JLU Plans for 2008 Revealed!
February 9, 2008

Toyfare Magazine #128 will be hitting comic shops this week and the big news contained within is Mattel’s plans for JLU in 2008. AFI’s good friend Pierre "Airmax" Kalenzaga caught an advance look at the issue and reports that among other things, JLU will be exclusive to Target stores starting this summer, and will have at least 13 new characters this year along with some fan-requested repaints and redecos in the fall.The long-awaited figure of The Question will be among them. There will also be a new 6-pack featuring Superman, Darkseid, and Mister Miracle along with all new figures Mantis, Forager, and Lashina!

Mattel’s ToyGuru teases us even further; "The 13 figures for the fall does not count Lashina, Forager or Mantis.It does count Vic [Sage] though. So 12 more figure are left to be revealed.(and that also does not count repaints or re-releases (like Superman in the Apokolips pack or this really cool repaint of we did in his look from the comic books." Go check out the rest of his comments here.

Looking further down the road, 2009 will see characters that were not on JLU along with the possibility of characters from former Timm-verse shows such as Batman: The Animated Series. All in all, there looks to be good times ahead for JLU fans! Now go run to your comic shop this Wednesday and grab the new Toyfare to see pics of the JLU Apokalips 6-Pack!

Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
AFi Editor-In-Chief Jason Geyer has been part of the online pop culture world for nearly 20 years, having founded some of the very first toy sites on the web including Raving Toy Maniac, ToyOtter, and now Action Figure Insider. Along the way he helped pioneer online coverage of industry events such as San Diego Comic Con, E3, Toy Fair, and CES. He is also a former toy designer who is now a marketing genius. If he does say so himself. And he does.
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