In the past I have shown you pictures of Marvel Legends prototypes, test shots and paint masters, but you’ve never seen what it takes to make a Marvel Legends figure. The picture to the right is of the steel tools it takes to make one Marvel Legends figure.  Every one of those boxes you see on the pallet makes one small piece of a figure.  Maybe an shoulder, or a calf or a neck.  There are this many, or more of these tools for every Marvel Legends figure.

Cutting the steel tools is one of the most expensive parts of the action figure making process and now you should undestand why.  These tools also have to be painstakingly cataloged and stored so that certain parts can be reused.  You can also see why some paerts may not be available at all times if they are being used for another figure.  It’s not so easy just to pick up and move it to the next figure.

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