I love finding bootleg toys.  I’ve found that it’s not too hard to find them in Los Angeles.  Lot’s of flea markets, mall kiosks and convenient stores have them around these parts.    I love their blatant disregard of not just copyrights… but years of character history!  Of course the people making these have no idea of the character or the history… but it still cracks me up HOW wrong they get some of these.
One of my favorites that I saw was a 5-pack of bootleg Toy Biz figures under the "Spaider-Man" heading.  I used to buy a lot of these for the crack up factor, but as my collecting increased I found them less funny as I was trying to find where I was going to put them all.  Now I just collect the fun factor on my camera-phone.

Let’s take a look at some bootleg treasures I recently found in an Encino
mom and pop toy store.


Here we have a Power Ranger, a HUGE headed Batman, Spiderman on a motorcycle, Superman with the same crainius gigantus condition as his DC brother…. and Hulk… with dirty knees… wearing a Speedo *shudder* all in the same package. I’m pretty sure the Superman and Batman figures are old Toy Biz 5" bodies. Let’s take a closer look.


I know these are lousy camera phone pictures, but stay with me.  So with the Hulk here…the "T" part of his T-crotch is correctly painted purple, but his legs are the same green as the rest of his body, except for his knees which are supposed to be the holes in his torn jeans/slacks…those holes are purple.  And then again where his torn pants end… more purple… his feet.

And let’s take a look at the cut of Superman’s briefs there to the left.  WOW.  Also his head is larger then his chest logo… and he appears to be working out with some sort of late-night infomercial Ab-crunching device.  I think it lights up… you know.. like Superman’s navel always used to do Pre-Crisis?


Speaking of Superman…

Which movie are these figures for?   The top of the card says "Superman Returns" and the bottom says "Returns Superman." Personally my favorite scene from "Returns Superman" was the one where he rode around on that Viper/motorcycle/jet-ski thing from the short lived "Battlestar Galactica 1980" spin off.   And that smaller bike?   That’s BATMAN on it.   What’s with the lumpy thighs on the other 2 Supes figures?… never mind.  I don’t want to know.

And finally…


This set is like the Playboy Mansion of the bootleg world.  Anyone who is anyone is in this set!  Batman, The Thing, Mr. Incredible, Superman and Spiderman.  Some with logo..um.. pogs?  Looks like either Superman or Mr. Incredible has some kind of battleax Bat-grapple thing…  It all just makes my head hurt.

I guess these toys need as much love as your average "Charlie in the Box" so the next time you see a hinky bootleg somewhere, make sure you give his oddly painted oversized crainum a hug, and tell them that’s from Julius!


Merry Christmas all!   Thanks for all of your support this past year. 


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