Gaaaaaaah!   There was NO new JLU for so long and now there is SOOOO much new JLU goodness I can hardly stand it!   To think that this line was so close to canceled last summer, and now to already have 17 1/2 new figures so far is amazing!

I just got a the two new 6-packs from Mattel so I could give you a sneak peek at what should be in your local Target stores very soon.  These sets are really cool for JLU fans, since each one has FIVE new figures!   FIVE!   It’s like getting two new waves of figures all at once.  I was giddy when I opened the box and found these.

I’m going to post the boxed images right now and then I’ll post pictures of the individual new figures soon.


But for now, enjoy some good old JLU newness!






B’WANA BEAST?  Come on!  Really?  B’WANA BEAST?!?  I can’t tell you how many times I almost bought a custom JLU B’Wana Beast of Ebay because I knew in my heart of hearts that no matter how long the JLU line ran I would NEVER see this guy in plastic… and now here he is.   Amazing! 
















It’s a little hard to see in the pictures but Shadow Thief is cast in smokey translucent plastic. 



Atomic Skull uses the Lex Luthor body with the boots.  He has an additional chest piece to bulk him up and better match his costume.  It looks great (and accurate) but limits the range of his arm articulation a bit.










KGB Beast’s gun is glued on to a regular arm.  






Repaint/Reissue Boxed Set



Look at the collection of characters we have so far…  it’s unreal.   And there’s still more to come!!!




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