LOST Episode Recap
May 3, 2008

Wow, this was a fun job this time.  Can you feel my sarcasm? 

It seems the gods of Lost or the gods of weather are not happy with Oklahoma of late.  For the last three weeks every Thursday night we’ve had severe weather that has threated the airing of the program.  Last Thursday, we had tornadoes and all regular programming was preempted.  Understandable.  In the vast scheme of things, LOST pales in importance to safety.  

BUT, where as the NBC and CBS affiliates announced rebroadcasting in the course of the weather coverage, our ABC station said that they had to clear it with ABC in New York.  ?!?!  Our recourse was to watch the episode on our computers.  So, a huge throng rioted and flooded the station with emails of protest.  Tonight, at 11:PM, the show will be rebroadcast.  

But, I went ahead and watched the program on the computer and here is my latest recap of the show for those of you interested.  As always, this is a SPOILER ALERT in case you have not seen the show yet.  





Something Nice Back Home   A Jack Episode

The episode begins with a black screen and Juliet’s voice telling Jack he must wake up.  After several attempts she rouses our hero.  She wants to know if he’s okay and from outside they hear, “Come on, I just want to know why."

“What happened?” Jack asks. Jack goes out and Juliet follows.

My man, Bernard is giving Daniel Faraday a ration of it.  Apparently the satellite phone that Daniel rigged into a telegraph last episode is not working and Bernard thinks that Daniel and his partner, Charlotte, are lying through their teeth.  Miss weird eyes gives Bernard a smart-ass reply and Rose gets in her face

Jack, looking like something that Vincent would roll in if he found him in the jungle, walks up and tells everyone to cool their jets.

“Jack, these people are lying to us!” Bernard says.

“I know they are lying,” Jack says. "I know it. Sooner or later their people are going to come back for them. And when they do, we’ll be waiting for them.” Jack starts to walk away. But Sun says that Miss weird eyes and Dr. Faraday may run off.  As Jack turns to reply, Rose asks if he’s alright.

“I’m fine. We just have to be patient, okay. I’ve gotten us this far. I said I was going to get us off the island, all of us, I promised I would-” Jack collapses and Juliet runs towards him.

Flash Forward -Jack is asleep in a bed.  A really nice bed with really nice sheets.  The phone rings and he wakes and answers, looking at his watch from the bedside table.   The woman on the other end of the phone confirms his eleven o’clock consultation.

Jack gets out of bed and wraps a towel around his waist. He picks up some panties from the floor and tosses them into a laundry bin on his way to the kitchen. He steps on a toy – a Millennium Falcon. He takes two wine glasses and puts them in the sink, then makes coffee. He picks up the paper and reads that the Yankees sweep the Red Socks in the series.  He goes into the bathroom where a woman is in the shower. He opens the shower door. "Good morning."

"Good morning, yourself. I bought you a razor."

"What? You don’t like the scruff?"

She laughs. "Razor’s by the sink, Jack"

He looks at the razor and when she turns off the shower, he grabs a towel and holds it for her. He opens the door and Kate steps out. They kiss.

Later, Jack reads to Aaron as he lays in his bed. Alice in Wonderland.  He notices Kate watching him from the doorway. Jack puts the book away, turns off the light, and goes out. Kate closes the door. They stand in the hallway. "You’re a natural," Kate says.

Jack tells Kate that his old man used to read him that story.  Kate says it sweet to hear him say nice things about his dad. Jack says he was a good storyteller.  Did I mention she’s wearing one of Jack’s dress shirts?  And, when he picks her up while kissing her and she wraps her legs around him that she’s also got on some little panties!  Kate may be a dits, but I gotta admit, she’s sexy!

Kate says she loves seeing him with Aaron and that she’s glad he changed his mind (from the courthouse) and is there with them.

Back on the beach, Juliet helps to lean Jack up against a tree and says to keep him in the shade while she goes to get water.  Jack hunches over and Jin asks if he’s okay.  He says he’s fine and gets up. Kate runs over. She asks Bernard what happened and Bernard tells her that Jack passed out.  Jack claims he’s dehydrated and Kate says he has a fever.  Jack staggers back to his tent.  

Meanwhile, as Sawyer, Claire, and Miles walk through the jungle, Claire carrying Aaron, she stumbles and Sawyer asks if she’s okay.  She says she’s a bit woozy.  He then asks how her head is and she says she still has a headache, but that she’s not seeing things anymore.  Miles pipes up asking Claire what she saw and Sawyer snarls like a pit bull.  Miles says he’s just making conversation.

Sawyer tells them to hustle and that if they hoof it they can make it to the beach by noon the next day.  But, Miles stops. He hears screaming and looks around. He hears Alex crying.

Sawyer sees that he’s stopped. "What? Hey! Hey!"

"Who’s Danielle and Karl?" Miles asks.  Sawyer has a funny look on his face.  

"You mean Rousseau? The French woman?" Claire asks.

Miles bends down and starts to dig in the earth. He digs out Rousseau’s face from a shallow grave. "Is this your French woman?"  He moves over and digs out Karl’s face.

Sawyer questions Miles how he knew they were there and if his buddies, Keamy and the mercenaries did this.  Miles says there not his buddies and he didn’t sign up for this.  A little late reading the fine print in the contract, Miles.  Claire is upset and want to go.  She and Sawyer leave. Miles looks at the burial site a bit longer.

Back on the beach, inside his tent, Jack takes some pills. Juliet walks in. "I hate being sick," he says.  He and Juliet discuss what’s wrong with him.  It’s his appendix.  Time for island surgery!

Jack hesitates and she says, "If it’s food poisoning, you’ve got nothing to worry about." She pushes on the side of his stomach and he winces. "It’s your appendix, Jack. When did the pain start?"

Juliet has a list on a tablet. She asks Sun if she remembers where the medical station is.  She does.  Juliet has a list of instruments she needs, but Sun says she doesn’t know what they look like.  Daniel says help.  He’s familiar with medical instruments from animal autopsies.  But, Jin says
“No,” and Sun says “We can’t trust them.”

Charlotte scoffs. “See Dan, I told you. They’re convinced we’re trying to kill them. Might as well keep playing the part.” Surprisingly, Daniel chastises miss weird eyes for her very bad attitude and begs to help.  Juliet rips the paper from the tablet and hands it to Daniel. She hands Jin a gun. "Either of them tries to run, shoot them in the leg."  Jin takes the gun and Juliet turns to Sun. "Get back here as fast as you can."

"Okay," Sun says.  "Thank you," Daniel says. Charlotte just gives everyone the weird eye glower.

Juliet turns to everyone else telling them they have to create
a sterile environment, They also need to find a hard surface, wash it down.  Kate asks why not simply take Jack to the medical station and Juliet says that there is a chance his appendix could rupture and Jack would die.

Taking a break from their hike through the jungle, Miles watches Claire from afar. Sawyer catches him and tells him he has a 20-foot restraining order to stay away from Claire.  When Miles questions Sawyer’s authority, he tells him he’s the guy that’s going to put a boot in his face.  Miles doesn’t need a ghost to help him get the picture.

Back on the beach, Bernard moves a large board into place and Rose brings over a bucket of water and starts to wash the board with a rag.  Bernard, like most husbands,  sees that she is upset, but doesn’t really know why.  He tells her that he’s sure Jack will be alright.  Rose says he isn’t worried about the surgery, but why Jack got sick.  Bernard says it’s just bad luck. But Rose says that on the day before they are supposed to be rescued the person that we rely on the most suddenly comes down with a life threatening condition.  She asks Bernard if he just chalks it up to bad luck.  Bernard, like most husbands, keeps blundering on saying people get sick.

"Not here," she says. "Here they get better."

Meanwhile, Juliet leans over Jack and shaves his stomach.  She and Jack discuss the surgery and all the reasons I hate Jack start to surface like razor stubble.  He questions her experience in doing the surgery and wants to be awake so he can watch.  I’m really hoping that Juliet will use the razor to play Sweeney Todd, but she agrees.  Kate will hold a mirror so doctor control freak can observe.  

Back to Jack’s Flash Forward.  He  walks down the hospital hallway talking with a woman.
After saying goodbye, Jack sees his father, Christian Shephard, walk by.  Jack is shook up, but he’s interrupted by another Doctor.  While he’s talking to the other MD, the receptionist tells him he has a call from  Doctor Stillman from Santa Rosa hospital. She says it’s about a friend of his.

Jack walks down the hallway of Santa Rosa with Dr. Stillman. The doctor tells him that “He’s refusing to take his meds and he’s stopped sleeping."  Jack asks about the therapy and Dr. Stillman says there useless because the patient doesn’t think he, Dr. Stillman, exists.

Jack goes into Hurley’s room alone.  Hurley is sitting on the edge of his bed staring across the room at the wall.  He doesn’t acknowledge Jack but says “Hey,” when Jack says hi.  Jack asks him why he stopped taking his meds and Hurley says  "Because we’re dead. All of us. All the Oceanic Six, we’re all dead. We never got off that island."

Jack says that isn’t true and Hurley asks what he did today.  Jack tells him he woke up, took a shower and that he and Kate fed Aaron.  Hurley says that he thought Jack didn’t want anything to do with Aaron and he says he changed his mind after the trial.  Hurley says that living with Kate and helping raise Aaron sounds perfect.  Just like Heaven.  Jack gives one of those goofy looks of his and tells Hurley that just because he’s happy doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  

Hurley says he was happy too for a while until he saw Charlie.  He tells Jack that Charlie comes and sits with him on the bench out on the front lawn.  Jack asks what they talk about and Hurley says that Charlie told him he was going to be coming by and that he wanted Hurley to give him, Jack, a message.  "I was happy too, Jack, for awhile anyway. Then I saw Charlie. He likes to sit with me on the bench out on the front lawn. Hurley opens a drawer and pulls out a piece of paper, saying Charlie made him write it down so he wouldn’t mess it up.  Hurley reads from the paper, "You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack."

Jack gets up.  Hurley asks Jack if it makes any sense.  Jack says no.  Hurley asks if he thinks it means Aaron.  Jack tells Hurley to take his meds and opens the door.  Hurley tells Jack that Charlie said someone was going to visit him too.  Soon.  

Back on the island; Sun, Charlotte, Jin, and Daniel trek through the jungle. They come to the medical station.  Jin moves the leaves away and they open the doors. Daniel holds Charlotte back and says he should go first to make sure it’s okay. Daniel goes down and Jin turns to Sun. They speak in Korean and Jin asks Sun if she, Charlotte, knows he, Daniel, likes her.  Sun replies that she’s a woman, so she knows. Charlotte turns around and smiles, then goes into the station.

Inside the hidden room, Sun turns on the light.  Daniel muses aloud about the power source on the island and miss weird eyes tells him to add that to his list of questions.  While the duo looks for the surgical instruments, Sun touches the examination chair. In Korean Jin asks if she’s alright.

In Korean she answers that this was were Juliet brought her and where she saw their baby.  Sun glances at Charlotte and Daniel gathering the equipment and says, "They’re not going to help us, Jin."  Charlotte looks over.  Jin says, "Don’t worry about them. I promise you, Sun, I will get you and our baby off this island."

Out in the jungle, Claire with Aaron, and Miles follow Sawyer through the jungle. Sawyer has his gun ready.  They go under a branch and Claire stumbles a bit.  Miles offers to help Claire with Aaron.  Sawyer stops and gives Miles the evil eye. I think he learned that trick from Charlotte.  Claire politely declines.  Miles says he’s good with kids.  Sawyer asks the ghost whisperer what part of the restraining order he doesn’t understand.  But before he can smack Miles into the middle of next week there is movement in the jungle ahead.  Sawyer raises his automatic rifle and tells Claire to get behind him.  

Frank Lapidus runs into view, surprised to see them and a gun pointed at him. Miles and Frank exchange pleasantries to the astonishment of Sawyer.  Frank tells the little band they must immediately hide as Keamy is on his way and he will kill them if he sees them.  Sawyer & company duck in the bushes seconds before the mercenaries all come out of the jungle.  They look like they have been chewed up and spit out.  Surprisingly, none of them were evidently killed in their run in with Smokey.  Personally, I’m a little disappointed.  I was expecting to see Keamy and maybe one or two of his goons still alive.  Maybe Ben doesn’t really have control of Smokey after all…

Anyway, back to the story.  Keamy asks Frank where the chopper is and is told is back the opposite direction from where Sawyer & company are hiding about a kilometer.  Keamy, who looks like he wants to take on the Predator as the next Governator asks if Frank brought the kit.  Frank dutifully has brought a first aid kit.  Considering how the mercenaries look, it seems rather pitiful.  Frank asks what happened snarls at him.  Guess he doesn’t like having his butt whipped by a cloud of smoke pointed out to him.  

Just as the merry little band starts to move off to the helicopter Aaron makes a noise.  Keamy and his men look around.  Frank says that it’s getting dark and they have to leave now.  He even calls Keamy “Mr. Keamy.”  Damn, I am impressed with Frank Lapidus.  He seems to be a truly good man.  Keamy is still sniffing about and Sawyer slowly takes aim with his automatic weapon.  This doesn’t look like a win-win situation for anybody.  Frank steps up his plea to leav

e saying that he is  not flying Faraday’s bearings at night and if they want to get back, they have got to leave right now.  Adding a “sir" to the end of his statement.  Keamy glares into the jungle and agrees and they all head off.  Both Sawyer and I breath a sigh of relief.

Back at Beach County Medical Center (that’s sort of an ER joke.  Aw, never mind), Kate walks up to Juliet and says the tent is all ready.  Juliet asks for Kate’s help and Kate balks.  Juliet explains that control-freak Jack wants to watch the surgery.  I think he’d actually like to perform it on himself.  Man, but Jack gets on my nerves.  

Juliet agrees with me about Jack taking his appendix out himself.  See, I told you.   Anyway as the women are talking, Jack walks out of his tent. Juliet asks him what he’s doing and Jack says he doesn’t need a stretcher. Kate gives him her shoulder to lean on.  Juliet says that Sun will be back with the instruments soon and that they all need to be ready as soon as they get back.  Kate tells Jack that it looks like she’s going to be his nurse and he replies it won’t be the first time.  Jack starts to tell Kate that if anything happens to him, but she interrupts him with a "Shut up, Jack."  Yea, shut up Jack!

Back to the Flash-Forward, Jack sits in his car outside Santa Rosa Mental Hospital at night. He starts his car and drives home. Kate is asleep in bed and he wakes her up. They talk and Jack, in a very emotional way says, "The other night, when I was reading to Aaron, you said I was a natural. Do you really, do you really think that I’m good at this?"

Kate replies, "Yeah. You’re good at this."

"Will you marry me?"  Jack reaches into his pocket and pulls out a case with a diamond ring in it.
With tears rolling down her face, Kate says, "Yes."  He slides the ring on her finger.  "Of course I will," she says. "Yes."  They hug and kiss.

Back at the ER, Juliet and Bernard light torches and Bernard says, "Look, they’re back."
Juliet asks if they found everything and Daniel says that they got the entire list and asks how Jack is doing.  Juliet tells them they need to sterilize the instruments.  Jin pulls Charlotte aside.  In Korean he says, "I know you understand me."

"What?" Says miss weird eyes.

"I know you speak Korean. You smiled when Sun and I talked about you. And you were listening to us at the station." Replies Jin in Korean with a very serious look on his face.    Charlotte blinks like a deer in headlights and says maybe she can get his wife to translate.  Jin gives her the killer stare and says, "If you continue to lie, I’m going to hurt your friend, Daniel. I’m going to break his fingers one at a time. Do you understand that?"

Charlotte drops the act and in Korean, she says to Jin, "What do you want?" Jin, tells her that when the helicopter comes she, Charlotte is going to take Sun  off the island.  Charlotte asks what about everyone else and Jin says "Just get her on the helicopter."  Charlotte thinks a moment, then nods.

Inside the ER tent, Juliet prepares for the surgery while Jack lays on the table. Kate puts her hair up and Bernard cleans the area where he is going to give Jack a shot.  He tells Jack that they found some Chloroform in the medical station and he could put him out, but you know Jack.  He says he’ll manage with the Lidocaine.  Next, he helps Kate position the mirror so that he can see.  I’m thinking that Bernard and Juliet should just bitch-slap Jack and knock him out, but I don’t get a vote.

Bernard gives him the shot and says, "Okay, now this is going to numb the area of the first incision. After that, I would like to be able to tell you you’re not going to feel a thing, but you will."  Juliet walks over and asks Jack if he’s ready.  She makes the first incision. As she cuts, Jack groans. Juliet tells him to stay still. She asks Bernard for the spreader.  Jack says he can’t see the mirror and Juliet says not to worry about the mirror. Kate readjusts and he’s able to see.

As Juliet uses the spreader, Jack starts yelling and squirming.  I’m thinking good enough for you, control-freak.  Juliet says, tells Bernard to knock him out.  Jack protests.  "You don’t want to be out of control," Juliet says. "Bernard!"  Jack begs for Kate to agree with him.  Juliet tells Kate to leave.  Kate starts crying.   Juliet takes control.  You go, girl!  She yells at Kate to get out and for Bernard to knock Jack out.  Bernard walks over with a cloth and says, "I’m sorry, Jack, but I agree." He holds the cloth over Jack’s mouth and nose.

Back in Flash-Forward land, Jack puts an x-ray up on the screen in his very fancy office. It’s night and evidently Jack is working late.  He speaks into a recorder for notes on a patient when he hears beeping and goes to investigate. Out in the hall he sees that it’s a smoke detector. He climbs up on a desk and pulls out a battery and  climbs down.

Jack is startled when a man says, "Jack."

He looks over and sees his father sitting in a chair. Wide eyed, Jack starts to walk toward him, looking worried, but the other doctor comes up behind him and says, "Jack?"

Jack turns and his father is gone.

"You okay?" she asks.  He says he is and that he was just dealing with the smoke detector.  She thanks him for keeping them all safe.  He asks the doctor for a favor.  He asks her to write him a prescription for a medication that sound like Marzipan" She looks suspiciously at Jack and asks him if it’s for him.  He says it is and it’s because he has a lot going on right now with his case load and getting engaged. He doesn’t mention Hurley thinking their all dead.  Probably a wise move.  He says he isn’t sleeping well.  She writes him the prescription and says that getting engaged is suppose to reduce stress, not create it.  She adds that Jack should talk to someone and he says he will.  Both he and I know that ain’t gonna happen.

Later, Jack gets home and as he goes into the house and he hears Kate on the phone. "I can stay for an extra few minutes. Jack’s never home before eight anyway. I can stay for at least an hour."

Jack walks around the corner. He jiggles his keys.

Kate turns around. "I’ve got to go, Jack’s home. I’ll call you later. Bye."

Jack says he thought she’d be in bed and asks who she was talking to on th phone.  Kate says it was “Noreen,” a mom from the park.  Jack says he’s never heard of her and Kate says that now he has.  Welcomed to married life, Jack.  Kate kisses him and heads upstairs.  Jack pulls out his prescription and washes down two pills with a beer.

Back in the jungle, Miles and Sawyer are asleep by a fire. Claire is also asleep, but without Aaron. She wakes and realizes she doesn’t have Aaron. She sits up and sees Christian on the other side of the fire, holding Aaron.


On the beach, Bernard comes out to where Kate sits. He tells her it went well and that Juliet did a good job.  He tells her that Juliet said Kate can go back inside if she wants to.  Kate goes into the operating tent where Juliet is stitching Jack.   Juliet says that it went okay and that Jack should be fine.  She apologizes to Kate for yelling at her.  Kate says it was okay.  Juliet, while still looking at Jack’s stitches tells Kate tha

t Jack kissed her.  Uh oh, this is one of those woman to woman things.  Juliet says that the other day when Kate came back from New Lockeville, Jack kissed her.  She says it was. But it wasn’t for her, Juliet, it was for him. She says that she’s pretty sure he was trying to prove something.  Kate asks what that was and Juliet says that it was to prove to himself that he doesn’t love someone else.  Kate thanks Juliet for saving Jack’s life and leaves the tent.  Juliet says to Jack, "I know you’re awake."  Jack opens his eyes.

Back to Flash-Forward.  Jack sits in a chair, waiting for Kate to come home.   The coffee table is full of bottles.  Some look like beer bottles and some look like hard liquor.  When Kate comes in, he startles her when he greets her. She asks were the babysitter is.  Jack says he sent her home and that Aaron is asleep.  Jack asks why the babysitter was there in the first place.  Kate is staring at the bottles and doesn’t hear what Jack is saying.  He says that the nanny only works until four and he came home at six.  Kate says she had to run some errands and had ask her to stay a couple of hours extra.  She asks Jack what is going on.  He says he went to see Hurley.  Kate is surprised and asks if he went today.  Jack says no, it was last Friday.  Kate asks why he didn’t tell her as she would have gone with him.  Jack says he didn’t say anything about it because Hurley is crazy and he didn’t want to upset her.  He then asks where she went today.  Kate moves toward Jack and asks him to trust her and let what it is she was doing be.  Jack persists and Kate tries to dissuade him.  Jack says he heard her on the telephone and wants to know who she was talking to.  She tells him to just let it go, but of course control-freak Jack has to know everything all the time.  Kate finally says that she was “doing something for him."

"For who?" Asks Jack.

"For Sawyer. I made him a promise."

Jack shakes his head. "What?"

"It doesn’t matter! It has nothing to do with us!"

"Then why won’t you tell me?"

"Because he wouldn’t want me to."

"But he’s not here, is he? No, he made his choice. He chose to stay. I’m the one who came back. I’m the one who’s here. I’m the one who saved you."

Crying, Kate says, "Jack, you can’t do this. If you have problems, you need to figure them out. Because I can’t have you like this around my son!"

"Your son? You’re not even related to him!" Yells Jack.

Aaron walks out of the room he was asleep in and Kate goes to him and hugs him.

Back at the campsite, Sawyer wakes in the jungle while Miles pokes the fire with a stick. Miles says good morning and Sawyer says, "It’s way too early for Chinese."

Sawyer glances over and sees that Claire is not there.  He asks if Claire went to the ladies room.  Miles, still poking the fire, says "Nope.”  He says she just walked off into the jungle.  Sawyer panics and asks when.  Miles says in the middle of the night.  She just got up and left.  Sawyer grabs his weapon and wants to know why Miles let her go off alone.  Miles smirks and says that she wasn’t alone.  Sawyer asks who she was with.  Miles says that she called him Dad.   He adds that he would have followed them, but he has a restraining order.  Then he sort of chuckles.  A very pissed off Sawyer grabs him, but hears Aaron cry. He runs in the direction of the cries and finds Aaron alone in the hollow of a tree.  He picks him up. Sawyer looks around and yells for Claire. . .

Original Thoughts

So Rose is convinced the Island heals people. Obviously, she considers herself well. Hurley was sane and stable on the Island. Locke can walk on the Island.  She brings a mystery into question. Why is Jack sick at the most critical time possible? Their "leader" falls just when his strength is needed most. Ben has suffered a similar experience with his spinal tumor. Why would these events occur in the midst of certain people’s health improving.  Faith vs. reason? random events? punishment vs reward?

 I think that both Rose and John KNOW they are cured of their ailments. The others from the flight are not conscious of the abilities of the island. Let’s face it something was working in their favor because most people don’t survive a plane breaking up in mid-air.

Jack has always been the logical, scientific character on the show. He’s denied every situation that has come up that would lend itself to faith as a source of the issue.  I don’t know what the answer is, but I suspect that when Desmond turned the failsafe key, the "power" of the island was affected.

When Miles found Danielle and Karl with their faces like they were it was really strange. I felt like they now were a part of the island. Like the whispers. Most people would never be buried like that.  And more importantly, who buried them?  Do you remember the whispers that they heard on early episodes? The survivors thought it was just the others. But then Miles heard the whispers just before he found the two bodies. I’m thinking that the whispers the others heard were other dead people. I have always thought that the whispers are all the people who have died on the island. Some of the whispers said hide they can see us and other weird things. That is why Danielle heard whispers they were all of the people from her ship who died.

I have a feeling Miles knew something about Aaron.   He kept staring and offering to help Claire with Aaron.  He was acting weird and staring at him the entire trek through the jungle. Sawyer thought that he was after Claire, but I  think he will help us better understand why Aaron is so unique and why Claire needs to raise him.   And, Miles wearing the blue hoodie gave me a feeling of deja vu regarding Charlie.  He used  to wear that thing a lot back in season one and two.   If Christian Sheppard was there at the fire at night when they were sleeping and Claire awoke to find him holding the baby, maybe he spoke to Miles and told him something about Aaron and/or Claire.

Did You Notice?

• The episode opens on Jack’s eye. We haven’t had one of those openers in a long time.

• Jack walks into the kitchen, steps on Aaron’s Millennium Falcon toy, and says, “Son of a bitch!” the same way Sawyer would have done. Later, when Sawyer tells Miles to stay away from Claire, Miles says, “What are you, her big brother or something??” When, in fact, Jack is her big brother. It was like a sly role reversal of the two.

• When Kate is first talking from the shower, she sounds just like Juliet.  At least to me.

• Jack is reading from Alice in Wonderland to Aaron. Where Ben is aligned with The Wizard of Oz, Christian Shephard is always paired with the Lewis Carroll books. The first time Jack sees Christian after Christian’s death is in the first full-episode Jack flashback, “White Rabbit.” “Through the Looking Glass” was also a Jack flash. Is Jack in Wonderland? And Ben is in Oz?

• Jack reads the part from the book where Alice is wondering if she’s somehow woken up a different person.

• In Aaron’s room, there’s a quilt draped over the chair Jack is sitting on, with a dinosaur standing next to a palm tree on it.

• Sun seems to have forgiven Juliet for blurting out her secret to Jin only a couple of days earlier.

• Daniel says that he’s done some animal autopsies… apparent

ly Eloise wasn’t the only rat who met an unfortunate end.

• In the Flash-Forward scene where Jack first sees Christian walking through the hospital lobby, a woman comes behind him and hands him an x-ray of a patient, saying there’s a problem with the L-4 of his spine. That’s exactly where Ben’s spinal tumor was.

• Hurley says to Jack that Charlie’s told him “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack.” This brings back what Claire was told in “Raised by Another” by the psychic, that Aaron must be raised by her, and not another. (But then again, one would think that prediction would also refer to Kate.)

• In season 2, when we see Hurley in the institution, it seems to be right downtown, with lots of cars going by. But now, it’s an out-of-the-way place in the country. (Similarly, Jack’s hospital looks completely different, but we could assume he’s in a different wing or a doctor’s offices building.)

• As funny as Miles’ restraining order was, I think he’s the ONLY person to have ever offered to help Claire carry Aaron. She’s constantly lugging that child through day-long walks across the island, by herself.

• Jack is obsessed with fixing things, but all he ever does is mess them up.  I still don’t want him doing surgery on me.

• Despite hating Charlotte, Jin must have felt a bit of a thrill hearing someone else speak Korean on the island, aside from Sun.

• Bernard applied the numbing agent, Lidocaine, the way a dentist would, with lots of little injections around the spot. Which is appropriate, since he’s a dentist.

• When Christian is sitting in the lobby, he’s wearing the same suit, tie, and white tennis shoes that he was wearing when Jack spotted him in the jungle in “White Rabbit.” (Incidentally, it’s the same suit he’s wearing when he’s sitting in Jacob’s cabin.)

• Jack tells Kate that he saved her, so his testimony at the trial is exactly what we thought it was: HE was the hero, and he made Kate out to be one.

• Jack shouts to Kate that she’s not even related to Aaron… by that comment, I think it’s safe to assume he knows that HE is.

• Kate tells Jack she’s happy he changed his mind about being around Aaron. What changed his mind? Why did he not want to be around Aaron initially? Is it because he knows it’s his nephew, and it’s too difficult for him to look at him? Or is it something bigger?

• Jack clearly knows it’s his appendix, so why is he so boneheaded as to just ignore it and hope it’ll go away?

• When Claire is walking through the jungle with Miles and Sawyer, she says “At least I’m not seeing things anymore.” What does that mean? Has she acquired the same clairvoyance that Desmond has? Speaking of which, where the hell is my Desmond?

• Who buried Rousseau and Karl?

• Sawyer’s barely given Claire a second look the entire time they’ve been on the island. What’s changed in him that’s suddenly made him her 24-hour superhero? (I’m not saying I don’t love watching it…)

• Juliet tells Jack she’s done a lot of appendectomies, but he doesn’t trust her. Is there a small part of  him that still mistrusts Juliet because she’s one of the Others? Or is he totally Type A? (My money’s on the latter.)

• Why was Frank running so far ahead of Keamy when they were heading back to the chopper?  Was it just for the first aid kit?

• Why does Charlotte know Korean? It’s not necessarily a language an Australian archaeologist would know.  I don’t like her, she has weird eyes.

• What favor was Kate doing for Sawyer when she was out of the house? Did it have something to do with Clementine?

• Is this how Claire is permanently separated from Aaron? Will she ever see him again? How will anyone feed him now? (Was there a can of formula in that pallet drop?) And, as a breastfeeding mother, won’t the poor girl be in a lot of pain soon, since she’ll still be producing milk but won’t have anyone to give it to?

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  • CantinaDan says:

    Well done on another exhaustive recap, Glenn. I like your “Did You Notice” section. You really help to bring a lot of stuff to my attention that completely goes over my head! Oh, and as for Charlotte speaking Korean – my wife, Soonyoung, said: “I didn’t understand a word she said!” lol

  • zaxilla2 says:

    Thanks for the Did you notice? I, too, thought that Kate sounded like Juliet when she was in the shower. I totally groaned. this was a great ep. I also can’t wait for Desmond to reappear. it will be interesting to see him confront Ben in the future regarding Penelope 😉

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