I’ve been lucky so far.   I’ve keep toys at my workplace for the past 13+ years, and not just a few here and there.  A LOT!  I’ve been fortunate to work at places where a toy collection fits into the culture so it’s really become and extension of my displaying area.   Here is a picture of me in my office from last year.   As you can see I have quite a bit of stuff on display.

Me in my office at work 

I’ve worked in bull pen areas, I’ve shared work space with a coworker and, for the past 7 years, I’ve had my own office. Currently I have my own office, with a door, that locks, in an out of the way area that you need a key card to get into.  It’s not a commonly traveled common area, you have to want to go to where my team sits.  When I go home at night I lock my door.  I’m also the guy that controls who get what keys on this campus, and security reports into one of my team.  I should be the most secure guy at work. At least that’s what I thought….

I have all of my Mattel JLU figures at work on a shelf..or 2 as the line has expanded.  Here was my JLU shelf back in 2007

Display circa 2007 


Some time in November 08 a few of my JLU figures went missing.  Even though I have a lot of stuff in my office I notice that sort of thing right away.   It was weird because the first batch that went missing was all from the villains shelf:  Joker, Red Hood (original black version), Bizaro and Lex Luthor… but the FIRST one, the one in the suit.  Yeah, the rare one that Mattel will never re-release. 

That was frustrating to say the least.  But, I thought maybe it was just a coworker having some fun and they would be returned to me.  It wasn’t and they weren’t.  Then I thought maybe it was a desperate janitor that needed Christmas presents for their kids, but it was such a weird selection.  Why not take Superman and Batman?  They are so iconic, and right in the front.   I noticed a little later that Waverider had also gone "missing."

With the help of Jim Able, my girlfriend and Ebay I was able to replace those over the holidays and all was well.

As time went on the JLU line expanded and so did my shelves.  Here’s what they look line now (YES there are some customs in there)

Heroes Shelf Villians shelf

 When I got back this week from Toy Fair I noticed the thief had struck again while I was gone, and this time he/she hit me even harder.

 This time the list was:  Superman, Blue & gray Batman, Green Lantern (bald with goatee), Steel,  Robin (Teen Titans), Batgirl and Nightwing for the heroes and Star Sapphire, Reverse Flash, Penguin, Catwoman for the villains.  Now clearly whoever is doing this doesn’t know what they are grabbing.  By that I mean they don’t know who is valuable in the line.  They seem to be just grabbing characters they recognize.

It’s disappointing and it’s maddening.  Some of these figures I might have replacements for somewhere in storage, some I won’t.   Some I’ll have to rebuy on the secondary market.  I just feel violated.  I always hoped I’d never find myself here.  I’ve changed security procedures for my office.  No one gets in while I’m not there.  I’ve set up a web cam for after hours.  

But if it happens again, I’ll have to pack it all up any bring it all home.  In this day and I can can’t afford to keep rebuying my collection.

Has that ever happened to you guys?   What have you done to prevent it from happening?   Ever catch who was doing it?

The bodycount so far  

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