Marvel Universe Old Man Logan Review
October 11, 2012

NYCC 2012 is here! Last night Hasbro held a press event instead of having a booth and showcased some of their new product. Afterward they handed out a “goodie-bag”, which included a variety of Hasbro toys. Today I’ll be looking at the Marvel Exclusive Old Man Logan Figure.

The figure came in a white blind box which had it’s own special artwork. Inside the figure itself is packaged on a typical Marvel Universe blister card.

The artwork on the card is pretty neat, different from what’s on the blind box, notice the figure even has it’s own numbering and is apparently part of series 4.

The back of the card features more art from the comic as well as a picture of the figure, the same image that was teased at SDCC. Other figures are shown on the back, they are from the Kraven the Hunter wave.

I’m not an MOC’er, so I opened up the package to get a better look at Old Man Logan.

I was really looking forward to this figure, even though I hadn’t read the comic when he was announced. I just liked the way he looked, plus I love figures with long coats.

I finally did read the graphic novel, and this figure does it justice. I wish he had come with non-clawed hands as well, since his claws coming out are a bit of an important plot point.

He does come with an accessory a little Hulkling, or Hulk baby.

If you haven’t read the comic I won’t spoil why he should have such an accessory, but it’s pretty funny that he does.


He also comes with a little “comic shot” with a cover from one of the issues.

Looking the figure over I like him very much. I like the expressionless face, it’s fitting for the character especially in this story.

The coat is removable and is different from the one Nick Fury is wearing in the Avengers movie toy line. Although I’ve read somewhere that this is a kit-bashed figure of a Sabretooth from the Wolverine: Origins toy line. I can’t confirm that but it’s not an issue for me. This is an NYCC exclusive that will also be available through a subscription deal. This figure is worth it, if you’re a Wolverine fan or a fan of the book, this guy is definitely one to get.

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