#JusticeLeagueDark Available Today on Digital HD(+Review!)
January 24, 2017

“Justice League Dark” is the latest DC Universe Original Movie from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment that brings together a team of supernatural heroes to stop a paranormal foe. Last night attended I attended the movie’s premiere in Beverly Hills. The movie is available today on Digital HD and will be available on Blu-Ray Feb. 7th. Before I get into my review here’s the trailer to catch you up on the story:

The premise is pretty simple by setting up a threat that the Justice League isn’t quite up to so Batman takes it upon himself to find people that can help. Jason O’Mara returns to voice Batman and brings his usual gruff aura to the role that he seems both comfortable in and well suited for. I’ve grown to really like him in this role and you totally forget that he’s Irish.

Reprising his role as Constantine is Matt Ryan from the prematurely cancelled TV show. If you liked him in the show you’ll like him in this movie. Plus he’s allowed to curse a bit which is more authentic to his character than the show was able to get away with. In the movie he’s hesitant to work with a team but is forced to team up with Batman, Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, and Etrigan the Demon in order to save the day.

The movie has a few twists and turns so I won’t get into spoiler territory. I enjoyed all of the character designs, once again headed by the Phil Bourassa. I especially liked his design for Etrigan, which was a modern design that incorporated some of his medieval roots as well. The designs for the monsters and demons you see in this movie are also very cool.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was Enrico Colantoni as Felix Faust. You may know Enrico as Elliot from “Just Shoot Me” or as the Thermian leader from “Galaxy Quest”. He brings a fun energy to the role that’s both light-hearted and threatening to the team of heroes. I enjoyed the movie and hope it does well so that we can not only revisit these characters, but hopefully open the door to visit other parts of the DC Universe (New Gods!?!?!?). I highly recommend it, and it’s now available to rent/own on Digital HD!







Cesar Zamora
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  • jay oliva says:

    Thanks for a great review Cesar! I’m glad you enjoyed my film!

  • trump is a sex predator says:


  • Erik superfriend says:

    Love your reviews Caesar! Cannot wait for Feb 7 to grab my copy.

  • Walter Kolo says:

    Olivia has outdone himself. “Justice League Dark” is by far one of the best films out of the 27 made in the past decade. I believe it’s the best film in the DCAU since “Flashpoint Paradox” (another Olivia great), and the best entry in the NEW-52 Continuity. Batman was used perfectly in the film — his role of putting together the JLD — and DID NOT hog the spotlight like many have thought (the only thing he DID hog was the cover, but that’s just DC marketing and very understandable). I’m glad to say, it was NOT a Batman & Friends movie. He was used sparingly in the film, as the true stars Constantine and Zatanna really were the heroes that won the day in the end (with an honorable mention to Jason Blood’s Etrigan and Swamp Thing). I would love to see a sequel to this someday, and now with most of our JLD-team introduced, it’d be great to see them bring in others from that side of the DC-Universe — and with Constantine’s stellar performance, I think the sequel would be able to do away with Batman and the rest of the “regular” Justice League, as by then his popularity would be even further grown once the CW-animated “Constantine” show premieres. Finally, I’d like to say that this should definitely pave the way for the proposed live-action “Dark Universe” film in the DCEU, now that they know the concept is not only unique and popular but could also serve as a “substitute” of sorts with a JLD-film every other year they don’t have a JL-film. Two separate “Justice League” franchises that could someday crossover with each other for an epic film based on the “Trinity War” storyline from the NEW-52.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    nice review. for the creators said that if it does well the a sequel will include some of the big guns of the magic side of the dcu. like the phantom stranger. pandora . doctor fate and the big gun himself the spectre which would be cool to see constatine and him cross paths for odds are john can even tick off the dc universe wrath of god too in a sequel

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