JLU S.T.R.I.P.E. – Tomorrow is the Day.
July 14, 2011

JLU Fans are a very vocal group here at AFI.  Tomorrow we are getting the opportunity to add one more character to our collections, a special character, S.T.R.I.P.E.  (Twice is enough for all those periods.) STRIPE is special for a number of reasons.

1. STRIPE is an oversized figure.  This maxes him either doomed to being too small in scale or impossible to fit in normal packaging.  In this case, Mattel did us proud.  They made a special offering to get us STRIPE in the right size.

2. STRIPE is one of the last remaining members of the TV JLU team.  I’ve lost track of how many members there are, but we know how many are left, eight.  This brings us one closer to a full set.

3. STRIPE is only offered on MattyCollector.com.  Demand for the line at retail has fallen to the point where no retailers are willing to carry it anymore.  Target was our partner in getting many of the JLU figures into our hands after Walmart and Toys R US stopped carrying the line.  Now Target has moved on to other lines they hope will be more profitable.

4. STRIPE is kind of lithmus test to determine true demand for the line going forward.  Mattel has a number of plans to try to get the remaining figures to us that are almost done.  We’ve seen three 3-packs at conventions this year. (There are still a few more stops planned on the Mattel Fan Appreciation tour.  I plan on catching up with the team at NYCC in the Fall.)  Then we have STRIPE tomorrow.  Later in the year, there will be a 7-pack to finish off the card holding members of the team, also on MattyCollector.com.  Finally, the two 3-packs closest to being complete are planned for a release on MattyCollector.com as well.  What is the test?  If all, and I mean ALL, of these do well, there is a chance we may see more JLU on MattyCollector.com.

When buying STRIPE tomorrow, I highly recommend checking out the other offerings as well.  My gut is telling me that we might get another chance to buy the JLU Parademon 2-pack and the Darkseid/Kalibak 2-pack sets.  Its just the way they are listed on the sale page.  It may not be tomorrow, but my gut is telling me we might get another chance.

There has been a grass roots effort, by a number of fans who frequent both AFi and other toy collector sites, to SAVE THE JLU.  Tomorrow will be big for them.  If you are a JLU fan and have not visited their Facebook page, why not pop by and say “hi”.

Tomorrow is the day.  The day to put your money where your mouth is if you are a JLU fan and want the line to continue.  Be sure to come back to AFi and tell us how your buying experience went.

— Neither this site nor the author are connected to Mattel in any way. —

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  • demoncat says:

    got to admit stripe is a cool looking figure and is needed to go with star girl. but sadly even if every jlu fan buys him the line is dead since Mattel can not get the required retail support needed for the line and in the past mattel has found dc packs not doing well online. at least they ended it with a much needed guy stripe.

  • texgnome1 says:

    Here’s hoping that our efforts pay off. First of three steps, and even then there’s still no guarantee. But if this doesn’t sell, then it won’t much matter. I have to admit to being very very nervous, just because of my passion for this line.

  • Hourman says:

    I don’t collect JLU but I bought one to go with my Super Powers figures and customs.

  • Veil1 says:

    I forgot all about this…..and I still don’t care:) It is a great figure, but Mattel pretty much forced me to outgrow this line. Maybe in 5-10 years my interest will be rekindled(when my son is old enough to be into JLU perhaps), I’ll pick him and the other figures I missed on the future version of ebay.

  • Glenn Moss Glenn says:

    Well, I got one. Due to personal budget issuee, one was all I could afford, but I really wanted him and am looking froward to his arrival!

  • Fernando says:

    I bought 8 figures for me and my friends! long live the JLU!

  • Neil says:

    I got my STRIPES and got Darkseid/Kalibak. so i have one of everyone. Just need a few of the new figures. i’ll be buying jsa and space set and the 7 set.

    I’m curious about all the toys they showed at toy fare which aren’t listed as any of the figures before end of the year (Vandal savage, beetle, gardner etc).

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