Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk DVD Review
September 13, 2013


This week I take a look at Shout! Factory’s latest Marvel Knights release: “Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk”! Is it worth the price of admission or should you just read the book instead? More info after the jump…

I know next to nothing about the Ultimates universe. I get the general idea of it, and I’m aware of certain elements (eg: Black Nick Fury, Latino Spider-Man, Ultimates = Avengers?) but I’ve never jumped in too deep. Luckily this latest Marvel Knights motion comics animation has a pretty accessible storyline that doesn’t require too much background.

The bit of backstory that you might need is that of the Ultimate universe version of the Hulk. There’s an Ultimates animated movie on Netflix that I had watched prior to this that gave me some of that story, most of which is covered in dialogue during the motion comic anyway, but it helped.


“Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk” delivers on the title’s promise and that’s really all you need. I have come to really enjoy the Marvel Knights animation and have no issues with it’s style. Once again, it isn’t fully animated but your mind can surprisingly fill in many gaps and the animators themselves do accomplish a lot with their simplicity. Of course before purchasing you should be warned that this is in fact a motion comic.

This is only the third of its kind that I’ve watched but would recommend it highly and consider it my favorite thus far. The story is simple, SHIELD sends Wolverine to find the Hulk, who may or may not be dead already or is he? Wait, what? Who cares? It’s violence, it’s SMASHING, it’s ‘Snikt’, and it’s really fun.


There are some twists and turns as you might expect from the busiest man in show business Damon Lindelof, this guy is everywhere. It’s almost not surprising that he was involved in the original comic for this story but it kind of is. I know he has many detractors in the fan-boy community but I don’t have any strong opinions about the guy one way or another. I did really like “Prometheus” but not enough to proclaim myself a huge Lindelof fan or Lindelofan if you will.


The art is done by Leinil Francis Yu, I’m not too familiar with his work, but there is a bonus on the DVD in which he explains his process and I found his use of pencils engaging and striking. I know the Ultimate Universe has it’s fans and naysayers but I feel this story appeals to Marvel fans of all walks and could easily recommend this as a purchase to them. One nitpick is that the whole movie is separated into chapters that you can watch all together but you have to sit through opening and closing credits with every new chapter. I wish that wasn’t the case but either way it’s a great production and I think you’ll enjoy it. Special thanks to Tom Chen at Shout! Factory. Thanks for reading!

Trailer for Marvel Knight Animation:


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