I don’t think I’ve ever posted the full story on my friend from back home, James Bridges the musical Batman.   But those of you that have hung around me for any amount of time have most likely heard at least part of it.

For the uninitiated here it is in a nutshell- "Admiral" James Bridges is a well known character in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He was called by God to perform.   When I still lived there, that mostly meant him dressing up like super heroes and singing Elvis songs in children’s hospitals and nursing homes, but lately I hear he is singing the national anthem and revving up the crowds at Tulsa Drillers games.

 Today is James’ 41st birthday.

To help you celebrate, here are some highlights from early in his career:

PS- Yes… this is all for real 






Someday when I get the time I’ll have to dust off the "James Bridges Archive."  I have a pretty epic collection of him harassing celebs at local comic book conventions.

Here’s to you Admiral James!   I’ll see you at the holidays. 


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