What the heck is going on with Jesse DeStasio?
January 28, 2010

One of the most interesting and eccentric people I’ve meet in the toy world is Mr. Jesse DeStasio.   He’s like the local boy made good.  A fan that worked his way into the industry.   You might know him as being the creator and curator of "Subcultures: the Art of the Action Figure." he’s the creator of Rex Gannon, and he spent some time working at Mezco.     We showed you a peek at his Tankhead character when we ran into him at Comic Con last year.   But what’s the twisted mind of Mr. DeStasio chewing on these days?   We caught up with him just in time to be able to announce his new project a day early.   So read on and find out how you can own one of his LIMITED EDITION 1 of 15 creation tomorrow–


AFi: You’ve been pretty quite for awhile… that always scares me.   What have you been up to lately?

Jesse: Plotting your demise. And I’ve been working in the movie industry, specializing in licensing in the international markets. I say this with no sarcasm, it’s incredibly interesting stuff. There are a million variables and nuances to each foreign territory, no two are alike. I’ve been all over the globe in the past two months and I feel very lucky.
On the creative side, I published a book last year, Girls You’ll Want To Marry , a collection of portraits from the last ten years of my work.  (Book can be purchased here: http://www.blurb.com/ bookstore/detail/677347) . Now things have come full circle and I am focusing on toy projects again.


AFi: But your new project that you are announcing this week is "Splatterhaus"

Jesse: Yes.  It’s with Matt Doughty’s Glyos line. It’s a sort of splatter paint version with real fake jewels embedded in them .  I also have a articulated Tankhead that will be out in a few months and will be compatible with the Glyos system.


AFi: Can you tell me about the origins of the Splatterhous project?

Jesse:  I love the Glyos line. Matt Doughty is simply a mad scientist and he is producing things that are an amalgam of everything that’s relevant to nerds of this generation. I’ve been hounding him for years to do something together.

AFi:  Where did you meet Matt Doughty?

Jesse:  I met Doughty five ? maybe six years ago in SDCC.  I think he had heard about my SubCultures Art of The Action Figure art show and stalked me down on the show floor. There he was, this gigantic, bearded, creepy guy with his pockets full of these little alien figures he’d carved out of scraps and machine parts. I know that sounds a bit like Tony Stark, but I’m retelling this 100% without hyperbole. He literally would salvage generator parts and cut them into figures and joints.  Outside his frightening exterior there was a super mellow, super enthusiastic guy.  He also showed me a photo booklet (not unlike the Microshow project from days of old) he made of all these intricate figures, vehicles, and sets he had carved and painted himself.  I would later use that format for my forthcoming book Galator, in which the scenes on each page are set up first using action figures and then art added on top of that.


AFi:  What is it that appealed to you about the Glyos line?

Jesse: Matt always says he’s providing the paintbrushes for other artists to paint with and it’s true. The roster of collaborators is impressive.

AFi:  For those folks that might not be familiar with the Glyos line can you give them a brief history?

 Jesse:  Glyos are a cheap, fun, accessible, and modular toy that anyone can easily own, customize, and enjoy. It’s a bit of a sidebar here, but I really believe Matt’s path is the sort of form of expression that everyone believed Art Toys would be.

In the early 00’s, when places like Kid Robot were taking off, there was this energy in the ether about toys being considered pieces of art and the function of an artists vision rather then a licensed product. But then that wave crashed; designs became cliche, things got incests and derivative, and when aspiring designers wanted to get involved the actual cost-prohibitive nature of toy manufacturing shot down their dreams. Glyos’ biggest asset is the cost and the price. Matt will always keep things affordable, because he wants everyone to have it and everyone to take part.

AFi:  Will these be a finite edition?    Will there be a series 2?

Jesse:  The "Splatterhaüs" Glyos are strictly limited to 15 pcs. No second series, just a one off project.

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AFi:  Will each of these come with a weapon?

Jesse:   Each figure includes a Blaster accessory. Cue *pechew *pechew noises. 

AFi:  When and where can people get their hands on these guys?

Jesse:  The figures will be sold on my website on this Friday. First come, first served. You can follow me on (ugh can’t believe I am saying this) Twitter @eerietheory .

AFi:  Can people buy more than one?

Jesse:  First come first serve, if one person scoops them up I can’t stop that. No amount of praying to Crom can prevent that.  

AFi:  What else do you have on the horizon?

Jesse:  Tons and tons… My next book GALATOR, debuts at SDCC this year with a special edition Tankhead figure. You can see a few samples pages online now
http://jessedestasio.com/ section/139919_GALATOR.html

12" Pixel head figure series  http://jessedestasio.com/ artwork/1178465_Pixelhead_ version_1_German.html

SoundDave & Friends 2" Toy Soldiers coming soon  http://jessedestasio.com/ artwork/1182809_SoundDave.html

Followed by a real metal Rex Ganon mini figure (a collaboration with the lovely Nuvia Stanley) and finally a super secret project with GoHero


That’s a lot on one plate, but if anyone can pull it all of, it’s going to be Jesse.   Make sure to check out his site tomorrow and see if you will be one of the lucky people to score one of these uber-limited edition figures.   Thanks to Jesse for the news.  We’ll keep you posted on Jesse’s upcoming projects here on AFi!


Daniel Pickett
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