CARS-  Mattel’s most addicting line.

As you have seen from our Comic Con coverage there is a whole FLEET of new cars coming from Mattel’s Disney/Pixar Cars line. Wal-mart exclusives, boxed sets and a WHOLE LOT MORE are coming our way. Out here in LA it looks like most retailers have panicked over the "Sarge" recall and pulled ALL of the die-cast CARS singles and two-pack product. The Targets in my area are still too spooked to put out new product, but Toys R Us is finally getting some new product back in stores. The new 2-packs shown below are currently hitting Toys R Us store in the US.   I’m so happy that Mattel made Mia and Tia. Their brief appearances in the movie were fun and memorable.

Also coming soon are the next waves of single carded characters. A few weeks back I visited a local "collector" toy shop; behind the counter I saw the long awaited "Yeti The Abominable Snowplow" car that we have all been waiting patiently to arrive on store shelves and to stop taunting us from it’s picture on the back of the packaging. I asked the nice gentleman behind the counter how much he was asking for any one of his FOUR Yetis. He replied “I’ve got some up on Ebay now for $35, but I’d be willing to go lower.” I some how doubted he would go down to my $5 offer in my mind so I thanked him and left.

Included in the next batch of single cars are cars based on actual NASCAR drivers. I imagine that any fan of this line will want to pick these up when/if they see them as they will appeal to a wide audience of fans of the movie, Hot Wheels, NASCAR and cool stuff will all be out looking for them as well.

Thanks to the gang at Mattel for the sneak peek at all the new product!


New 2-packs 


Mr. and Mrs. The King 



Mia and Tia



new 2-pack card back

 New 2-pack Card back

New Single Packs


Mario Andretti #11


Darrell Cartrip #17




Dale Earnhardt Jr. #8 

#8 Dale Jr.

#8 Dale Jr. 


New Single Card back

New Single Card back 

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