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‘Nuff said! 

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I’m starting to feel like the announcer guy from the Price is Right for as many times recently that I’ve announced "A New CAR!"… except I’m always talking about the Mattel line based on the Disney/Pixar film CARS


The Wal-Mart Wave

The Wal-Mart waves that we saw at Comic Con are now shipping to stores… and there is already a card variation!   As you can see the first wave come with and without the "NEW" shield.  (A HUGE thanks to Jim Able for wave 1). Both Waves are currently shipping but the first wave seems to be a bit easier to find (with Cactus McQueen and Ghostlight Ramone being the most commonly found).    They really out did themselves with some great new sculpts like Barney and Al Oft.  They really stand out in the collection.

Card Variation 





The Speedway 6 Boxed Set

This set will be a Red Line Exclusive through the Hot Wheels Collectors Club.  All of the cars in this set have been released previously, but it’s a fun little starter set with a great backdrop. 

The Speedway 6 Boxed Set 


The NEW Card! 

 The best news for me is that they are now numbering the cards!  Here is the layout for the new cards.  They are rebranding the line to be "The World of Cars."   I’ve already seen a few of these new cards at TRUs in So Cal.    It’s interesting that cars like Darrell Cartrip, Tex and Mario Andretti are already coming out on the new cards.   I wonder how many were made on the old card and if those will be the versions people look for.

The new card and logo the new card back

The New Logo 


Here is the new numbering system. 


The numbers on the back of this card skip around a bit.   I’ll be curious  to see if Mattel puts out a full checklist of who’s who.  I also wonder if all of the current cars will be rereleased under the new name and the new card.  The new cardback has a fairly even split of new cars and rereleases.   The highest number listed on this card back it Darrell Cartrip as number #43.

 Personally we were getting so much product that it was getting a little difficult to remember what I had and what I needed so I’m glad to see Mattel going to this system for this line.


More CARS news:

Mattel tells us that the "Speedway of the South" boxed set (shown at Comic Con)  will be available in June at HotWheelscollector.com and will include all 35 cars from the Dinoco 400 Race at the Motor Speedway of the South from # 95 Lightning McQueen to # 85 the Apple Car, all the racers will be included.


Also a Seasonal 3-car series of Target exclusives have begun to show up on ebay.   Included in the series are Cruisin’ McQueen, Purple Ramone and Doc Hudson.  These are just card variations for Halloween.   There are rumors of another seasonal series of card variations for Christmas.


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Last week as we were getting ready to walk out the door in the morning for work and school I picked up my now 4-year old daughter.   We were standing next to my shelf of DC Direct figures so she wanted to show off her super hero knowledge to her old man.  She said "Dad!  DAD!..(from right to left) that’s Aquaman…Batman…Wonder Woman, Superman… Green…Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Flash… the Marshmellow …" 


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

That’s my girl! 





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