JLU : Finishing the Show in 2010
July 29, 2009

Well, I really hope this is the last time I’ll have to revisit this blog.  SDCC 2009 has come and gone, and while some solid figures were revealed to be coming from Justice League Unlimited…I’m left wanting.  I actually had a different opening statement here, but I read a quote from someone over at Fwoosh (talking about Marvel Legends) that pretty much sums up what’s happening here with JLU : "So many times that’s been done with lines, they say because there is ‘time’ to get the more wanted characters out….then the line gets canceled."  JLU is on the other side of the hill, sloping downward.  If they want the line to continue to a point where they can make lesser-demanded characters, then include things that will sell a LOT instead of a little.  In a way, JLU is the Marvel Legends equivalent.  If they want the line to be collector-driven, then why not make the figures the collectors want?  I thought it was starting with Amanda Waller, General Eiling, and such…but with the Eclipso 6-pack as an example it seems like the same old thing.  I’m really not sure where I stand with the whole showing.  Yes, the Thanagarian Invasion pack is an inspired choice and the figures look awesome.  But…but…well, let’s just say that the following 15 figures should have been made FIRST.  Do the Thanagarian episode pack when it’s the last year of the license.  Oh, wait, that might be true!  Anyway, on to the list of "coulda-shouldas" for JLU…

 #1 – Toyman


Now at the top of the list, my prior reasoning for this character still holds up strong.  From his roots in STAS to the final episodes of JLU, Toyman has had the most DCAU screen time of any villain except for the Joker and Lex Luthor.  That alone should justify this spot in my top ten, but the fact that a major arc of shows centered around the act of him supposedly killing Superman should cement his production as a most-wanted figure.  Don’t spend new tooling on Robotman, as cool as he is.  Spend it where it’s *most* wanted.

 #2 – Vandal Savage


This is someone I expected to see at SDCC, and was disappointed when I didn’t.  Again, prior reasoning wins the argument : if a villain is of enough stature to warrant not one, but TWO  multiple-episode arcs, then he should be made over someone like OMAC.  Also, given the basic nature of his character design, he would also be a very easy figure to produce, with not much new tooling needed.  A no-brainer that seemingly has not entered the Mattel JLU team’s brain yet.  Why?  Who knows?

 #3 – Kalibak


Another instance where new tooling for someone like the Shazam Wizard should have been placed somewhere else.  A big-time player on STAS before his involvement in JLU, Kalibak had many different speaking roles spanning both shows.  Fighting by himself, with Darkseid and his forces, and as a part of the Superman Revenge Squad that "killed" Superman…he’s done everything with plenty of screen time. I really thought that with the Forager/Mantis/Lashina 6-pack we’d have seen Kalibak by now.  Why wait when the line could be canceled?

 #4 – S.T.R.I.P.E.


One of the very few characters on the program to sport entirely different looks as the show went on, his unexplained downsizing of armor shouldn’t have to hurt his chances of being an important character that needs to be made as a figure.  Multiple speaking parts, highlighted action in more than a handful of episodes, and yet still not made.  Again, Robotman is cool…but should not have been made before THIS "robot man."

#5 – Parademons

Old text : If you count "number of times on-screen" as a prerequisite, they may have even more appearances than Superman or Batman.  With the "Fan Collection" re-branding of the line, and precedent already set by Infinite Heroes with their upcoming "army builder" sets, you would assume Mattel is seriously thinking about this.  A 6-pack with Superman, Destroyer Darkseid, Toyman and three Parademons would be just amazing.  I originally wrote : "Are you reading this, Scott?  😀 

New text : Apparently he didn’t read it.  Still no Parademons.  If the JLU line wants to save tooling costs, then why not army-builders that make sense? People would, will, and would have purchased multiples of this figure.  Put him 3-to-a-6-pack or as a single that’s 3-to-a-case instead of Kilowog.

#6 – Clayface


Old text : With ties all the way back to the original Batman : The Animated Series and only one large pile of plastic dung to show for it as far as action figures are concerned, Clayface is overdue.  Not only a major part of the Batman Animated mythos, Clayface was the key ingredient in Grodd’s JL-second-season attack on the Justice League.  Redesigned three times, the latest JLU incarnation just screams for an updated figure…and I don’t are what you say about either color of the Hasbro one.  It’s a turd.  Previous quote : "Couple this with the total surprise of a TNBA-themed 4-pack unveiled at SDCC this past week, and I’d say it’s nearly a lock we’ll see a new Clayface before the line’s time is up." 

New text : I could probably be wrong on that, eh?  Too much new tooling wasted on non-show characters.

#7 – Granny Goodness


Old text : Multiple appearances.  Major parts of episodes.  Speaking parts galore.  Importance to plot lines over three different shows.  Ed Asner.  Need I say any more to you?  Need I?

New text : Apparently I need to.    

#8 – Mongul


New tooling should be put to better use…blah blah blah…  Tired of that argument yet?  LOL.  He’s been the feature of several episodes, and wouldn’t have to be bigger than Darkseid, who already has come in a three-pack.

#9 – Killer Frost


Repaint with a head.  Instead of an Eclipso 6-pack, how about a Grodd re-release 6-pack with 5 more of his villain horde?   Grodd and 5 repaints-with-new-heads.  If you can’t think of five, Scott…just post on AFI.  We’ll help you.  For free.  Seriously.

#10 – Live Wire


Repaint with a head.  Instead of an Eclipso 6-pack, how abou
t a Grodd re-release 6-pack with 5 more of his villain horde?  What’s that?&
nbsp; I already used this reasoning?  In the previous entry?  For Killer Frost?  Really?  Hey, if the shoe fits…kick ass with it. 

#11 -Luthiac/Brainithor


A cool design, and an important character from a GREAT episode.  Yes, the Flash has stones and can stand toe-to-toe with the mega-powerful heroes in the League.  

#12 -Static (Adult version ONLY, Erik!)


Long overdue, and now it’s clear you can make him.  Use the Question body and tweak it along with adding a new head. 

#13 – Manhunter Robots


Army builder.  Three-to-a-six-pack.  You already have John Stewart & Kyle Raynor.  Do another GL (Hey…not EVEN a repaint!  Just a new head!) and call it a day.  Hell, call it a $20 sale!  Lots of ’em!

#14 – Crimson Avenger


Now that you have The Question, not much new tooling is needed.   I really thought we’d see him at SDCC.   

#15 -Weather Wizard


STAS roots.  Superman Revenge Squad.  Multiple speaking parts in multiple episodes.  Easy repaint-with-a-head.  I’m even boring myself with the repetition.  

So, there ya have it (for the THIRD time).  Agree?  Disagree?  Apathetic?  I’m starting to become the last, sadly, as you could tell with my dwindling paragraph size toward the end.

My closing statement remains the same : If the above characters were produced by Mattel in the near future I could actually say, after all is said & done and purchased at Target, that the JLU action figure line is truly complete.




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  • Erik superfriend says:

    Well, we know how the community as a whole sees this. Adjusting results to your “show only” criteria, and removing those shown at SDCC 2009,

    #01. 53 votes Kalibak
    #02. 46 votes Toyman
    #03. 45 votes STRIPE
    #04. 44 votes Killer Frost
    (42 votes Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) – not on the show, but should have been)
    (42 votes Captain Cold – shown at SDCC)
    #05. 39 votes Vandal Savage
    #06. 33 votes Gypsy
    #07. 32 votes Granny Goodness
    (29 votes Supergirl (Adult) – shown at SDCC and before on eBay)
    #08. 28 votes Livewire
    #09. 24 votes Crimson Avenger
    #10. 21 votes Speedy
    #11. 19 votes Clayface
    #11. 19 votes Lobo
    #11. 19 votes Mongul
    (19 votes Nightwing – BTAS/TNAB only)
    (18 votes Mr. Terrific – shown at SDCC, and before on eBay)
    (15 votes Captain Boomerang – shown at SDCC)
    #15. 15 votes Dr. Midnight
    #15. 15 votes Parademon
    (15 votes Robin (Dick Grayson) – BTAS/TNAB only)

    Top Votes blog

    Full Poll Results

    While maybe not in the same order, the two lists – yours and the results – have a lot of characters in common.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Adult Static

    As for “Adult Static” only, I’ll point out you are referring to “Old Static”. “Adult Static” appears in an episode of Static Shock where Teen Static gets jolted to the future and teams up with Batman Beyond to rescue “Adult Static” from being a captive of Kobra.

    And I would be happy to get ANY version of Static in ANY line at this point.

  • H-Balm says:

    Here, Here!


    Your consumer army awaits!!!

  • Captain Cold says:

    On the plus side, I’m glad we’re getting Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang.

    Here’s how I would plan it for 2010

    3packs- (3 per quarter)

    1) ARCH ENEMIES Dr. Destiny, Felix Faust, Despero
    2) APOKALIPS Granny Goodness, Superman, DeSaad
    3) FLASH ROGUES Flash, Trickster, Mirror Master with show accurate detailing
    4) TEEN HEROES Teen Heroes- Robin, STATIC, Speedy
    5) MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING Mongul, Superman, Batman,
    6) DIVIDED WE FALL Luthoriac, Flash, Superman


    6-Packs (1 per quarter)

    1) Legends of the League 2 – Gypsy, STRIPE, Dr. Midnite, Creeper, Crimson Avenger, and Batman
    2) Secret Society 2 – Goldface, Killer Frost, Heatwave, Clayface, Rampage and Flash
    3) Hereafter- Superman, Weather Wizard, Livewire, Toyman, Kalibak and Vandal Savage
    4) Destroyer – Darkseid, Luthor in Business Suit, Superman, Metron, Metron’s Chair, Parademon

    Online Exclusive 6 packs

    5) Wild West- Chronos, Jonah Hex, Bat Lash, Whip, The Sheriff dude, Batman
    6) Armies of Justice League – Manhunte Android, Parademon, Classic Rocket Red, OMAC, Male and Female Watchtower Staff.


    Matty Collector Waves (1 per quarter)

    1) JLI 4 pack, Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Power Girl, Animal Man
    2) Morrison 4 pack, Zauriel, Kyle Rayner repaint, Connor Hawke and Electric Blue Superman
    3) The Ultimen
    4) Speed Force 4 pack: Barry Allen Flash, Jay Garrick Flash, Zoom, Kid Flash
    4) The Completist Wave: Catman, Changeling, Captain Marvel Jr. and Nightwing

    SDCC Exclusive
    5) Lobo with BIke


    And by 2011, the line ends.

    • Blaster says:

      This is too Awesome to imagine, and would leave me in the poor house!

    • Brainlock says:

      re: Flash Rogues – sub in Heat Wave for another MM. MM has already had single and 3pk releases, and I’ve seen a few customs using MM as a base for a Heat Wave.

      also, I would bump the Ultimen to a 6pk with WW, mostly because she bonded with Longshadow, otherwise I would pimp out Prof. Hamilton or even Galatea for a show accurate group.

  • MTSBspidey says:

    On a similar theme, am I the only one annoyed that we’re getting Superfriends figures in JLU instead of the Superfriends stand-ins that were actually on the show?

  • Veil1 says:

    Your list is right on the money Chip.. although for appearances and importance to the show I’d also include Agent Faraday. Man I’d love a figure of him.

  • texgnome1 says:

    Last year, I pretty much agreed with a couple of exceptions. Now? 100% agreement. These 15 characters simply must be made. Mattel may not be listening, but they sure should be.

  • Cookie_txpsy says:

    I totaly agree with this list except it really should be a list of 20
    With the last five being:
    Dr. Midnight

    then I believe that JLU will be finished

  • Bobby Muro says:

    I totally agree on that theme about new tooling for no-show characters, that’s a waste!
    From your choices I would substitute Static by Gypsy, she is a JLU official member and the only female member missing in plastic.
    Instead of the Superfriends 3pack I would love to see a 6pack with the Ultimen and maybe an Aquaman or any Cadmus figure.

  • MiryClay says:

    I want to get excited.
    There are a lot of characters coming I’d like to get.
    But I just can’t
    The local Targets never saw the second wave of 6 packs. Never saw Cheetah or Batman Beyond. Only 3 of 6 ever saw the Superwoman wave of singles.
    Never. Saw. Them.
    Don’t tell me about busy seasons and sometimes thing sell out quickly, they never made it here.
    They say this line depends on my support. Fine. Put new product on a shelf where I have access to it and we’ll see.
    Otherwise I’m done. I’m done driving all over town when news hits the web they are out. I’m done wrangling with eBay scalpers.
    Done being teased over toys I can never find.

    • Brainlock says:

      Clay, the Cheetah and Batman Beyond 3pks are just now hitting store shelves. Don’t give up hope for those just yet. Buy up the last few at one store and return them to another if you have to to get new product in. It sounds like you have several Targets nearby, whereas I have one 7 miles away and the next closest stores are over thirty.

      Altho I do agree that Superwoman was rare, as I found numerous others in that wave, but only saw her ONCE.

  • Howard the Duck says:

    Matty Mattel’s lack of insight or response to this very blog speaks volumes. Add to that their overwhelming disdain for the apparent ‘low sales’ of the Matty four packs and their all but blunt references to Target maybe not carrying JLU in 2010 and…well, you know.

  • […] JLU: Finishing the Show 2010 – ActionFigureInsider.Com For full disclosure, I don’t really buy JLU figures anymore. I’ve moved on to DCUC and I’m happy in that size and scale, but occasionally I do buy some JLU. After SDCC, I’m looking forward to Firestorm, Plastic Man, and the Doom Patrol. But all those characters I want? They have something in common – they weren’t ever on the show. I’m glad to be getting them, but I know there are a lot of fans out there who are worried they won’t be getting some show-featured characters. Every line has some missing figures, and Chip Cataldo has posted this blog asking Mattel to look at JLU, while the line is still pushing forward, and take 15 characters from the show and give them plastic form. You may not be buying JLU, but any toy collector can feel for fans of a line with unfinished teams or missing figures. […]

  • grtwhitecustoms says:

    Chip..as ususal you are right on the money…. I only want to add to your list.

    Toyman, Killer Frost, Livewire.Westher Wizard…Killer 4 pack or future six pack! Throw in Supes,Lois Lane and a little Mr Myx and you have …Mayhem in Metropolis!!

    VANDAL SAVAGE- 6 Pack!! add Savage time Batman, Wonderwoman, Steve Trevor,Sgt Rock,Blackhawk….SOLD!

    I really want to see a Flash rogues 3 pack with Trickster and Heatwave added to the pack

    I think a great 6 pack for next year would be an emerald dawn theme with Two Manhunters and 3 new GLS such as Gaius Zed, Larvox, Aresia or one of the 5 billion out there. If they want to they can even throw in a repaint of Katma and the STAS Kyle Rayner.

    I think Crimson Avenger can go either way…with the closed coat or re-using the cape from Gentleman Ghost ( from this little piggy) he could be packed with Circe and a B’wanna Beast or a whole new set with the General, Speedy and anyone else that would work from Patriot act.Maybe Shining Knight with a re-sculpted head, Vigilante or a newly sculpted Stargirl. Or replace the general with Stripes and boom!!intant hit!

    Parademons need to be singles or in a 3 pack army builder…nuff said!!!

    Luthor-ac with 5 poa Justice Lords clones Bats, Supes,MM,WW,straightlegged Hawkgirl all with the red dots.

    Static with some other future leaguers such as Aquagirl,GL, Bikini Barda,Supes, Micron or Chronos

    Love to see Clayface in a six pack with a new group of Bat villans…
    Poison Ivy,Firefly,Killer Croc, Mad hatter, Riddler and a bonus baby doll pack in

    Mongul with Supes and Kanjar Ro

    Kalibak, Granni, Desaad, Steppenwolf,Kanto,Detroyer Darkseid
    Anarky on Apokolypse!!

    whew…this line still has some ground to cover…come on 2010

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