Looking for some Warm Fuzzies? May I Present – H.A.R.K. Night 2013!
December 10, 2013

Pardon my many-months-long blogging absence (and my obsessive overuse of hyphens) for a Not-Necessarily-Toy-Related-But-Still-Worthy Holiday Announcement … and for those looking to spread some Holiday Kindness and Cheer, this article is for you!

Before you groan about yet-another ‘event’ to excuse yourself from, hear me out – you don’t actually have to attend, send money, or sign up for anything.

Intrigued?  Carry on, then!

First, a brief summary – last December, my family and some friends spent a few hours one evening doing 26 Holiday Acts of Random Kindness (or H.A.R.K.) in honor of the names and memories of the individuals lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  It was an awesome night, filled with tingly heartwarming deeds and frantic do-gooder fun, and we had dozens of friends and family all over the country join us in doing these acts of kindness in their own communities.  It was amazing to see the reactions and responses from the recipients of these deeds, so we decided to make it an annual tradition.  And now I’m inviting you.



H.A.R.K. Night 2013

We invite any and all of you to join us this Saturday, Dec 14th, around 5:00 pm.  We are planning to venture out into our local community and spread holiday cheer by doing random good deeds and anonymous acts of kindness … BUT the great thing is, you don’t have to actually attend in-person to participate.  You don’t have to live in the same city, the same state, or even the same country.  The AFi community extends to the far reaches of the US and beyond, so I’m hoping all you AFInsiders can help me spread the spirit of the season far and wide.

26actsYou can organize your own local H.A.R.K. gathering, or you can send this idea out to family and friends across the country, as we did last year.  You can donate some toys to charity, drop off some comic books at your local children’s hospital, or simply do a single kind deed for someone anonymously.  Maybe you’ll even feel like forgiving Digital River this year … the key is to spread holiday cheer to a weary world that can be at times lacking in simple kindness.  (And Castle Greyskull, apparently).

Yes, the idea is silly and corny and maybe even a little embarrassing.

But it’s also fun.  Trust me.

Invite your family, your friends, those crazy relatives, that cute coworker, the obnoxious guy on your softball team, those awkward bronies from the local comic shop, that one grumpy neighbor that hates the holidays … I dare you to try some of the deeds suggested below in the comments and not feel your Grinch heart grow three sizes when you see the wonderful responses from the strangers you encounter.  It may even restore your faith in Humanity a little.  And who here doesn’t want to play the hero?

For more details, please visit the H.A.R.K. Event page on facebook. There you can get some creative and inexpensive ideas, ogle the guest list, or just straight-up mock me.

I hope you’ll join us for H.A.R.K. Night!  And have a MerryHappy ChristmasHanukkahKwanzaaFestivus!

Superman Christmas

Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
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  • Ryan Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast says:

    Below is a list of ideas, but you can do any Random Act of Kindness that you want. You can leave a note, ask someone to pay it forward, or just do something nice for a stranger without saying a word.

    1) Buy coffee for a stranger at Starbucks

    2) Put coins in the slots of vending machines and bubblegum machines

    3) Fill up the Tip Jar at a local restaurant or shop

    4) Leave holiday notes with encouraging messages in shopping carts for people in grocery stores

    5) Tape candy canes and holiday notes to ATM machines

    6) Buy a hot cocoa or latte for Salvation Army bell ringers

    7) Pay off a stranger’s layaway at a store like Kmart or Walmart

    8) Give a gift bag of food/drink and a blanket to a homeless person

    9) Hot coffee/cocoa to someone waiting for a bus

    10) Help someone put their groceries in their car

    11) Pass out candy canes to folks standing in line at the post office

    12) Buy dinner for the car behind you in a drive-thru

    13) Take presents to hard-working post office employees

    14) Sweep or shovel snow from a neighbor’s porch and driveway

    15) Leave an anonymous encouraging message using sidewalk chalk in a neighbor’s driveway

    16) Hide money & holiday notes inside books in the Children’s section at the library

    17) Drop by your doctor or dentist offices with some treats and holiday notes

    18) Leave basket of Christmas gifts on doorstep of a family that needs it

    19) deliver Christmas cookies & handwritten notes to the police department or fire station

    20) Bring hot coffee/cocoa to construction workers outside in the cold weather

    21) Bring flowers to people working the drive-thru lane at a restaurant

    22) Buy gift cards and pass them out to strangers

    23) Find an elderly neighbor that is living alone and bring them dinner

    24) Deliver something special to folks who are working and/or recovering at local hospital

    25) spread some cheer at an assisted living facility by delivering holiday notes and treats

    26) Bring a Christmas surprise to store employees working on Christmas Eve

    Or ANYTHING else you can think of! Be creative, and have fun!

  • evilwilma says:

    H.A.R.K. Night 2014


  • evilwilma says:

    This is an awesomey awesome idea!

  • Ryan Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast says:

    haha “2014”…yeah, well, I was thinking this event was a nice gesture for the new year…but that definitely confused people, so yeah – 2013! 🙂

    You can follow all the exciting adventures from our H.A.R.K. Night on twitter using these: #HARK #HARKnight

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