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October 17, 2014

I guess the Ebola news cycle is slowing down, because today there is a news story gaining traction in some media outlets about a Florida mother who is bent out of shape that Toys R Us is carrying the Mezco Toyz ‘Breaking Bad‘ action figures.   She’s gone so far as to start a petition on asking that they be removed from the shelves and the TRU website, because she believes that if her kids see these in stores (which they shouldn’t) that they will buy them (which they can’t) and immediately drop out of school and start making blue meth with their friends… or something like that.

We saw this happen before, back in 2010, with BifBangPow and their Dexter figures and that time the over zealous moms won and they were pulled from stores.  NEVER AGAIN!!

Adult collectors should be able to buy adult collector toys.   Toys R Us IS being responsible and putting all of these kinds of figures in a single aisle, so they are NOT sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters” as this mother inaccurately states.

I have started a COUNTER petition, also on to KEEP Breaking Bad and other adult collector lines IN Toys ‘R’ Us, in the collector aisle where they belong.


Toys R Us is well known around the world for their vast selection of toys for children of all ages, and we do mean ALL ages, that includes the adult collector market. Toys R Us’ decision to sell a line of Breaking Bad ACTION FIGURES, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, in an aisle designated for adult collectors, featuring properties of a more mature nature that might appeal to older collectors, and away from the other “kid” toys, shows that TRU understands there is more than one group of collectors that regularly come through their doors each day.  And that they can observe and in some cases even dictate how these figures are packaged, marketed and sold in their stores.   It is NOT irresponsible to have these in the store.  It is only irresponsible if they sell them to people they are not appropriate for.  That’s why I’m calling on Toys R Us to KEEP selling the Breaking Bad action figure collection in their stores and on their website as well as other “mature” toy lines.

Anyone with feet can walk into a store and see that these figures are NOT being “sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters.”    Toys R Us recognized there was a void in the toy market left by the closing of stores like KB, Suncoast and Tower Records.   They saw that if they wanted to continue to be “the world’s biggest toy store” they needed to capture the adult collector market and their buyers wisely started pursuing companies like Mezco, NECA, Diamond Select Toys, Funko, McFarlane Toys, etc. and giving the adult collector an alternative to shopping on line.

Just like TRU doesn’t sell “M” rated video game titles to young kids, they will not sell age-inappropriate toys to kids.  PARENTS should be the one dictating what their kids watch, buy, read, play and consume, NOT the buyers or employees of Toys R Us.  If you don’t want to be “forced to explain why a certain toy comes with a bag of highly dangerous and illegal drugs or why someone who sells those drugs deserves to be made into an action figure” then simply don’t walk your kid down that aisle.  Problem solved.   I’m a parent of a school aged child myself, but I’m an informed, responsible parent and I closely monitor the toys, TV, music, movies and games that my daughter sees.   That’s my job, and I take it seriously.   But, I also like toys/action figures and I want 3-D representations of characters from my favorite properties, and I love being able to walk into a store and find them.


Please sign to join me in asking Toys R Us to continue to support adult collectors and KEEP selling the Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, South Park, Game of Thrones, Alien, Sons of Anarchy, and many other properties to the mature, responsible adults and let the “family focused atmosphere” continue in the other 40 odd aisles in the store “for which they are known.”   And THANK YOU to Toys R Us for selling toys for “kids” of ALL ages!



If you want to keep finding the toys that YOU want in your local TRU stores then go here now and make your voice heard!!  And spread the word to your fellow collectors!  #TRULovesCollectors


Daniel Pickett
Daniel “Julius Marx” Pickett has been around toys his whole life. The first line he ever collected was Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes line back in the 70s. He has been surrounded by collectables ever since. In 1999 he was confounded by a lack of information and news about some of his favorite toy lines he was collecting. Since he couldn’t find the information he decided to pursue it himself thinking other people might also be interested in the same news. He started writing a weekly column on the toy industry and action figure for a toy news site and in a years time he tripled the sites daily traffic with his updates, reviews and product features. He built relationships with every major toy manufacturer and many sculptors, painters and mold makers. He grew his hobby into a world wide expertise that the industry has embraced. In 2004 he teamed up with his toy buddy Jason “ToyOtter” Geyer and they created their own website Daniel has been quoted in both industry and mass media press outlets. Over the years Daniel and AFi have been sought out as experts in the field. Daniel was regularly featured on “Attack of the Show” on the G4 network as the primary contributor to their “Mint On Card” segment, and our front page has been linked to from USA Today’s “Pop Candy” Blog twice. Daniel’s content has also been featured on,, The Wall Street Journal, The Saturday Evening Post,,,, Boing-Boing,, Ain’t It Cool News, the Official Star Wars blog, Geekologie, G4, CNet and Toy Fare magazine, among many others. He has consulted on toy lines, books, documentaries and TV shows. But all of that really just sounds snooty and “tootin’ his own horn” – the long and short of it is that Daniel loves toys and he LOVES talking about them.
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  • Why would you limit the type of customers you would have at your store? That doesn’t make since. You should branch out and make a whole section just for more “Adult” Aimed 80’s style classic toy base! 😀

  • Robert foster says:

    Keep all the different toys. People should learn to mind there own business and stay out of others.if she doesn’t like it stay out of the store.

  • Deserae says:

    I signed the petition in support of keeping them in the stores. Toys R Us gets a ton of my money in the adult collector section of the store every month. I go to Toys R Us every week to check out the selection.

  • Michael Haggerty says:

    That is the only reason I go to toys r us

  • demoncat_4 says:

    done i signed the thing for after all toys are us like other business can’t rely on just one group of customers for their business to thrive. for some overzealus parents did it with the dexter line and also way back when the orginal kenner planned toy line for aliens. not to mention the toys say on the package for adult collector not for kids under a certain age group. some people have to get a new hobby to fill the time on their hands instead of trying to dicatate what one can buy at toys are us figure wise.

  • Jim Abell says:

    I’ve signed the petition but the local stores don’t exactly have a collector dedicated aisle. After the stores in Louisville, KY tested the Geoffrey concept several years back they have not transitioned back to regular Toys R Us stores, they are still somewhere in-between. While the collector figures are still usually grouped together they’ve been across the aisle from Star Wars and WWE and not completely separated from the kids’ toys. Even within the collectors’ segment of the store there is still a difference between types of collector product. A Breaking Bad figure isn’t exactly “kid friendly” but I don’t think many would disapprove of Mattel’s Ghostbusters or MOTUC vs DCUC product being next to Ben 10. Instead of pulling product that some might find offensive there needs to be a consistent placement of product away from kid targeted brands much like Barnes and Noble not putting Playboy next to Tiger Beat in the magazine racks.

    • Scott Metzger says:

      A good point if the “separate aisle” argument is used; in mine, the adult collectors stuff is sitting next to Transformers. Using that as major point sets up an easy counterargument for the other side.

      The point that needs to be made is that the kids aren’t going to buy anything; the parents are. The crux of the argument should be that it’s the parents’ responsibility, not TRU’s, to decide what is appropriate for their own children to own and play with..

  • Both my store and webshop are selling to KIDS OF ALL AGES. Period.
    No age discrimination to buyers of toys and collectibles.

  • Please leave adult collectibles in the store or I will be forced to find another hobby! And no one wants that.

  • Joe From Detroit says:

    TRU is already hurting financially. They’ll be going the way of Best Buy in the next five years (or less). Alienating collectors will hurt their bottom line in a big way. As a parent, I understand why you need to separate adult themed toys from kid friendly toys, but to remove them is an extreme overstatement. In recent years, I’ve stopped going to TRU their selection is poor and I can pre-order what I want form my local comic shops and online from specialty toy retailers.

  • Josh says:

    These mothers need to find a real hobby instead of finding pointless causes to get worked up about.

  • STEVE says:

    Toys R Us will likely be out of business in the next 10 years due to all the DEBT it owe’s.Their 6 billion dollar debt is being called in in 2016

  • Ron says:

    I signed the counter-petition because I hate censorship especially when based on ignorance. If the mother is so concerned that her kids would buy or want Breaking Bad items at TRU, she should first ask herself how her kids even came to know the show. Kids usually are uninterested in toys of characters they are not familiar with – so this purported concern of hers is utter nonsense. Also, does she let her kids shop alone unsupervised at TRU? (I doubt it). Also she objects to Breaking Bad but not other adult oriented items or video games, etc… sold at TRU? This is just another instance of some prude wanting to impose her pompous will upon others. Why am I not surprised this happened in Florida. Ever since I moved to Florida, I’ve discovered that “FLORIDA IS STUCK ON STUPID” – politics, stand your ground,… now toy censorship. I urge fellow collectors to sign the counter-petition.

  • George says:

    If anyone watched Breaking Bad and thought they were glamorizing drug use and promoting drugs they obviously weren’t watching very closely. These toys are not promoting using or making Meth, and neither did the show.

  • john says:


    You should contact other toy blog owners to run your story and link to the petition. Toyark and fwoosh are the 2 big ones but there are others. We can’t let these bible thumping moms win.

    • Tom says:

      Youbentmywookie is running this. It’s way bigger than two niche toy sites since it caters to non toy collectors. They also have a working relationship with Mezco who makes the Breaking Bad toys.

  • Petition signed. This woman is a reactionary and lazy parent. It’s a toy of a fictional character– not placed in the Ninja Turtle or Power Rangers isle, BTW– not a figure of Charles Mason. I’ll post a link to the petition on my own toy blog as well. People like this would rather take the time to stir up nonsense rather than just properly parent an d monitor their own children.

  • david says:

    this is ridiculous. If this mom really knew what she was talking about, she would be railing against wolverine figures, because hes killed and slashed more “people” than anyone can count. Or monster high toys, because those literally are based on themes of monsters and goblins and demons that rise from the dead, or drink blood, etc. Pac-man promotes overeating! nerf teaches kids to like guns! Barbie promotes negative body images! Its like these parents dont want to raise their own kids at all, and want us to help them to not ever actually have to speak to their kid.

  • BG66 says:

    There needs to be a link to direct share this on facebook we all belong to groups that would fill this petition in a day

  • nitsua says:

    its hard enough as it is to find any toy that you might want in these stores let alone a collectible.
    if she really wants to be “miss prefect mommy” then turn off the TV and take down the internet, hell just keep your kids at home and home school them.
    the typical TRU has the toys in the right place the collectors section, if you have issues with the items in it STAY OUT!!!

  • Joel Lopez says:

    First i think she don’t let her kids watch tv or play video games. What a stupid way of look for money.

  • Vince Burgess says:

    Only slightly neurotic and she cares about her kids, but who knows maybe her kids don’t believe in evolution. Why shouldn’t ‘war action’ figures be any less permissible?

  • Vince Burgess says:

    no comment

  • JASON says:

    ..gotta lov ya US folks….all I can say is ….AHHH F%^K…reminds moi of the devil backwards records causing people to commit lude acts back in da 80’s…..

    LADY IN FLORIDA…GET A LIFE …or one that makes you think !!

  • Anton Phibes says:

    Welp….apparently Toys R Us caved into her demands. Next up: Aliens and Predator figures. Or perhaps Walking Dead. Game of Thrones figures are sold on the endcaps at Walgreen’s. Maybe she needs to petition them as well. Is this why TRU in my area isnt carrying the Funko ReAction Horror figures? Oy!

  • david says:

    I hope you have notified ToysRus of your petition, which has over 37000 signatures. Why isn’t that making news? Gah, this country sucks so hard sometimes. >_<

  • Nikkie says:

    I bet if these were walking dead figures, Toys R Us would have ignored that petition! why because those figures are one of their bigger money makers and Breaking Bad is no different. shoot if it’s alright to sell grand theft auto 5 in Toys R Us then what makes Breaking Bad any different than all the other Mature rated games and young adult collectibles

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