JLU stole the show!
July 26, 2008

Wow…just, wow.  I am blown away.

Never, and I mean *never* in a million years did I think we were going to be blindsided by THIS.

JLU, the line pronounced deader-than-dead by many (including me about one thousand times on the boards) is not only alive and well…but soaring over the planet and smiling.

Not even the last few panels debuting the Hasbro 3-3/4" line and He-Man relaunch could steal the thunder.  

Say it with me, fellow fans…41 previously unannounced new figures to collect.  41!!!  Say WHAT???

Just because I’m euphoric, I’ll list them here…  

New characters entirely : The Question, Cheetah, Batman Beyond, Warhawk, Future Bruce Wayne, Vibe, Deadman, Crimson Fox, B’wana Beast, Commander Steel, Tala, Devil Ray, Psycho Pirate, Dr. Polaris, Gentleman Ghost, Scarecrow,Bane, Clock King, Harley Quinn, Firestorm, and Plastic Man…PLUS the yet-to-be-determined two other website-exclusive 4-packs (Shazam-themed & Legion-themed…if they follow the same format as the TNBA pack it’ll be Shazam, Mary, Junior and Black Adam & then Superboy, Brainiac, Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl)

Show-accurate repaints & repacks : Bizarro, Lex in prison suit, Dr. Fate, Red Tornado, Booster Gold, Batman w/blue cowl & Wonder Pig, Superman w/Phantom Zone projector

Non-show-but-damn-cool new characters & repaints : Ultraman, Superwoman, Elongated Man (JLA costume), GL John Stewart (easy Hal custom, anyone?), Sinestro in Corps uniform

Total gravy re-releases that we actually WANT : Fire & Ice three-pack, Volcana single, Parasite single, and 5-POA versions of the main characters 

Compile this overwhelming info with what we’ve already been told : Lashina, Forager, Mantis, Atomic Skull, Silver Banshee, Shadow Thief, The Key, KGBeast, Galatea, Captain Atom, and the Giganta 2-pack

The JLU line is the strongest it’s ever been….EVER.

It’s up to us, now.  I know that I personally will be able to buy 2 of each item…one to keep packaged and one to open.  Here’s hoping the line exceeds Target’s expectations.  In another 2 years the amount of figures we already have could DOUBLE, cementing it as one of the greatest action figure lines of all time.

There’s a little bounce in my step today and a big grin on my face.

Scott, you and your team at Mattel have truly gone above and beyond…by FAR…and for that I thank you.

You’ve made this ol’ boy pretty happy. 





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  • Toythinker says:

    I second every word and text…THANK YOU MATTEL…!!! WOO-HOOOOO!

  • JoeAce says:

    I am happy for the JLU collectors. Lots of new goodies. However I’ve lost the desire to collect JLU. There may be a few that I want like Galatea and Captain Atom, and others just to lop off their heads for custom figures. The JLU toyline’s only weakness is in their ankles and should keep going as long as the collectors support them.

    I however, will be throwing my full support behind DC Universe Classics and DCU Infinite Heroes. I prefer the comic accurate muscular sculpts over the animated style figures.

  • JamesJesse says:

    Toyguru and the Mattel production team have done their job and done it well.

    Now their distribution department has to step up because this kind of effort needs to be rewarded. WE WANT THESE FIGURES MATTEL. Make it available.

    Toyguru and his crew are doing a great job and if this line doesn’t sell as much as it should, it will ONLY be Target’s fault.

  • Brainlock says:

    I second that, JJ, but I also EXPECT *ALL* of these figures to be available on their new website.

    90% of the problem with Mattel is distribution (WM flip-flopping aside), and the new site should give them a better idea of how and WHERE to distribute figures for availability.

    I think Mattel owns the Con, right now, by their ENTIRE DC presentation alone, but GETTING PRODUCT TO THEIR CUSTOMERS via website or retailers is the problem.

    btw, what’s the word on B&B figures? saw some pics, but no information. as yet.
    biggest Q: scale = The Batman? JLU? DCUC? hoping for TB scale, as it cuts down a number of customs on my list. (I have Bruces stacked like firewood and a LONG list, with few/no females! AARRGGHHH!!!)

  • ZAXILLA2 says:

    I, too, am very excited for the huge reveal by Mattel for JLU. so, this is what they meant when they kept telling us to ‘wait and see…’. all of the reveals coupled with the mattycollector website is just fantastic. I couldn’t be more happy with the look of things to come. I am a customizer and am completely rethinking my whole to-do list and where to go from here, which is great! now, if they will get these figures into our hands, everything will be hunky-dory. great job!

  • darkknight30 says:

    Well said Chip! I am very pleased with what Mattel has in store for us! ToyGuru and the gang are to be commended for this showing, this is exactly what the line needs to jump start it’s sales, along with better distribution. I haven’t bought any new JLU figures in 2008. There haven’t been any!!!!! I WILL buy new JLU figures (all of them) in 2008, as soon as I can find them!!!!

  • dax522 says:

    This is amazing. I am so happy that I stuck with this line. It is groovy beyond words. Why Mattel is even bothering with the Infinite Universe is beyond me. The scale is terrible and the paint apps are awful. I picked up the Apolkolips 6-pack at Target yesterday. The 3 new figures are the coolest.

  • darkknight0860 says:

    I think that DCUC stole the JLU thunder,but Mattel in general stole the whole show!!!!!

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    I never thought I’d ever see another Psycho-Pirate figure. Or that characters like the Crisis-era Doctor Polaris and Gentleman freakin’ Ghost would ever be produced.

    This has been THE best San Diego Con in years for action figure fans everywhere!

  • dave aikins says:

    Never thought I’d get…
    Wait, I said that before with Barda, Deadshot, Obsidian, etc…
    and I never got them.
    I’m still hoping that they don’t leave us hanging with some of those missing figs…
    Love them, in theory. Love them more when they’re in my hands!

  • jzachery says:

    I love everyone that they’ve announced for JLU. I’m so psyched! This is so many new figures! I like alot of your pics for the four packs Chip. I think Superboy might be a problem for the Legion though due to all the legal stuff going on with him right now. Also don’t forget they might do something like Billy Batson for the Shazam four pack, but ideally I’d like to see the Marvel Family, Capt Marvel, Mary Marvel, Junior, and Black Adam.

  • gin says:

    OMG……. unbelievable….soo many figures so little time…. hopefully they will be in good stock and we will be able to find them… great job Mattel. JLU is alive and strong

  • jamesjesse says:

    I’m also glad tha JLU will be available to us overseas customers as well come 2009. Hopefully, the distribution will mke it easy for us to acquire figures that were exclusive at Target.

  • Jonathan says:

    Thank you ToyGuru and All of the fine folks at Mattel. This is indeed the greatest line ever, Im with Chip and totally second every word stated in his blog. The line up is fantastic, I hope Target and Mattel branch out even more with BATMAN BEYOND and LOSH, God knows there are plenty of characters still yet to be done. I still plan on supporting this line and I will never quit it. My only hope is that the figures will be evenly packed and starting of less repeat figures would be killer, especially since I saw that GOTHAM VILLAINS SET, only one re-issue—as it should be.

    Thanks again Mattel.

  • Mikey says:

    I agree!

    I love the JLU figures. LOVE ‘EM! And I’m glad they’re re-releasing some of the more ‘rare’ figures (like Volcanna, for one). It really drives me insane when re-sellers snatch up everything and make it impossible for the average collector like myself (who opens the packages, thank you VERY much)to complete their run. There is no way on God’s green Earth that I’m going to pay over a hundred dollars for a three-pack, even if it IS the Deadhsot/Barda three pack. Ten bucks per figure is my limit, man.

    I also hope they eventually release the comicon exclusives (such as the Ray and, the holy grail of JLU figures: Solomon Grundy) to retail.

  • Dare says:

    I’m Mr Cynical. I still haven’t managed to get ANY of the new characters Mattel featured at SDCC LAST YEAR and in all honesty I am dubious I will have any better luck this year.

    Am considering dumping my JLU collection and the insane amount of new characters I’ll probably never get my hands on only adds fuel to the fire..

  • Mikey says:

    I had to get the majority of my collection from Ebay. I buy loose figures so it’s actually fairly easy (other than a select few figures that have been horded).

  • jimm says:

    Peace indeed!!!

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:

    You forgot my favorite, the classic blue n’ grey Batman.

    It’s too bad you weren’t there, Chip, the proto figures were extremely impressive and the fan reaction to the JLU line-up was well deserved.

    We’re all gonna be broke but happy this coming year.

  • dax522 says:

    What about Grodd? The pics look like he’ll be in a different 6 pack from last years, with more villains? Am I wrong? Will I have to shell out $20 to get a single figure?

  • Erik superfriend says:

    agreed. JLU shown was fantastic and beyond our wildest dreams. We were expecting a handful. And got shown over 20. “blown away” is right. We’ve spent a lot of effort trying to let Mattel know what characters we want most and they deliver so many characters everyone is going to be happy. The offering is phenominal.

    Now please Mattel, get these and the ones from SDCC06 into my local store so I can buy them.

  • muppethost says:

    The presentation was great and the announcements were incredible! As for Grodd…no, he’s with the same characters as before, they’re just re-painted.

    As for your Legion ideas, I’m guessing it’s the three founders (Cos, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl) and the fan requested adult Supergirl. That would be keeping with the JLU show more than Superboy.

  • Dr Fate says:

    Dude, thank u very much for the news. I wish a Hitman figure came someday.

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