Two days before I moved I got a package in the mail from Mattel of the new wave of Justice League Unlimited figures.But that didn’t stop me from snapping a bunch of pictures of this new wave for you.  Normally this would be posted as a feature, but because of the move and unpacking the quickest way to get it posted was as a blog.   


  As you know the JLU line is now a Target exclusive line.  This new wave has some commonly released figures, but this go around they have been repainted or come with accessories that will make it hard for many fans to resist.   The photography on the card back is interesting to me as the pictures of Sinestro, Wonder Woman and Bizarro all show their accessories, but Superman and Batman do not show their anticipated, included accessories.





Batman with Wonder Pig






Superman with Phantom Zone Projector

The Superman figure in this wave is the 9 Point-Of-Articulation version so that he can properly hold his accessory. 








Wonder Woman



Sinestro Corps Sinestro

The Sinestro Corps version of Sinestro is another significant release in that is it a great sensible repaint, but not a version that ever appeared in the show. 






Thanks to Mattel for letting us post these!



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