JLU : Finishing the Show in 2011
July 24, 2010

Okay, only a scant twelve hours have passed since the big Friday Mattel showings of SDCC 2010…and I think it’s high time I shut the hell up.

I believe I owe Scott Neitlich an apology.  I’m sorry, Scott…you have it right.  Not only that, but you took the general criticism of the "loud but not numerous" AFi faithful and applied it directly to the Justice League Unlimited line in such a way that I have absolutely zero complaints from the big reveal yesterday.  Zero.

I knew that even if the overall assortment was something I was pleased with that 100% of the want list in my mind wouldn’t be there.  I could live with that as long as a concentrated effort in what I believe the "right direction" for the line was put forth.

Oh yes…was it EVER so strongly communicated!  Loud and crystal clear.

Toyman!  Kalibak!  Killer Frost!  Parademons!  Killer MAJOR wants!

Angle Man!  Warlord!  Demos!  Naked Green Fire!  Awesome show-accurate character representation!

Golden Age Flash, Hawkman, and Green Lantern!  Animal Man!  Adam Strange!  Blue Beetle!  Inspired comic choices!

I’m now firmly seated on the bus Scott is driving, and if all these are readily available online (between Matty.com’s 2-packs and the select online retailers) I will probably jump back into the line.  I shudder to say that given how much cash I already am shelling out for vintage items and the amount of JLU I had that I’ve let go…but there it is.  I always have had a fondness and passion for this property, and purposely got out of it because I never thought I’d see the likes of Lobo, the Manhunter Robots, Toyman, Kalibak, and the Parademon.

I honestly thought the line would end before they were produced, and I was wrong.  Dead wrong.

Now my obsessive-compulsive self can rest easy on any questions I have.  Volcana?  Yup, she’ll be back.  Vandal Savage, Clayface and Mongul?  They’re on the way.  The eBay-leaked Firefly and Dr. Destiny?  A sure thing.  Hell, I’d even bet Queen Bee will make an appearance at some point.  The line is stronger now than it’s been in years…and that’s wonderful.

Justice League Unlimited is here to stay.  For the purposes of posterity, I present the current "Top 10" in my humble opinion of who’s left to produce that would "complete" the line.

Enjoy, and long live JLU.

#1 – Vandal Savage


Now the most important character left to produce, and probably the easiest. Given the basic nature of his character design, he would not have much new tooling needed.  Repaint with a new head.

 #2 – S.T.R.I.P.E.


One of the very few characters on the program to sport entirely different looks as the show went on, his unexplained downsizing of armor shouldn’t have to hurt his chances of being an important character that needs to be made as a figure.  Multiple speaking parts, highlighted action in more than a handful of episodes, and with the amount of new tooling shown on figures like Kalibak, Parademon, and Toyman…he’s a shoo-in.

#3 – Clayface


With ties all the way back to the original Batman : The Animated Series, Clayface is overdue.  Not only a major part of the Batman Animated mythos, Clayface was the key ingredient in Grodd’s JL-second-season attack on the Justice League.  Redesigned three times, the latest JLU incarnation just screams for an updated figure…and it’s a lock we’ll see a new Clayface before the line’s time is up. 

#4 – Granny Goodness


Multiple appearances.  Major parts of episodes.  Speaking parts galore.  Importance to plot lines over three different shows.  Ed Asner.  Need I say any more to you?    

#5 – Mongul


He’s been the feature of several episodes, and wouldn’t have to be bigger than Darkseid, who already has come in a three-pack.  Given the reveal of the Matty.com two-packs that are sure to sell-out quickly, Mongul is perfectly suited for a release in that avenue.

#6 -Luthiac/Brainithor


A cool design, and an important character from a GREAT episode.  Yes, the Flash has stones and can stand toe-to-toe with the mega-powerful heroes in the League.  I’ll bet good money we’ll see this guy by the end of 2011.

#7 -Static (Adult version ONLY, Erik!)


According to multiple sources it’s now clear Mattel can make him.  Use the Question body and tweak it along with adding a new head. 

#8 – Crimson Avenger


Now that you have The Question, not much new tooling is needed.   I could see him in a Matty.com two-pack with The General.   

#9 – Gypsy


I’m just trying to make the list interesting at this point.  Heh.  Gypsy outranked Crimson Avenger in our polls, however she does require more new tooling than CA so I’m ranking her behind him.  Still, an important member to both flesh out the league AND complete the JL Detroit sub-team along with MM, Steel, Vibe, and Vixen.  

#10 – Circe


A much needed Wonder Woman villain, and she would nearly complete an whole episode of characters what with Batman, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Wonder Pig, B’wana Beast, etc. already being released.  If Crimson Avenger joins her in 2011 all of us happy children can re-enact that entire show.  In fact, put her in a three-pack with CA and Batman & include a microphone for Bats.  I’ll be there with my twenty bucks.  🙂  

As such, this blog is hereby retired.  By next year’s SDCC reveals I will, in all probability, have nothing but empty space where the unproduced characters are…and that’s a great thing.  I’m shutting the hell up now, so thanks much for reading!




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  • Anubis8 says:

    Think that your list is a little flawed & missing some folks that also deserve a figure. Off the top of my head I’d say we could also use:

    Johnny Thunder & T-Bolt (NEVER been given a figure in any line)
    Dr. Midnight
    Mercy (Luthor’s sexy bodyguard who has also never been given a figure)
    Jonah Hex
    Pied Piper

  • antonio says:

    is there some kind of restriction on black lightning in JLU? there’s already two versions of him in DCUC and DCIH.

    black lightning in his costume from public enemies is at the top of my list of JLU wants, followed by geoforce and katanna.

    after that, my wants really go into the obscure – freedom fighters, crusaders, guardian etc.

    i have to say, JLU keeps surprising me – it’s ahead of DCUC as my favorite DC line by just a hair because at least one of the freedom fighters (my favorite one – the ray) appears in the JLU line!

  • Joe B says:

    I agree with your opinions and your article to a point, however I would like someone at AFI. To ask Scott Neitliche and Toy Guru if Volcana, Signal man,The Ebay leaked Firefly and Doctor Destiny are indeed still coming before the end of 2011. I would like a definite confirmation on these figures.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Great Blog. I have a companion to it in the works. I think that with this reveal at SDCC, Mattel has shown that they know the property, they know its extensions into the comics, and they know the fans. I too have no complaints on the offerings shown yesterday.

    I’d like to see Mattel continue to hit 4 things, and you hit on examples of 3 of these.

    1. Members of the show Justice League.
    * ex. Stripe, Dr. Midnite, Gypsy, Crimson Avenger, Static etc.
    2. Major villains from the first two seasons – when it was just Justice League.
    * ex. Imperium(white Martians), Mongul, Dr Destiny, Vandal Savage, etc.
    3. Small subteams of villains used in both JL and JLU.
    * ex. Firefly, Luminus, etc.
    4. The logical comic extensions of the show JL.
    * comic JLA, comic JSA, comic 7 Soldiers of Victory.
    * ex. Black Lightning, the Spectre, Star Spangled Kid.

    I too have no doubts this line is in the right hands.
    (and I’ll save championing for young Static for the new Young Justice line).

  • Howard the Duck says:

    I just would like to add two things:

    One, great blog post Chip.

    Two, the only flaw in Mattel’s SDCC JLU presentation is the lack of Volcana.

  • texgnome1 says:

    Great blog Chip, and my thoughts echo superfriends and yours. Finish the main show characters, finish the comics and get to as many of the villains in Grodd’s Legion as possible. Sprinkle in some of the Teen Titans characters. But no disagreement with your top 10 my friend. Thanks for posting!

  • Alvatron says:

    Yeah they’ll never make Gypsy b/c of the whole ethnic stereotype crowd jumping on.

    Plus they wouldn’t give her a bottle of tears as an accessory or make a caravan playset.

  • Glenn Moss Glenn says:

    I like your choices, Chip! The Blog was really good. I just hope the line continues another few years. That way, we have a good chance of seeing the figures you and everyone else has listed!

  • Lyle says:

    Do the powers-that-be read/heed the wishes of this list? One notable missing from these lists is The Creeper. My other personal wish list includes The Riddler (to complete the Legion of Doom), El Dorado (since we got Samurai, et.al.), my favorite Superfriends villain of all time – Mr. Mxyzptlk, Felix Faust, Owlman, and the rest of the incarnations of the Secret Society members (i.e., Hellgrammite, Sonar, Lady Lunar, Blue Llama, etc.)

  • Russ says:

    Jonah Hex is definitely a must, as is Future Static Shock.

    I also want:

    Blight/Derek Powers
    Future Joker
    Joker Gang Members
    Commissioner Barbara Gordon

  • Rogues gallery says:

    scott neitlich has made excuse after excuse as mattel stabbed the fans of justice league in the back and kicked them in the teeth time after time. ending the line on poor parademon sales is pure baloney! The reak reason that the justice league is ending is because of very poor distribution of justice league product by mattel. and what’s reallly really pathethic is the way Action figure insider brown nosers for mattel gangh tackle anyone who speaks out or critizes mattel on the mattel all forum. if you speak out against mattel the AFI brown nosers have you banned. it must be nice being on the scott nietlich pay roll.

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