LP’s Top 5 Toys of 2015
January 18, 2016

Man of Action – Lawrence “LP” Vollano has put together his Top 5 Favorite Toys of 2015 –


Year in Review:  My Top Five Toy Picks of 2015:

2015 has certainly been a blast. We’ve seen some pretty great toys hit the market from a working droid, to action figures, to collector’s pieces and everything in between. It’s been a tumultuous year for me, one where I even considered ending my collecting habits all together. The five items below are the culmination of everything I love about collecting. I hope you enjoy the list.



  1. Funko ReAction Jaws Figures

The Funko ReAction line has been a breath of fresh air. The idea of inexpensive figures from films that likely didn’t have action figures in the first place was very interesting to me. However, before the Jaws line I didn’t fine anything that drew me to having to buy any. That all changed when Funko announced this line last year and I must say, these figures didn’t disappoint. Equal parts cheesy, retro and fun, this set (4 action figures and deluxe Great White) have 5 points of articulation and look great together on shelf. The Great white features moveable Jaw and diving tank and is the centerpiece of the collection. Absolutely fun and with a reasonable price tag, they are must have for any Jaws Fan.


  1. Hot Toys Darth Vader

Finally, after years of wishing for this figure to come out, it has arrived and it certainly did not disappoint. This figure boasts multiple points of articulations, heavy breathing sounds and light up features. It comes with an interrogator droid, lightsaber, base and extra lightsaber (light up version). Oddly, the absolute best feature about this figure is the cape. So many times with 1/6th scale figures the capes come out disappointing. Hot Toys outdid themselves here and made the cape of this figure have real weight. It drapes nicely and will truly be the centerpiece of your 1/6th scale collection.


  1. Anovos First Order Stormtooper Helmet

Like everyone else, I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens the first weekend it came out. What stood out most in the movie to me was the new yet nostalgic feel of the stormtroopers. These guys rocked. New weapons, new look, but strangely familiar, like something out of a dream. When Disney/Lucasfilm first released the trailers and the Anovos helmet was announced, I knew I had to have it. Besides, being incredibly fun to wear around the house, It stands out as the talking point of my collection. I bought on at the beginning of preorders so I was able to get a reduced rate, but this is well worth the price of admission. While technically not a toy, the quality of this item has certainly made me want to collect other Anovos products. Who knows, If I get enough, maybe Wickett and I could start our own yub nub band.


SWB6TIEFighter1 SWB6TIEFighter2

  1. Star Wars The Black Series: First Order TIE Fighter

I had put off buying this for a little while, then I saw it as an Amazon Deal of the Day at a discounted price around Thanksgiving and had to jump on it. Boy, am I glad I did. I didn’t believe vehicles of this scale would be produced in the 6” line. At over 2ft tall and 2ft across this thing is HUGE. It comes with an exclusive TIE fighter pilot that fits inside. This could have won more points with some lights in it but regardless, the sheer size of this item and attention to detail are so impressive that it is a must have for Star Wars fans, 6” toy collectors, and nerds everywhere. At first glance it looks like simple plastic with quick paint aps, but at further inspection, you see so much of the cockpit is sculpted and painted to painstaking detail. When I opened this, I was told that I had a smile on my face from ear to ear. Many times, I find myself opening a toy, I look at it, play with it and then critique it. When I opened this, I found myself as a 10 year old again playing with the Power of the Force line. This is a collector’s dream and definitely resulted in more “Pew, Pew” noises than I’d like to admit.


  1. DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Batmobile

Remember my one issue with the TIE Fighter? Well, DC Collectibles outdid themselves here. This 6” Scale Batmobile is something we never thought we’d see. It’s on model, it sits two figures side by side, and with the flip of a switch the rear lights, jets, headlights and interior lights turn on. This vehicle is massive at two feet long. Also, it has rubber tires. I repeat, it has rubber tires. While the design from the animated series is a relatively simple one, the amount of detail forced into this vehicle is impressive. For a $100 (or sub $100 if you know where to look) price point, this collectible item is penny for penny the most impressive on the list. I grew up on this show. This version of the Batmobile is my batmobile. While other people love the Adam West version, this and the 89 version will always hold a place in my heart. While I love my Hot Toys Batmobile, at half the size, this was 1/6th the price and just as much fun to tinker with. If you haven’t already, go get this… NOW


That’s my list everyone, while I’m sure many of you have others that make your list, to me these figures/vehicles/collectibles really show what makes collecting fun. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I know 2016 is a mega movie year, which means more fun stuff to buy, chase and display. Looking forward to sharing more with you.

Lawrence Vollano
Lawrence "LP" Vollano LP was born and raised in Long Island, N.Y., never questioning his love for buying and displaying action figures well into his 20's. Having spent the better part of a decade working in the comic and toy industry, he's known as a man who can get things, for the right price. His lifelong love of Batman and Star Wars continues to propel his collecting habits to new and exciting arenas while still centering around action figures. Having traveled and collected across most of the US, LP currently lives in Queens, NY and is continually pursuing his collecting addiction.
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  • Scott says:

    ‘Like everyone else, I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens the first weekend it came out.’ Nope. I didn’t and still haven’t. I liked Star Wars as a kid but trying to rewatch the original trilogy last year I found it quite tedious (especially the entire middle section of Empire Strikes Back, boring Yoda). Han is still cool though but yeah I’ve had enough Jedi to last me a life time.

    I like that Batmobile but after seeing it in the display case at Cambridge’s Forbidden Planet shop I’ve decided not to buy it. It’s just simply too big to fit any shelves of mine and I’m trying to cut down on stuff like that. It just feels like it’s wasting a lot of space if that makes sense. 😛 I’ve got my Batman figure on pre-order for the end of the month though. I wish the Joker had a better face sculpt. It seems to be an odd blend of TAS and TNBA without really working as either.

    My fave figure of last year is probably the NECA Christopher Reeve Superman figure. I got mine shipped from the US by a very generous Twitter user as a gift and it’s just a beautifully done figure and I just get a bit cheesey grin on my face whenever I look at it.

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