This past Sunday was October 15th.  That was the "Target date" for the JLU Target exclusive 6-pack featuring Doomsday to be released to the public.   More specifically that was the day that most Targets were to have their "Great Gifts under $20" endcap built in the toy section.

In addition to the Doomsday set there is a Superman Returns 3-pack of figures with Clark Kent, Superman and Lex Luthor and the two The Batman 3-packs with an exclusive Poison Ivy and Ventriloquist figures (also available in a TRU Arkham Asylum 6-pack).

Reports of where the endcaps have been found have varied from Target to Target.  Some people have found them on the main aisle, some on the back endcap, and a few not even in the toy section.



This is a "before picture" from a store that hadn’t set the endcap up quite yet:


Here is a shinny new endcap that hadn’t been touched yet:


They are out there now, so if you want one now is the time to start looking.  If your Target hasn’t put them out yet you might ask the Customer Service desk if they can look up the DPCI number for the item.  For the Doomsday set the DPCI number is 087-06-0619.


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