 100% sure that I’ll WANT what they make. I look at the 4 characters that they’re letting us vote for and see them as a bad sign. Metron with his Mobius Chair would be really REALLY exciting if it was done right. I definitely want Rocket Red, but really prefer a different costume design than what they’ve shown, so if this were being sold in the stores I’d honestly wait to see how it looked to decide. The Shaggy Man would be ok as a build-a-figure in a normal line but wouldn’t be a priority to buy solo, and the Black Lantern Swamp Thing… the fact that it’s even being considered over the dozens of characters they could make… is rather frustrating.

          So, there’s probably a slightly better than 1 in 4 chance that I’d get who I’d want out of that group. I’m iffy about Atrocitus and the Legion/JSA Starman. Both would be characters who, if they were in stores, I’d consider buying but wouldn’t feel 100% sure that I’d get them. I’d definitely like Jay Garrick.

          Of those announced that makes one definite, two so-so, and one that could run the gambit between being one of the coolest possible figures and one of the ones I’d resent having to own. And that’s all I know. Do I feel like paying a lot of money in hopes that the majority of the other 8 figures will hit the target better than most of the first 4? I mean, do I have faith that, even knowing Poison Ivy will be in there, the rest will make it worth it?

          On the flip side, having seen how they interpret fan reaction (often incorrectly), they’ll probably take people’s hesitance to join the club as disinterest in more DCUC figures… which I’d think is probably another misinterpretation.

      • Lee in MI says:

        “They have gone out of their way to provide this for us.”
        “Yet, they are trying to be good corporate citizens to the fans, by
        even offering this!”

        So they are attempting to take our money…and that’s doing US a favor?

        “They don’t NEED to do this…They don’t care about this. This
        subscription is a VERY small revenue stream for them. So small in
        fact that they need a minimum to even make it worth it. They will
        not make much money off of this subscription. But Mattel is a

        Man, you make a pretty good argument for NOT buying the subscription!!! *_*

  • Noam says:

    just list the figures included in the first year subscription and let me make an informed decision. I’m nt spending that kind of money blindly. Not in this economy.

  • Matt says:

    Let’s let the 6″ line go. At this time, I require a detailed, poseable 3-3/4″ DC line.

    Even if Mattel has to kidnap a bunch of Marvel Universe figures to learn how things are to be done.

    Even if they have to rush a few sculpts to market so fast that they don’t have time to develop proper packaging–thus having to package super-poseable Batman on Marvel Universe cards that say “Marvel Universe” on them–then they should do it. I will pay their legal fees.

    Damn Mattel for not making a poseable 3-3/4″ DC line. Damn everyone who won’t damn Mattel for not making a poseable 3-3/4″ DC line. Damn everyone who won’t put lights in his windows and stay up all night damning Mattel for not making a poseable 3-3/4″ DC line.

  • George says:

    I’d love the numbers behind each wave, what was sold, etc. Because I’m tired of people complaining about the “Super Friends” wave. More people, fan and general audience alike, know that brand more than any group offered thru DCUC. Doom Patrol. Metal Men. Legion. Super Friends. Put that in a survey & see who gets the most recognition.

  • Glenn Moss Glenn says:

    Well, the mattel site has been talking about figures for $10 for ages and now is the time for everyone to put their money where their mouths are.

    I have no illusion that I’ll get every character I want, but I will like most of them. And if I didn’t sign up then there is no possibility at all of them seeing the light of day.

    So, I signed on to the DCUC and am spinning the prayer wheels it takes off.

  • Matt says:

    My problem with the subscription is what to do with figures i’m not interested in. I had the problem with the MOTU subscription for the last two years and because of the fact that i have to spent 60 USD for the Star Sisters without being asked if i even want them, i made the decision to skip the 2012 subscription. So why should i get a DCUC subscription? To have more figures i have to get rid of with trying to even the costs?
    I have the feeling that Mattel is putting the blame for some things on the customers. I understand that selling the more obscure figures trough retail outlets with a profit is a task that is hardly realizable, so horray for changing the distribution to online only, but i’d prefer a pre-order system to a subscription. Or do both things.

    But i guess somebdy at Mattel will complain about doing the line in their spare time and that there is no money in it to justify the work that a pre-order system would cost them. Just like they tell us with Motu Classics. I guess the monthly figures, oversized figures, exclusive designed figures and all the other stuff that will be released in 2012 is a last attempt to make a profit with the line.

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