Ok.. this is a weird one.  The Suncoast Video in the mall over by my work closed down about 6-8 months ago after that big announcement that they were scuttling over half the stores.   I was sad to see it go because they were one of the last, great alternative sources of specialty market action figures (and now Tower Records are closing their doors too! boooo!)   We lost a lot of Suncoasts in the Los Angeles area.   Most of the ones I used to hit are gone now.  Bummer.



But then… the strangest thing happened….


About two weeks ago I had to go to the mall to grab something for work… and the Suncoast was back…  In the same location?   huh?   I know when most of the Kay Bees closed down a few popped back up right before Christmas last year liquidating old stock, but then holiday season passed and they went away for good.



This was too strange.  I walked in… It looked like it was a "new store" being set up.   Not all the shelves were filled.  There were a lot of boxes everywhere and some new fixtures that hadn’t been set up yet.   I looked around… There were some new toys.  McFarlane military and Dragons, DC Direct New Frontier figures off the top of my head.  


I had no IDEA what kind of bizarro world I was in… But they had a Marx Brothers DVD boxed set on sale, so I had a reason to go up to the counter and investigate.  I asked the clerk… "Say… didn’t you guys like… CLOSE and stuff?"


He said "Yeah, when the company was shrinking and they were doing the consolidation and restructuring of bankruptcy under the new owner it was at the same time their lease was up for this space, so instead of renewing they closed the store and sold everything off.  But the restructuring is over and the space was still available and I think cheaper… so we’re back."



"And you’ll be a fully opperating store again?" I asked.




Wow.   Back from the dead.   Anyone else have something like this happen with their local Suncoasts?


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