I've subscribed to Club Infinite Earths. Here's why…
August 9, 2011

The future.

As Spy Monkey Creations pointed out in the…podcast, I guess, on AFI today, if this club gets off the ground, it’s basically unfettered by the constraints of retail in terms of character choice, or even size.  I think we have reason to fear what’ll be on the pegs next year based on everything we’ve seen of the DCnU but, if it goes forward, the club will be able to provide our niche market with any character, no matter how obscure, no matter how unfriendly to retail, from any era.

Another good point they made; look at Club Eternia.

Masters of the Universe Classics started with a single figure every month, and sometimes not even that.  Next year, it’s going to feature single figures, multi-packs, beasts, Filmation characters, mini-comics, and its first vehicle.  Although I’ve never been a part of it, subscriptions are why that happened.  Collectors who were willing to commit to MOTU as a brand for the long haul gave Mattel the confidence to do things like Eternian Palance Guards, Demo Man, Queen Marlena, and the Wind Raider.

Now, apply that to DC and I refer you back to the first point.  If we can get the DC club rolling and show the kind of commitment we have to MOTU, it defies logic to think Mattel won’t deepen and diversify that line they way they have MOTU.

Last, the future of DC figures at retail, especially from Mattel, looks pretty bleak.

Let’s be clear, for all the mistakes and crap communication we get from Mattel and Digital River, they can’t put anything on a retail peg DC/Warner doesn’t approve.  All current signs point to those approvals going to DCnU designs in the foreseeable term.  Yes, we’ll get the odd figure we want in Batman Legacy, or whatever DCUC morphs into, but DCUC as we know and love it WILL end with Wave 20.  If that wasn’t the case, Mattel A) wouldn’t offer this club and B) would have given us all the proper assurances, by now.  The latter hasn’t happened.  If anything, they’ve gone out of their to say as little as possible about the future of DC 6″ at retail because, if the club doesn’t happen, I think they know we’re going to be livid about what IS coming.

I have been an open critic of the way Mattel has handled this potential club and I remain one.  Even if I overlook the club inclusion of Jay Garrick, who clearly would have been at home in DCUC 19, the transfer of Poison Ivy to the club was a cynical move the announcement of which was phrased in the most inelegant terms.  That said, I’m posting this because, as outspoken as I was against the club, I thought I owed it the other position now that I’ve decided to subscribe.

If you could have Jay, Pam, and the Metal Men, and the Doom Patrol, and more LOSH, AND maybe even things like a Super Powers Batmobile, The Rogues, Granny Goodness, Bat Lash, or a Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane 2-pack, would you sign up for that?  Would you pay $20 now and commit to buying a few figures you may not really want (but can definitely unload, even if only at cost) down the road if the end result was a more diverse, and in some cases larger-scaled, collection of DC figures than you could have possibly gotten at retail, even in DCUC (which, for my money, HAS to be considered the best DC line of all-time as it already exists)?

If the answer is no, it’s not worth the risk, then don’t subscribe and I certainly won’t blame you.  Mattel has handled the PR badly here and, yes, there is a blind commitment involved.  I also understand if the financial commitment is too high.  The sad fact is, collecting action figures is moving increasingly away from retail and consumer-friendly prices.  Things like these clubs and specialty, collector-oriented lines are becoming the norm and those things demand a lot more disposable income than some folks have.

However, if you’re someone, like me, who sort of had his eyes opened today; who realized it basically IS the life of a great line at stake here, then I’d urge you to consider subscribing.

Not for what it is now, but what it can be.


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    Dear Mattel, please reopen the subscription offer again. I recently just started collecting and missed joining CIE. Alternatively, if there is somewhere on the Matty site where one could sign up or some I could contact, please advise. Thx

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