JLU customizer's parts visual guide (Part 1 – Heads)
September 30, 2008



Even though I was resistant at first to leave behind my beloved TNBA figures as a customizing base – finding parts was becoming harder and more expensive – I eventually made the logical transition to JLU figures.

I’ve come to appreciate the JLU figures not just for their simplicity, but also for the very wide selection in head, limb and body parts available.

Partially fuelled by the need to catalog parts for the upcoming AFI repaint contest, I’ve put together this visual guide to help stimulate ideas.

This first part of the guides showcases heads.


Simple – These are heads that can be transformed into new characters with a simple repaint. They also make great bases for sculpting and details can be easily modified with cutting or dremelling.


Row 1 – Black Canary, Captain Atom, Dove, Elongated Man
Row 2 –
Galatea, Green Lantern (ver. 1), Green Lantern (ver. 2), Hawk
Row 3 –
Lex Luthor, Mr. Miracle, Nemesis, Wonder Woman (Justice Lord)
Row 4 – Lex Luthor (STAS), Atom Smasher

Basic – These are heads that can be transformed into new characters by removing minor bits by cutting and sanding. They make great bases for sculpting additional details.





Row 1 – Atom, Batman (BTAS), Batman, Flash
Row 2 – Kyle Rayner, Mirror Master, Shayera Hall, Superman
Row 3 – Waverider, Nightwing (BTAS), Giganta, Catwoman (BTAS)
Row 4 – Orion, Parasite, Supergirl, Shining Knight
Row 5 – Sinestro, Volcana

Advanced – These are heads that can be transformed into new characters by removing fine details with some cutting, sanding or sculpting.









Row 1 – Amazo, Arkis Chummick, Aztek, Blue Devil
Row 2 – Bizarro, Demon, Joker (BTAS), Booster Gold
Row 3 – Dr. Light, Deadshot, Fire, Hawkgirl (Justice Lord)
Row 4 – Huntress, Robin (BTAS), Joker, Katma Tui
Row 5 – Lightray, Metamorpho, Aquaman, Obsidian
Row 6 – Question, Ray, Red Tornado, Stargirl
Row 7 – Starman, Steel, Two-Face (BTAS), Star Sapphire,
Row 8 – Wonder Woman (ver. 1), Vixen, Wonder Woman (ver. 2), Zatanna
Missing – Ice, Batgirl (BTAS) 

Unique – These are heads that, unless you plan on doing a simple repaint of, will require considerable dremelling, cutting, sanding and sculpting to transform into a new character.


Row 1 – Big Barda, Brainiac, Copperhead, Darkseid
Row 2 – Doomsday, Forager, Grodd, Solomon Grundy
Row 3 – Shade, Lashina, Martian Manhunter, Martian Manhunter (Alien)
Row 4 – Dr. Fate, Rocket Red, Hawkgirl, Sand
Row 5 –Kilowog, Mantis, Green Arrow, Hawkman
Row 6 –Tomar Re, Ultra-Humanite, Vigilante, Wildcat
Missing – Penguin (BTAS)


Scott Rogers
Soctt "Boneyard" Rogers has been collecting toys, making custom action figures and reading comic books since before many of you were a twinkle in yore daddy's eye. Needless to say, he knows a fair bit about all of this stuff and definitely has some opinions about it. He also makes video games when he's not looking for toys, making custom action figures and reading comics books.
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  • DragonsKeep says:

    Wow. You must have a lot of time on your hands.

  • CantinaDan says:

    I’m sure Scott’s as busy as the rest of us. Instead of snappy comments how ’bout more appreciation for him taking the time to contribute to the site and help his fellow collectors?

  • alcatraz says:

    I, for one, am very glad that the writer of this guide has as much time on his hands to come up with this guide. This is awesome and well needed if not for anyone else, for me. It is very informative and helpful.

    Thanks so much for taking the time!

  • Batguy says:

    Okay, JLU Solomon Grundy sells on Ebay for around $70+… and you’re going to start cutting, painting, and sanding away on one?? Whoever tries that should be banned from buying action figures ever!!

  • OddJob says:

    Love the guide mate… Now show me some of the simple mods I can do to make new characters! 🙂

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:

    @ Oddjob,

    Isn’t that what the JLU repaint showcase is all about??

  • Brian says:

    For a second I thought this was a tongue-in-cheek way of showing all the figures in the line and saying they can all be used for customs. Didn’t realize there was a contest behind the reasoning. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Bobby Muro says:

    Hi, if you need TNBA figures I still have some that bought on eaby for some projects that I never started. Please write to me for details.

Reply to Brian