It’s happening again!    Remember a few weeks back when I showed you the picture of the purple carded JLU 3-pack that I found at the Target closest to my house?  Well, it’s not just confined to that Target by my house, not it’s happening at the one closest to work!

Yesterday I went to Target to get some stuff for work. TheTarget I went to is the ONLY one in my area that has confirmed sightings/purchase of the 3 new 3-packs. A friend got me a full set of the 3 newest JLU 3-packs at that store over the weekend. Someone else got the other set of 3 that would be in that case of 6 pieces.

Whoever got the other 3 3-packs must have been sitting on some old stock, because they returned the following 3-packs to that store: Purple carded Ultra Humanite 3-pack, old yellow carded Zatanna, Batman, Shining Knight 3-pack and the Vixen, Dr. Fate, Hawkgirl 3-pack.

So not only does that Target now still have 5 Captain Atom and 2 Question 3-packs on the pegs… now they have even OLDER stock!

It’s amazing we can still find anything new in these parts.

Sorry for the blurry picture.  It was taken with a camera phone while in a hurry.


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