Marvel Knights Animation Present INHUMANS – DVD Review
April 3, 2013


Today  I will be  reviewing the Marvel Knight Animation of INHUMANS. Before I begin I’ll give a brief background on what you’re in for animation wise. Marvel Knights Animation is a very unique endeavor. My  first and only other experience like  this was with Iron Man: Extremis, which is available on Netflix instant. An odd yet effective mixture of  animation and  graphic art that makes motion  comics look  like comic  strips in comparison. They have a dreamlike quality that worked for me with Iron Man but is perfect for INHUMANS. If you  have Netflix and are not familiar with the Iron Man: Extremis storyline  (which I believe the Iron Man 3 borrows from) it’s a fun  watch that you can spread out or enjoy in one sitting.

Now, here’s a bit of my background with INHUMANS, I know very little about them. I’ve read about them on  Wikipedia as they’ve  always piqued my curiousity and I’m a huge  fan of Jack Kirby. Lucky for me this is a good time to be interested in the INHUMANS. Based on my initial curiousity and fandom of “The King of Comics”, I was  very excited to procure  the Marvel Universe INHUMANS 3 pack just a few weeks ago, pictured below:


On the heels of that I was lucky to get an advance copy of the INHUMANS DVD which served as my first entry point into the world of Attilan and Black Bolt’s court. I’m glad that it was. Jae Lee’s art is brought to life in a way where you feel you’re watching normal animation not  a motion comic. His realistic art has a bit of a Kirby-esqe feel thanks to his use of blacks and craggy faces. It’s beautiful and comic book like and  tells the story  effortlessly. The story on the  other hand is mired with mythology that’s  fed to you as the story goes on, which could be difficult for an Attilan neophyte but kept me interested throughout. Paul Jenkins’  story is way more about Black Bolt’s true superpower,  restraint, than it is about destruction, but yes there is plenty of destruction.


I  very much enjoyed the story and of course the art, but was very impressed by the voice acting. This  being a smaller production than you’re average animated film, there’s a small cast of voice  actors playing multiple  parts, but the diversity in the acting makes it seem like there’s a cast of dozens.

There’s a bonus feature which is mainly the background of the original comic where Paul Jenkins describes  working with Marvel and Jae Lee. As a comic fan new to the world of the INHUMANS it  was interesting to learn that Paul Jenkins had about the same level of knowledge of the characters going into writing the books as I did watching this DVD.

My only complaint is the episodic nature of the clips in which you are forced to sit through the credits with every new chapter. While it gives me multiple chances to take quick breaks during a sitting, I’d prefer that future releases offer a more feature-like presentation.  But on the whole I enjoyed the animation and  hope Marvel and Shout Factory continue to churn these out. Special thanks to Tom Chen of Shout  Factory. The DVD comes out April 23rd, check out the  trailer and pre-order link below![youtube][/youtube]


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