JLU – Finishing the Show…Redux
July 27, 2008

What a difference one day makes.  One glorious day, July 25th…the whole JLU collecting world was turned upside-down.  As I come down from my euphoria, I realize my previous "Finishing the Show" blog is now outdated.  I thought about the few glaring holes in my list due to the wonderous unveilings from Mattel, and I decided to update.  As of today, these are the must-makes to ‘finish’ the JLU line for us hardcore fanatics.  Feel free to rip me a new one based on my choices, but also realize there’s no way I’m wrong.  ;) 

 #1 – Amanda Waller


Still tops on the list, with the announcement and implementation of MattyCollector.com there is a greater chance than ever before to see this large-and-in-charge woman come to plastic form.  Previously stated reasoning : Central to nearly the entire run of the show as the head of Cadmus, Waller not only has more screen time than most of the heroes and villains, what she did in the show actually made a difference to the outcome of several plotlines and story arcs.  While a figure of her may not seem exciting to most children, those collectors that must have every character would be hard-pressed to deny her place on the shelf with the other JLU plastic people.  

 #2 – Mr. Terrific


With seemingly every other hero immortalized in plastic at least once, this guy is a sure candidate for a future wave.  This is nearly a sealed deal, especially when you take a look at all the additional tooling on figures from this past Friday.  Not a problem to produce him, now.  Previously stated reasoning : Once J’onn left the team, Terrific filled in as the Watchtower head honcho and team coordinator.  As such, he had a number of speaking parts and expanded roles in numerous episodes, and is the most important JLU team member as-yet unproduced.

 #3 – Toyman


As long as everything does well for Target and MC.com sale-wise, I see nothing in the way of a brand-new ground-up sculpt for this little creepy guy.  Previously stated reasoning :  From his roots in STAS to the final episodes of JLU, Toyman has had the most DCAU screen time of any villain except for the Joker and Lex Luthor.  That alone would justify this spot in my top ten, but the fact that a major arc of shows centered around the act of him supposedly killing Superman should cement his production as a most-wanted figure.

 #4 – S.T.R.I.P.E.


Stargirl makes her debut in a three-pack.  Stargirl gets re-released as a single with her rod (snicker).  Still no STRIPE to display alongside her.  I believe that in Fall 2009 we’ll get our favorite tin man.  Previously stated reasoning : One of the very few characters on the program to sport entirely different looks as the show went on, his unexplained downsizing of armor shouldn’t have to hurt his chances of being an important character that needs to be made as a figure.  Multiple speaking parts, highlighted action in more than a handful of episodes, and  quite a bit of character development and interaction all make him a must to be included amongst the heroes already released. 

 #5 – Kalibak


Scott "ToyGuru" and his pals at Mattel have done Apokolips right…who’da thunk Mantis, Forager & Lashina would get produced AND be part of the same 6-pack?  Not I, for sure.  After the huge showing at SDCC, I can certainly see another pack with Kalibak included…thow in Destroyer Darkseid, Steppenwolf and whatever other New Gods goodies & baddies ya want.  I’ll buy it!  Previously stated reasoning :  A big-time player on STAS before his involvement in JLU, Kalibak had many different roles spanning both shows.  Fighting by himself, with Darkseid and his forces, and as a part of the Toyman crew that "killed" Superman…he’s done everything with plenty of speaking parts and lots of screen time.  Plus, with Target’s new exclusivity and two six-packs per wave, there’s plenty of opportunity for him to be included even tho he’s an oversized character.  Yes, you heard me right…the Etrigan body will NOT work for him.  :) 

 #6 – Vandal Savage


Repeat after me : "Repaint with a new head."  One message brought home from SDCC is that Mattel is willing to crank out whatever simple new character releases they can.  The easiest of such characters is the aforementioned "Repaint with a new head." (Repeat it out loud 10 times…it’s fun!)  Vandal Savage can be made very easily using this formula, and as long as the line does well I can see our favorite immortal being immortalized (ugh…sorry) in plastic by the end of next year or soon after.  Previously stated reasoning : If a villain is of enough stature to warrant a multiple-episode arc, then he already qualifies in the speaking lines and screen time categories.  Also, given the basic nature of his character design, he would also be a very easy figure to produce, with not much tooling needed.  Hell, Superman would probably have stayed ‘dead’ if it wasn’t for him!  Okay, since I’ve started ape-ing myself it’s a good thing I’m almost at the end… 

#7 – Supergirl (new sculpt/new costume) 


Yup, the sculpting & tooling budget for JLU has DEFINITELY gone up.  The Question, Vibe, Deadman, Gentleman Ghost, Atomic Skull, Psycho Pirate, Warhawk, B’wana Beast, Cheetah, KGBeast, Bane, Scarecrow, Tala, Dr. Polaris, Devil Ray & Mantis ALL have new parts & pieces that go beyond a simple repaint.  Yup, we’ll be seeing an all-new sculpt for Supergirl before the line is up.  Maybe in an MC.com exclusive Legion-episode-themed 4-pack, perhaps?  Previously stated reasoning : Need I say more?  As Erik continuously reminds us, Polly Pocket is a grim reminder of just how bad the JLU line can sink if you look for weak spots.  A major character over the entire DCAU from STAS to JLU, a new sculpt to go along with her ‘adult’ costume (yes, it just sounds indecent) is a must.  While not at the top of any of our polls, when asked of all the JLU collectors on all the different forums there is 100% agreement that this figure NEEDS to be made before the line ends. 

#8 – Clayface


Ahhh…a personal favorite of mine.  With ties all the way back to the original Batman : The Animated Series and only one large pile of plastic dung to show for it as far as action figures are concerned, Clayface is overdue.  Not only a major part of the Batman Animated mythos, Clayface was the key ingredient in Grodd’s JL-second-season attack on the Justice League.  Redesigned three times, the
latest JLU incarnation just screams for an upda
ted figure…and I don’t are what you say about either color of the Hasbro one.  It’s a turd.  Couple this with the total surprise of a TNBA-themed 4-pack unveiled at SDCC this past week, and I’d say it’s nearly a lock we’ll see a new Clayface before the line’s time is up.

#9 – Granny Goodness


Multiple appearances.  Major parts of episodes.  Speaking parts galore.  Importance to plot lines over three different shows.  Ed Asner.  Need I say any more to you?  Need I?   

#10 – Metallo


I went back and forth on this last position.  I know, I know…actual THOUGHT put into a blog post?  It’s a Christmas miracle!  :D  Whom is more deserving?  Episode-themed character?  Multiple episode appearance with speaking parts?  Cool design, no lines, LOTS of split-second appearances?  (As an aside, major thanks again to Scott & Mattel for bringing us to the point where this is difficult to pin down.)  Is it Mongul?  Crimson Avenger? Dr. Destiny?  While I believe they ALL should be produced, one eventually jumped out at me as a need before the line is done.  Metallo is that character.  Hasbro’s STAS line brought us an off-model figure that just doesn’t hold up today when part of a large display.  He has been a major villain & episode star, a supporting character with speaking parts, and part of the villain-group-shot-blink-and-you’ll-miss-him category.  A new figure is definitely warranted, and I believe it’s not too far off.  Now that MattyCollector.com is providing animated exclusive 4-packs, a Superman villain-themed one with Metallo and Toyman at the heart would be most welcome in everyone’s collection.  

#11 – Parademons

Welp, I had to include just one more, simply because it dawned on me afterward how incomplete the line would be without being able to purchase a few hundred of these for a display.  If you count "number of times on-screen" as a prerequisite, then they may have even more appearances than Superman or Batman.  With the "Fan Collection" re-branding of the line, and precedent already set by Infinite Heroes with their upcoming "army builder" sets, you would assume Mattel is seriously thinking about this.  A 6-pack with Superman, Destroyer Darkseid, Toyman and three Parademons would be just amazing.  Are you reading this, Scott?  :D 

So, there ya have it (for the second time).  Agree?  Disagree?  Apathetic?  (I had comments of all types last time).  I welcome your thoughts, but if you do decide to include your own list in rebuttal, think about the characters that are on it.  How were they a major part of the show and the DCAU?  The only other one that I could think of with major credentials would be Warhawk (and he’s coming!  Woo-hoo!), since he not only appeared on a few JLU episodes and had quite a few lines, but he was also a major part of the original JLU as well as being the son of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl.  (Apparently someone read my original blog and acted on it.  ;)  I feel important.)  If the above characters were produced by Mattel in the near future I could actually say, after all is said & done and purchased at Target, that the JLU action figure line is truly complete…again.  :D




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  • jamesjesse says:

    Love all your choices. I’d certainly buy them all plus several extra Parademons. Although after Vandal Savage, I would argue that the last few slots could equally go to:

    (in this order)
    Killer Frost
    Felix Faust
    Captain Boomerang
    Captain Cold
    Weather Wizard

  • I agree with all of your ideas…but I really want to see the inclusion of Killer Frost. I just dont think anyone can really stop at 11! A parademon army builder pack just seems to me to be a NO BRAINER (thats my new favorite saying!)

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Nice list.

    Along with the Parademons, we could use multiple of:
    Imperium Aliens from Mars from “Secret Origins”.
    Manhunter Robots from “Blackest Night”.
    Thanagarians from the season 2 3 part finale.

    As for individual characters with big roles in the show, I’d add:
    Killer Frost

    And I’d like to sneak in a few favorites fo my own.
    1. Static. Had his own show. Now a member of the DCU. Appeared with the JLU in the future as an old guy. In his own show as a teen ager, appeared with Batman, Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, the JL as a team, and as a adult alongside Batman Beyond. I’d take 4 versiosn of Static. a) Static Shock Season 1/2 costume. b) Static Shock Season 3/4 costume. c) Adult Static from Static Shock episode where he teamed with Batman Beyond. d) Old Guy Static from his appearance in JLU.

    2. Zeta. In robotic form. From his own show, the Zeta Project show. Appeared orginally on Batman Beyond. the JLU used “Z Trainers” in several episodes, which were a homage to this character.

  • xrmc20 says:

    I like all your picks. I think Mongul, Metron, and Killer Frost need to squeeze their way on there somehow (and all are more important to the show than STRIPE). I really don’t care about Walrus, I wouldn’t display her, but I can’t argue with what a major character she was on the show.

  • Wildcard says:

    I agree with all your choices Chip. I would be so happy if those 11 get made. Yes, I agree that Killer Frost and the like should be made into figures as well. However, I don’t think they’re as exciting as the ones you’ve mentioned. Looking forward to 2009 SDCC!

  • John Cage says:

    I was really surprised not to see Mr. Terrific or Killer Frost and would love to see them before the line ends. Actually, I’d love to see everyone mentioned so far, but those two in particular.

    And I love the idea of a multiple Parademon pack. I know the Demon body might not be great for retooling as Kalibak, but it’d work for Parademons easily enough. I’ve never been the type to do army building with figures, but I’d buy a good half dozen of those. And Static in his original, second, and JLU costumes. And Mongul.

    Have a good day.
    John Cage

  • elvis8batman says:

    Those are great choices Chip, but I think we should take it from 11 to a definitive top 20.
    But going by your list, I hope that if they make S.T.R.I.P.E, Supergirl blue outfit and Toyman, that they get their sizes right.
    Toyman should be around the same height as the polly pocket Supergirl, as he was quite child sized on the show.
    S.T.R.I.P.E would be better in his second design, thats the one that had more screen time.
    And Supergirl should be shoulder height to Superman, that would put her just slightly shorter than the current female buck body.

  • Jim Abell says:

    Great list and reasoning there, Chip. Ya know, Etrigan might not work for Kalibak, but a new head and legs on Darkseid and he would be perfect and simple. Same goes for Mongul who I also hope to see. Killer Frost has got to be a given for the next reveal we get from Mattel, she’s a simple re-paint with a new head and she and Clayface would finish out Grodd’s original Society. I’ll also echo the sentiments for getting Static into the line ASAP — granted he was shoehorned into the DCAU at the request of KidsWB but he was a good fit and a character with 4 seasons of his own show with guest appeances from the various Leaguers and he had a guest shot on JLU. Zeta would be a great addition, too, just give him a swapable head so that he can be used as a trainer drone.

    So, Chip, given that you stopped your “top ten” list at eleven, who would make the list if it extended to 15 or 20?…

  • vancleef9000 says:

    The could make a new larger body that could easily be used for some of these characters. They can make the boobs on Goodness and Waller a part that slides over the figure or work them into a jacket(like Shade or Scarecrow) and keep the buck flat for Parademon, Kalibak and Lobo.

  • CantinaDan says:

    List looks great to me, Chip. Of course, I’d like to see Lobo, but otherwise my wants are all in your top 11!

  • Filmation Batman Fan says:

    Hey Chip. I agree wholeheartedly with your list. Out of the ones you named, S.T.R.I.P.E. is at the very top of it because of his alliance with Stargirl. I also want to add Crimson Avenger and Speedy to complete the Seven Soldiers of Victory from the episode, Patriot Act.
    For villains, I want to add Killer Frost to the list so we can complete the season two episode, Secret Society along with your suggested ClayFace figure. Also, I’d like to add Livewire and Luminus from STAs as well.
    For the villains of Apokolips, I also want to add Desaad and Steppenwolf to the list along with Mad Harriet and Stompa, maybe they could be sold together with Granny Goodness and Lashina in a Female Furies 4 pack.

    I believe JLU can be finished when every team member, both major and minor has been made into figures. I especially want to point out Gypsy as the only female member yet to be made into a figure since now all of her JL Detroit members are being released. Also, the other JSA members besides Mr. Terrific, like Dr. MidNite, a regular sized Hourman, and Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt. Maybe a six pack with maybe Wonder Woman would work. And I must not forget the Creeper. With these heroes plus the figures you mentioned, that would make completing the line even better.
    My Two Cents Worth.

  • Pierre Airmax says:

    I might replace either Toyman or STRIPE with a Manhunter robot, but I don’t feel so strongly about that that I’d disagree with your picks on this list.

    I can’t believe the scope of JLU… I could not have hoped for a better toy line in my wildest dreams.


  • Pierre Airmax says:

    D’oh! Sorry – I have to agree with CantinaDan, Lobo is technically the biggest gap in this line for me I think (even though I made my own, I still feel he needs to be made)… but that’s just cuz I like Lobo.


  • Brainlock says:

    what they all said.^^^
    plus LOIS LANE and the Big 7 as CIVILIANS from StarCrossed.
    and a GL Guardian.

    in fact, Civilian 8pk (LL and 7) and a GL 6pk (John Stewart, Guardian, Sinestro, Manhunter and choice of: Kyle/Guy/”Cal Borden”, Arisia, 2d Manhunter, or 6″ Central Power Battery) would work for me!

    maybe Lobo as MC STAS set exclusive?
    (Lobo, Toyman, Livewire, Metallo?)

  • Jonesy says:

    Well Chip, I’d definitely want to see ALL of the league members produced, so I’d have worked the following into your list (in no particular order):

    Crimson Avenger
    Dr. Mid-Nite

    …but I don’t disagree with any of your picks.

    Villain-wise, I still want to see:

    Dr. Destiny
    Kanjar Ro
    Killer Frost
    Captain Boomerang
    Captain Cold

    …and really, any of the MANY that appeared in the final season. All prime for 6-packs.

  • muppethost says:

    Morgaine LeFey and Modred

  • Miry Clay says:

    Superman theme 4 pack-

    Live Wire

    Flash theme -

    Capt. Cold
    Capt. Boomerang
    Weather Wizard

  • Chris Hall says:

    Giffen and DeMatteis’s JLI

    Guy Gardner
    Ted Kord Blue Beetle
    Booster Gold
    Black Canary
    Martian Manhunter

    Best. Six. Pack. Evah!

  • Dr Fate says:

    - New Gold – Dr Fate
    - Lobo
    - Circe
    - Darkesied (Brainiac version)
    - Deathstroke
    - Captain Marvel

  • toyboy says:

    add gypsy killerfost rampage and livewire you big idiot

  • Dan S. says:

    My daughters actually play with these toys and since the figures they like most are the girls, it really sucks that the heads are always snapping off. I was hoping at some point that Mattel might address that, but it sounds less & less like they think any kids at all are interested in these. Anyway, I was hoping Soloman Grundy would become available to the general public now. All the figures mentioned so far would be great. Now if they could only figure out a way to fit those unreleased Doom Patrol figures into this line….

  • Gammaduck says:

    Have to admit most of the choices above leave me cold. An Amanda Waller figure? Great character on the show, sure, but visually undynamic. I’ll give you Vandal Savage, STRIPE, and Mr. Terrific though (with Metallo and Clayface in a pinch, although I’d have taken Crimson Avenger over Metallo in a heartbeat).

    My picks:

    Captain Cold
    Captain Boomerang
    Crimson Avenger
    Captain Marvel
    Hal Jordan
    Rick Flag
    Jonah Hex
    El Diablo
    Bat Lash
    Pow Wow Smith
    Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt
    Dr. Mid-Nite
    Warlord (Travis Morgan)
    Sgt. Rock
    Evil Star
    Major Disaster
    Tattooed Man

  • rhiggatwat says:

    i like your list, but i have two musts in my opinion:



    and now that ultraman and superwoman were announced, owlman, power ring and johnny quick are must haves to build a complete crime syndicate. a hal jordan and a complete crime syndicate would make me infinitly happy. why dont they want to make a hal jordan for us? they already made the mold damn it!

  • Aaron says:

    I like your choices, but I desparately want a classic Aquaman, as he appeared in STAS. I hate the bearded and hook hand Aquaman. He never looked right standing next to the other JLU members. My collection would be complete with that.

  • whitemagus says:

    i think next comiccon should have an exclusive secret identities pack, as they disguised on starcrossed at least for the seven original members: clark kent, bruce wayne, princess diana, shayera hol and wally west. Shinning knight looks insignificant wothout his horse XD. A metropolis heroes pack would be great too, featuring lois lane(new sculpt, painting show accurate, jimmy olsen, Professor Emil Hamilton, and the blonde cop from animated series wich name cant remember XD.

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