The 10" line of the JLU figures has been a bit of an underdog.  Many of them have been difficult to find, and that difficulty seems to increase with each passing season.  A few of the early figures and core characters have been re-released enough times to be fairly common.   Toys R Us keeps reordering their Batman/Superman 10" 2-pack.  But the females and the 3 most recent waves have been a bear to track down as fewer and fewer stores seem to stock this line.   Currently K-Mart,  KBToys and online seem to be your best bet for finding new 10" JLU figures.

Mattel has refreshed the line again by adding soft goods capes to older core characters, repainting figures to their evil Justice Lords incarnations and adding one new character… 


One of the great things about the JLU line is the uniform bodies allow for a wide range of characters with just a few alterations.  The 10" figures are a LITTLE trickier because many of the figures have character/costume lines etched into the sculpt, but if you can see past that there is an opportunity  to get a wider range of characters.

Hourman, for instance, is the Atom figure repainted with a soft goods hood and cape.  It works well for this version of the character, and it’s even less obvious because they have glued the hood down to his head.  We first heard that a 10" Hourman was coming at Toy Fare back in February.  We finally saw a boxed sample of him at Comic Con in July, and still his future seemed uncertain.  But he is starting to show up slowly around the world. 

The interesting thing is that as of this writing Mattel has not announced a 4" Hourman for the regular JLU line.






I don’t have the Justice Lords Batman or Flash of this writing as I have not seen them anywhere (anyone?).  These two came from after a tip from the message boards they were available to order back in October.  I know there have been some JL Flash sightings, I don’t think I have read any JL Batman sightings. 


Justice Lords Superman is a repaint of the first 10" Superman.  Oddly enough the cape has a light pink tint to it.  This repaint works well, the only etched line oddities are from Superman boots.




 I know this is a bit of a budget line,but Justice Lords Green Lantern really needed a new head sculpt.  Just not painting the sculpted hair to achieve the bald look just looks funky. 





WONDER WOMAN (Soft goods cape)

Board Member and Curator of, AntonyC has given us permission to update and use his pictures of the "new" 10" Wonder Woman with cape.

I like what Mattel has done here with the softgoods cape.  The stars on it are a really nice touch.  It takes what could have been a boring re-release into something more interested and worth tracking down. 



Thanks again to AntonyC and

I’ve been a fan of the JLU 10" line since the beginning.  They are a cheap alternative to the much higher priced DC Direct Maquette line.  I’d love to see it expand a bit further as they look great all together.   Many fans have suggested incorporating large scale figures for the 4" line such as Atom Smasher or Giganta into this line. 

Much like the 4" line fans are still waiting to hear the fate of the 10" line. 

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