Making your own Action Figure (Is it even possible?)…Part 02
August 18, 2011

Well here it is almost 3 months later and I’m getting to part 02 of my blog on “Making your own Action Figure (Is it even possible?)”….ugh how time flies. 


You can read the last update HERE.

So where are we at now…well before I get into that I want to talk about all the cool free tools that are out there to help promote your project.
One of the steps along they way in trying to get the word out there is self promotion. 1st you’ll need a way for folks to contact you. I recommend getting a gmail account set up so you have a way for you to communicate with folks that’s not your personal email. It’s easy and free, just hit up and sign up.

Next it’s always good to have some sort of web presence, again Google is your friend. You can create a blog and make it look like a website. Go to and create one. You can even get your own unique URL for a small $10.00 yearly fee. I did one for this project, check it out here.

The one other aspect to consider is social networking….say hello to Facebook. A Facebook PAGE is a great way to expose yourself to potential fans and get them updates…As most folks are on Facebook already they don’t have to do anything extra, like sign up, all they need to do it “like” your page and they will get your updates. The one downside to this is that it does expose your fan base. As I good example, I want to pitch my toy idea to Diamond Select Toys (DST), but currently The Mini Midnightmen has ONLY 30 fans, that’s not going instill enough confidence in DST to get them on board with what I’m trying to pitch. So unless I can get more fans, this Facebook Page is gonna work against me. So if you’re reading this please go to Facebook and “like” The Mini Midnightmen. 🙂 

Now that you have an email, a website and a Facebook page….PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!!  The more info you get out there, the more folks you’ll get interested in what you’re doing. Post messages and more importantly images on every message board and blog you can find. Expose yourself to everyone you can. Send press releases to every site that might want to share what you’re doing. The internet press is always starving for content and they all want to be the 1st to have the scoop on something new and cool. If you have a cool product or idea your fans will come. I’m working on finishing up a few things before I reach this stage, but if anything this is MOST important. If you don’t put yourself out there no one will be able to find you. The internet in a big stage, so you need to be loud to be heard. 

As far as where the Mini Midnightmen is at. Well we got some minimate designs done by Luke Porter

And some character images from Marcie Klinger

The next up is the promo comic to help pitch the story concept to DST. That’s still underway, but here are the pencils for page 01.
When all this is done, I’ll be hitting up DST to gauge their interest….if they slam the door in my face, that’s the end of the road (and this blog), but if I can get them on board, then it’ll be time to PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!!

Let me know what you all think, tell your friends, tell your enemies. I love to hear the feedback. 

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