Just before the holidays I got a package from Mattel.  One of the most surprising things in the box was a carded sample from DC Universe Classics Wave 7.

The week before the holidays,  I had visited a local comic shop that is located up the street from Mattel HQ.  On display in the shop, they had the 2-up prototype of Shazam! from DCUC Wave 6 and a carded sample of the finished product of the same figure.  I’m told that there are several of the 2-ups from Wave 6 that were sent out to comic shops across the country to help advertise the line.  Has anyone else seen any of more at their local shops?

I know there is one picture of Barda on Matty’s Facebook page, but I didn’t think that was enough.  Here is a full rundown of this figure.

(No Helmet Variant)

Big Barda Variant Carded 


The Collect and Connect figure for Wave 7 is Atom Smasher.  From the looks of this arm he will be at least as big as Lobo.

 Atom Smasher's Arm for the Collect and Connect figureSize Comparison with Collect and Connect piece

Barda Front Barda SideBarda's back

Barda's Face Barda's accessory


Below is a comparison with the first DC Direct Version (DCD is releasing another Barda in their second wave of Kirby New Gods line)

Comparison with DC Direct Barda- With helmet Comparison with DC Direct - without helmet

Comparison with Starfire from the upcoming MattyCollector 2-pack and Wonder Woman from DCUC wave 4.

Comparison of Barda, Starfire, and Wonder Woman

And finally…



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