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Snow Patrol’s video for their new song "Signal Fire", an original song and video from the upcoming Spiderman 3 Soundtrack in stores May 1st

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2nd Anniversary Celebration


There’s an extensive list of Marvel product that Toy Biz/Marvel Toys were looking at doing for 2007/2008 when the license for Marvel characters was transfered to Hasbro.   Most of these concepts will not see the light of day.  Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of these lost concepts here in my blog.   It’s not to upset you about figures you’ll never have, but rather to celebrate a great, revolutionary run on one of the all time greatest Super Hero toy lines and creative people that worked so hard to give us such diversity of character in the Marvel Legends name. 


These are concept drawings just showing how the figure might work.   This first one is a figure that we actually DID get under the ToyBiz/Marvel Toys umbrella.   Moon Knight (and his variant) were released just under the wire as part of the Modok Build a Figure assortment.   This was the last Marvel Legends assortment put out by Toy Biz.

Moon Knight Concept Art   

This next figure would have been amazing.  As you will recall the Absorbing Man figure that was originally released as part of the Hulk Classics line was a tough figure to track down.   Toy Biz heard the cries of collectors wanting this iconic villain and re-released him as part of a series of 2-packs under the Spiderman Classics banner.   However only specialty retailers ended up ordered that wave of 2-packs and he still represents a hole in many Marvel collections.

Enter the highly successful Build-A-Figure concept.   Since the Absorbing Man can change shape and size according to what he absorbs he made a logical choice for the BAF program.   Here is the concept for a lost Legend… the building sized Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure.


Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Concept Art

Do not use without permission

And before you ask, as of right now Hasbro has no plans to pick up this ball (and chain) and run with it for their Legends line. 

Stay tuned for more "Lost Legends" 

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Box front Box back

Last year at Toy Fair Art Asylum gave us our first sneak peek at the New Battlestar Galactica MiniMates.  Now, one year later, due to a joint venture between Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum we can get our mits on them.  These Cylons are based on the hit show on the SciFi Network that just wrapped up it’s third season.  In a brilliant opening move the first release is an army bulider 5-pack exclusive set of Cylons. Included in the set are:

  • "Valley of Darkness"- comes bloodied
  • Battle Damaged
  • Centurian- regular
  • Cannon Centurian- with cannon hand
  • "Downloaded" – Silver

The differences in the figures have to do with painy jobs and different attachements, hands or guns depending on what mode the centurian is.  As you will notice there is a 6th Cylon in the pictures.  More on him below.   Becasue of the new parts created for the centurians they are taller than the standard Minimate, just as they are taller than humans on the show.

Cylons- Front 


This 5-pack of figures are a Suncoast Video/FYE Music Exclusive.   They are in stores now. 






As you can see from the breakdown above, at their heart, these Cylons are MiniMates.  The body, the head, the arms and legs are all the standard MiniMates parts.  The great thing about MiniMates for me has always been the fact that they have never been shy about crafting new parts to make the figures unique. 


Cylon Elf- The DST/AA 2006 Holiday gift. I think it was Palisades that first started the Holiday give away sent out to friends, fans and club memebers.   This year Diamond Select and Art Asylum picked up the torch and gave us the Cylon Elf.  This was actually the first BSG MiniMate I had.  It is the same as the blood-spattered "Vally of Darkness" Cylon… but with a festive green hat!




Some comparison shots of past Cylon releases and a comparison with a human scaled figure.



At Toy Fair 2006 Art Asylum showed mock-ups for Classic Battlestar Galactica MiniMates along side the updated versions.   While the Classic line is currently on hold DST did make the Classic Cylon Centurian.  The Classic Cylons were
released this past December, at the same time they released single boxed versions of the modern Cylon. DST did
500 total dumps with 12 Classic versions per dump.  They were of course weighted – with 5
different versions.  They are completely sold out.

I managed to find a single Battle-Damaged Classic Cylon of Ebay during the writing of this feature. 



The Classic Cylon comes with his sword, that fits onto a small peg on his belt.  He also comes with his trademark rifle with bayonette. 





The Diamond Select Toy Fair exclusive give away this year- was a "Casual Starbuck."   The regular release series 1 Starbuck is in her full flight gear.   Casual Starbuck comes polybagged with her dogtags around her neck and cigar in hand.





We have 10 of these rare 2007 Toy Fair Starbucks to give away courtesy of the fine folks at Diamond Select Toys.   To win one email our new contest email address: contest@actionfigureinsider.com with the subject heading "FRACK."  Include your shipping address, as well as your forum name/"handle" in the body of the email.   All entry info will be turned over to DST.   US readers only please.  Winners will be chosen by random drawing.  You must be a registered member of our forum to enter.


SPOILER- Click on the image above for a fun picture but ONLY if you have watched all episodes up through Season III! 

Coming soon- the AFI feature on Battlestar Galactica Minimates SERIES 1 


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