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Wow.  Now that’s WEIRD.   I know it’s been about a year since the KB toys closest to my work closed down… but to go from a KB to a Victoria’s Secret?   That’s just odd.   Of course this is the SAME mall that closed down the Suncoast for nine months… and then reopened it in the exact same location.  This KB closed and then reopened as a KB Toy Works liquidator just for the month of December, then it closed again and stayed closed… until now… now they sell lacy underthings.

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I’ve just recently discovered "the show" with zeFrank…. which is a shame becasue the show is ending this week.
   Basically our man zeFrank has been doing a little web show 3-5 minuets or so each day, every WEEK day, for a year with his thoughts on the new of the world, musings in life, and fingers in food.   The year is up on Friday…the show won’t go on.  

This week zeFrank is in Texas at the SXSW festival, and yesterday for the show he posted his thoughts on CREATIVITY… and I really liked what he said.   So, I thought I’d throw it out there to you folks too.
   I think it’s worth a watch if you are the creative sort, or have wanted to BE the creative sort.

the show with zeFrank


Enjoy Sports Racers! 

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The names have been changed to protect the innocent… or guilty. 


"Bruce" works over at Cartoon Network as an animator.
"Bruce" just ran across the Justice League Style Guide.

"Bruce"  got bored, created something…something I can now never unsee:

And now I share it with you.  Good luck…and may God have mercy on your soul… 

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