Photo Credit: Danny Neumann - Taken SDCC 2010 in Eddie's Hotel RoomIt was a one year ago today that I got the early morning call from Jesse Falcon that our dear friend Eddie Wires had passed away suddenly in the night, at the age of 38, while at his workbench doing what he loved – painting action figure prototypes.   For everyone one that knew him the hole in our hearts that Eddie left with his passing is still there, and some days are tougher than others… like his absence felt all week at Comic Con last month, but we continue to celebrate his life, his work and his legacy.

Eddie’s brother Jason is caring on with the family business and is growing Wires Productions to new heights.   Expanding from just prototype painting to include molding, casting and 3-D printing.   Taking the company and fulfilling the dream of his brother to be a full service studio.  As a remarkable tribute all of Eddie’s clients including DC Direct and Diamond Select stayed on with Jason, not just in memory of Eddie, but also because of Jason’s enormous talent.  You can check out Jason’s amazing work at

At Comic Con last month it was my intention to do a panel about the legacy and work of Eddie Wires.  Unfortunately  Comic Con wasn’t convinced there would be an audience for that, and passed on it.  So instead I took some time at the end of my other panel to talk about Eddie since most of the panelists were his friends and the audience was familiar with his work.  Abby and I, along with many of Eddie’s friends had the opportunity to raise a glass to Eddie on Saturday night along with Jason.

Eddie’s passing at such a young age is a constant reminder to not put things off -not your dreams, not your health, not your responsibilities, not your relationships. Don’t keep putting that stuff of to some theoretical "someday."  There will always"someday" out there you can keep pushing things off to… until there isn’t.   Do it now.   Do what you love.  And most of all – be happy.  

 That was Eddie’s real legacy.

Thanks Eddie.  We miss you.


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