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I know that it’s the end of November… but we just got the Comic Con edition of Geek Week put together and on-line… and it’s more bacon than the pan can handle!   I make a couple of appearances in this episode… and who knows… you might be in it somewhere too!

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Let’s set the "way back machine" to 5 years ago when I would wake up at 0′dark thirty, drive out to Pasadena, pick up my buddy CubanZod and drive up the highway hitting every Wal-mart, K-mart, Target and KB Toys that we could find (mostly outside the LA city limits), looking for all manor of new action figures to satiate our unquenchable thirst for toys.  I guess I’m a slow learner, because it took me about 5 years to realize… "Hey, you’re not really finding a lot of new stuff for your effort of getting up at an insane hour, driving miles away and fighting the crowds."   There were the occasional finds, but mostly we were finding the exclusives that were to be released the weekend before…. so why were we doing this again.   Then the exclusives started to taper off.  Zod caught on before I did and quit a year earlier.  I wasn’t gonna give up!   I was gonna find something neat and call him with an "Ah-ha!  See what you missed out on!!!" 

Walking away from that last Toys R Us…empty handed, cold and alone…. I had one of those great "What the Hell am I doing?!?!?" moments.   And I’ve never looked back.  

 Sure, when I read about the folks finding the new JLU or ML 16 figures the other day… I get twinges.    But nothing yet has roused be to want to wake up again at 3:00 and go stand in line with a bunch anxious Wal-Mart shoppers in the dark.  In the cold.  I’ll find that stuff eventually… at a more decent hour, without the madness.


In other news… I hear rumors that the next installment of Geek Week will be posted soon.  As soon as it’s live I’ll let you guys know right here.


Oh… and the Nintendo Wii… is REALLY damn fun.   The sports package that it comes with is brilliant and gives you a good idea of what it can do.  I played a bit of the new Zelda over the Thanksgiving break… and I can see loosing a
LOT of time to that thing!!!
  If you are on the fence about this one… I say go for it.   I’ve played with one twice now for a total of about 9 hours… It’s different… in a very good way.



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