Justice League Throne of Atlantis Premiere Coverage
January 13, 2015

Earlier tonight I attended the premiere of the new Warner Bros Animated film “Justice League Throne of Atlantis”. The story tells Aquaman’s origin and how he joins the League as well as picking up where the team left off in “Justice League War”. The movie will be available in all forms January 21st.

Here are my interviews with the cast and crew on the red carpet:

Sumalee Montano as Mera-

Character Designer Phil Bourassa-

Sam Witwer as Orm, Ocean Master-

Matt Lanter as Aquaman-

Screenwriter Heath Corson-

Jason O’Mara as Batman-

Christopher Gorham as The Flash-

Spoiler Free Review:

The bottom line is that I enjoyed it. I enjoy the animation style and overall world building these animated films have been going for. I thought the voice acting and team dynamic was much better with the League this time out and feel this movie will please Aquaman’s fans for his much needed due onscreen. My only complaint is that the story seems familiar to me as a fan of “JLU” and “Young Justice” but that’s it. A recommended addition to the DC Animation catalog.

Cesar Zamora
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